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Today I conduct an interesting interview with Mariana Gleue, a matchmaker from Germany. She helps men and women meet their partners for life and create devoted, lasting relationships. Mariana has been working in the International matchmaking and dating industry since 1996 (!). I am very excited about her replies to my questions. She is going to give us a deep insight into the matchmaking acitivity. Let’s go! 🙂

Krystyna: Mariana, thank you so much to finding time to reply my questions. To start, please tell us about your role as an International matchmaker based in Germany. How did you get started with Mariana Gleue Matchmaking Worldwide?

Mariana: Hi Krystyna. Thank you very much for the opportunity to answer your questions for the Ukrainian Dating Blog. It is an honor for me to talk about my matchmaking agency here. So, I am Mariana and a founder of the International matchmaking agency Mariana Gleue Worldwide based in Siegen, Germany. (Note: Siegen is a city in the south Westphalian part of North Rhine-Westphalia. Krystyna).

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Mariana Gleue, a matchmaker

I started 20 years ago, in 1996. Initially, matchmaking was just my hobby. I have really enjoyed being a cupid. Matching happy couples is my passion and mission in life. I believe there is nothing better in the world than to be in love and to love wholeheartedly. I believe there is an ideal partner for everybody. Thousands of great partnerships which have been started through my agency are the proof for that.

So step by step I decided to turn my hobby into a full-time work and have never even regretted the decision. It was right. I am still happy to help people to find a match, a partner… not to be lonely anymore.:)

Mariana Gleue Matchmaking Worldwide is specializing in cross-cultural matchmaking and dating, with a focus on Eastern and Western Europe. Western men can find a woman from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Baltic States, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. Furthermore, West European women are in our data base.

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As you see, there are no geographical borders in our matchmaking agency. Intercultural matchmaking is not really stress-free. We have to deal with different intercultural dating issues on a daily base but if you believe that it might work, it will work!

Krystyna: What’s your favorite part of the matchmaking job? And your most challenging part?

Mariana: Hmmm, my favorite part of the matchmaking job? Well, Krystyna, for me, there is nothing better than bringing two people together who would otherwise perhaps never found each other under the other circumstances. I am happy to see how couples experience all the joy that a happy relationship brings in their life.

In my work, there is no routine; every customer is something very special. They talk about their feelings, emotions, expectations and intentions before they start using our services. It is a very special moment. I analyze and think about how I can satisfy the needs of each customer. Knowing the customer brings the necessary results in finding a perfect partner for her or him.

I think my engagement and believe in love is my favorite part of the matchmaking process. I do not offer love per click or computer matchmaking tests which often lead to annoying dates and frustration. It is essential to take time to understand the customers and introduce potential partners who have a similar background, perspectives and life goals.

Doing matchmaking is also very challenging. You work with people and that means dealing with people is both a pleasure and a challenge. The challenge is understanding emotions and dealing with tough customers. You have a pressure of doing successful matchmaking. But, as I mentioned before, I love this job and do it with a lot of joy. We are committed to every customer’s matchmaking and dating success.

Krystyna: You offer International matchmaking services bringing people from all the European countries together. How many people looking for the devoted relationship are in your database?

Mariana: Currently, there are in the agency more than 2.000 women who are looking for a sincere and harmonious partnership and marriage. As I said before, Mariana Gleue Matchmaking Worldwide is specializing in cross-cultural matchmaking and dating. That means you will find not only women from Russia and Ukraine, but also from the other Eastern and Western European countries.

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I interview every single woman who wishes to join my agency. It is important to talk with her about her intentions and goals. The woman has to answer my questions why she is looking for an intercultural relationship. In this way, I can identify if she has in fact honest and serious purposes to find a man through Mariana Gleue Matchmaking Worldwide or she is playing a game. Professional pro-daters and scammers have no chance to join my agency.

Learn more about the ways to avoid the pro-daters in the intercultural industry in my article:

Thus, I can proudly say that the ladies registered in my agency are all pre-screened and are not anonymous like thousands of women registered on big online dating sites. As you can see, our ladies will be picked explicitly to meet your standards and needs because we know them in person.

Krystyna: Are there any red flags or warning signs that you’re on the lookout for when men and women reach out to you and want to use your matchmaking services?

Mariana: Of course, there are some red flags to watch out for as a matchmaker. During the first introduction session, that is significant to identify lies. You cannot believe me but a lot of people lie about their marital status, financial situation, goals or lifestyle. So if I see that the story of the potential customer sounds awkward, it is a warning sign for me. Surely, it is important to analyze why the person is lying. I analyze the circumstances or situation of each potential customer.

Another warning sign might be the disability of being in a relationship. E.g. a potential customer tells me about his prehistory, namely: he is 40 years old, has a nice job and house. And his longest relationship has lasted max. 3 months. So you have to find the reasons why her or his relationships keep not working out.

Some people give up faith in relationships very quickly and that means for me as a matchmaker to convince these people to believe in love again, not to be too judgmental or examine themselves why their relationships fail.

Krystyna: What is your number one piece of advice for people looking to find a foreign partner?

Mariana: If you want to find a partner for life, take your search seriously. Educate yourself about intercultural dating and relationship. Learn how to be happy with a foreign partner, how to communicate in a foreign language and be understood at the same time. Pay attention to how you meet your own emotional needs and intentions.

Write your “ideal partner” wish list. You have to be honest about who you are and who you are looking for. What are your strengths and weaknesses in dating and relationships? And last not least, you have to be clear about what kind of relationship or marriage you want to find. I wish you a lot of luck in search of an ideal partner!

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