Age gap and red flags: 2 questions about Ukrainian dating

Dear Krystyna,

This is a really useful site. Thank you for creating it. I recently joined Russian which is a free dating site. I’m 47, athletic and considered reasonably attractive. I have a couple of questions.

Question #1. I’ve been receiving interest from a number of women in the 27-30 age range. This would not be typical in the United States. Should I make the assumption that all these women are scammers? Or is it possible that age is not as much a factor in Russia / Ukraine as it is in Western Culture?

Question #2. For the last 6 weeks I’ve been corresponding with a girl named Irina. We really hit it off. She has sent me pictures of her with her family, friends work, etc. She gave me her phone number and I called here a couple of times, but we really couldn’t have much of a conversation as her English skills are not that good. She says she uses google translation in her e-mails.

I suggested we use Skype to further develop the relationship. But she says she does not have a smart phone or access to Skype. Now she wants to visit me for the holidays and gave me the prices of visa and flight through what she said is a respected travel agency.

Major red flags for me. I countered suggesting that I would be willing to fly to Ukraine in a few months to see her. She said why do I want to wait so long and gave me the phone number of the travel agency if I had any questions.

At this point, I think I should end it, but wanted an outside opinion if you think there is any chance she could be real. And if so, what should my next move be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Krystyna answers:



Dear Joe,

thank you for your message and kind words about my blog. Let me answer your questions. 🙂

Question #1. Age gap in a Ukrainian-Western relationship

Age gaps are rather common in a marriage in Ukraine. But we talk about 5-10 years, not 20 years. There are happy exceptions, but the relationships with big age difference will always have problems because the partners come from different generations, they have different priorities in life and different family values. Ukrainian women know that as well.

Video Tutorial: Russian and Ukrainian brides: the age gap issue

In my view, if the woman writes to a man who is 20 years older, she is very likely a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy. There are of course exceptions but if I were you I would not start communication with women in the 27-30 age range. As for me, it is just a waste of your time.

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Question #2. Red flags in Ukrainian dating

As for me, your lady might be a scammer. Everybody in Ukraine has access to Skype. She does not want to meet you on Skype to get known you better but she wanted to go to your country to seeing you.

I believe communication via Skype is the next step after having online communication on the online dating site to establish a great long distance relationship with a woman in Ukraine.

Personal contact in International online dating is very important.

Video Tutorial: Ukrainian & Russian Women Dating: how to skype?

Before you plan visiting your woman in Ukraine, you NEED to communicate with her via Skype or other communication technologies to see if you like each other not only through messages but you can communicate with each other directly. If the woman does not want to communicate with you via Skype, I would recommend you to run away and find a woman who is willing to do this with you. In this way you have less chance of getting scammed.

Learn more red flags and online dating scame in my articles:

I hope I could help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

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2 Responses

  1. Michael says:


    Excellent blog, I enjoy very much.

    Question about this (and your other) blogs about age difference.
    This one you say no way, to a 20 year difference. Yet on others,
    you say 20 years is OK…
    25 years is OK..
    30 years is OK..

    Has your opinion changed over the years?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Michael,

      thank you for your comment.
      Mark Twain said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” It is a difficult topic to discuss and every person has his or her own opinion on this subject. I personally would not prefer to be with a man who is 20 years older than me. My sister is married with a man who is 10 years older than her. My mother was married to her second husband who was 14 years older. In my view, 5-10 years would be the perfect age gap. Different people mean different taste.

      One of my girlfriends has been 10 years with a German man together – he is 20 years older. Their marriage is very happy and they have two splendid sons. There are always exceptions to rules. But a good rule to remember is that dating someone more than 10-15 years older will present great additional challenges. Having a big age gap means having conflicting stages in their relationship. If you are ready for these challenges, you can go for the marriage with a big age gap. 10-15-20 years’ difference in a Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationship doesn’t mean it’s a definite nonstarter. But for me personally, a no go. For others, why not? But it is really challenging. Think also about language barriers and intercultural differences.

      Yes, there are a lot of my articles on age gap in a Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationship because I have multifaceted opinion on this controversial topic:

      1. An age gap issue in Ukrainian-Western relationships: What’s the real score?
      2. Russian and Ukraine brides: the age gap issue
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      4. Dating Survey: the age difference in Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationships


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