Interview with Katrina, an Asian-Ukrainian matchmaker (Part II)

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Today we are continuing to talk with Katrina Elbahey, a founder of a dating and marriage agency She has gained huge experience as an International matchmaker and marriage expert. The focus of the today’s discussion is Asian and Muslim dating, why Asian and Muslim men want to get married a Ukrainian and Russian woman. The first part of the interview with Katrina may be found HERE.


Krystyna: Why are Asian men looking to meet Ukrainian women? As far as I know, Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) as well as Muslim women have very traditional family values and mentality. What is the main reason of these men in dating Ukrainian women?

Katrina: The answer is very simple and banal 🙂 … beauty… All men want to choose most beautiful ladies and many men unfortunately don’t take into account mental difference, Although most of the Muslim men prefer a Muslim lady or want a Christian lady to convert into Islam after their relationship is established.

Katrina Elbahey, a founder of

Also for a lady it’s very important to understand whom she is dealing with!

Speaking about Muslim families – most of the ladies are tend to be housekeepers. And man expect his wife to be obedient to him, He expects her to pleased him in everything. If she is a good wife, she will be treated as a queen, she will get anything she wants! But if she is unruly, a man can often be a very cruel with her! So Ukrainian Christian lady has to think twice before connect her life with a Muslim man. Most of them value very old Islamic traditions which is hard to accept sometimes, living in a modern world.

Speaking about Japanese and South Korean men – most of them also value family traditions highly and I’d say I’ve seen many common touch of natures 🙂 comparing Asian nations. The way of life of Japanese and South Korean people is much different and more modern comparing to Arabs.

Krystyna: Could you kindly tell us which special features the Muslim-Ukrainian dating has. I have received a lot of questions from Muslim readers who ask me if it is possible to find a Ukrainian woman for life who would accept the Muslim culture and traditions. Which experience have you gained with this kind of dating and matchmaking?

krystyna blogger

Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating blogger

Katrina: The special feature for the Muslim-Ukrainian dating as I’ve discussed above is that almost 100% of Muslim man want to have his wife to be a Muslim as well too. So I think that Muslim man has to search for a MUSLIM lady only, even if he searches in Ukrainian dating sites.

He supposes to select the web sites where he can meet Ukrainian ladies who have already converted to Islam or those who were born Muslims. Trying to look at traditional websites will bring no success or very-very low % of success. In addition Muslim men can get scammed easily using traditional international online dating sites for Ukrainian or Russian ladies, because almost 100% of Ukrainian ladies (speaking about honest agencies of course,) will reject Muslim man. Most of Ukrainian ladies will not convert to Islam for the sake of a man.

Speaking about my own experience with Muslim matchmaking – yes, I have some Muslim customers and they want to find only Muslim girls. So I have to search for ladies on dating sites for Muslims or to address to my partners in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.

If man is serious- the result is good, people connect with each other much faster, according to Asian traditions- oriental people tend to establish relations and to get married very fast, right after the first meeting they are ready to make a decision. So I was lucky enough to create happy couples for Muslims as well too.

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Krystyna: Online dating spam is highly discussed on the Internet. Ukraine is called the most dangerous country with huge potential of getting scammed either by marriage agencies or by women (professional pro-daters and scammers). How can men protect themselves from getting scammed? Are there any honest services to meet an honest and serious woman for life?

Katrina: Unfortunately, international (better said, Ukrainian and Russian) online dating has sink into the scam! And to our shame Ukraine takes not the last place among scammers. Once again, it’s not only our low economical level but also because most of our people are so lazy to work in a honest way!

Once a lady understands that she is beautiful enough – she thinks that selling herself would be quite more easy that to get College or University graduation and upgrade for a prestige job.

Anyhow, how to protect oneself? To my mind the agency you are dealing with must have:

  • Valid contact information, not just field for filling a form and click on a button to send, but also all necessary information with all e-mails and telephone numbers
  • The owners and stuffs must not hide themselves, it’s good when you can see their pictures and all necessary information, including company’s number of the license in ABOUT US section.
  • The owner or a general manager must be easily reachable.
  • The agency must have love stories and it’s another good feature to be able to provide a potential customer with the direct contact of happy past customers – to share their stories with the new ones who is doubting.
  • Because actually anyone can place any picture into his web site, it’s understood. So I think that customer always has a right to ask to connect him/ her with the people he sees on the pictures that owner represents on the web site as a happy created couple.
  • A real marriage agency must have a page about how to prepare the documents for marriage, not only girls pictures and how much to pay for services )
  • Never feel shame to ask questions!
  • Also if you see about 2000-3000 girls available at curtain agency – it might be not a good feature, because mostly huge database contain scammers being half of them.
  • If your friend has good story about an agency- ask him to send you a link, so may be they will help you to find a good match as well too!
  • Be aware that web sites with plenty of beautiful ladies who is ready to live chat you 24/7 is 100% scammer web site.

Krystyna:Krystyna: Thank you very much for your great replies. I am sure that my readers can learn a lot about Ukrainian dating. What could you wish men looking for Ukrainian women?

Katrina: Krystyna, thank you also for selecting me as one of the dating advisers for your male readers! I’m pleased to answer all your questions! 🙂 And I want to wish to all who is lonely today not to feel depressed, but to find their match to keep them warm, and happy for many years to come! Relay on God and he will always help you to find the answers you missing. 🙂

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Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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2 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Krystyna, thank you for this interview. Very interesting. I have a question to you and also Katrina. I am an Afro-American and wish to find a wife from Ukraine (they are so beautiful and feminine). Is there any chance for me to find a woman in Ukraine? I have had no luck with online dating sites.


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Robert,

      thank you for your question.
      Interracial relationships are still rare in Ukraine and finding a wife from this country would be rather complicated for you. As you know, 95% of the population of Ukraine is white. Based on historical events, there are still some prejudices against non-Caucasian men in Ukraine and Russia. As you know, the former Soviet Union was closed for foreigners for a long time. The country became more or less a closed society; therefore, Russian and Ukrainian girls could date only their men. But despite the fact that Ukraine is an independent and open country since 20 years, the Ukrainians still consider non-Caucasian people exotic. This means that non-Caucasian men are somewhat extraordinary for Ukrainian ladies.

      Learn more in my article:


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