This Is Why You Fail in Russian & Ukrainian Online Dating

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Okay. Say some guy signs up for an international online dating site (we say AnastasiaDate, ElenasModels, AFA, or UA Dreams). Say his prospects are extremely high in the beginning.

He’s heard good things about the site and wants to give it a try to find a wonderful woman from Russia or Ukraine. As the weeks wear on though, he’s not getting very many responses. He might get a nibble or two from some women, but most of them are just staying away. Here we are talking about REAL women, not about the automated messages from fake profiles (in other words, messages from Pay per Letter scammers).

Video by Krystyna: Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scam: Pay Per Letter

How many of you guys have found yourselves in this position? This happens a lot to Western guys looking for a Russian or Ukrainian women online. Many like to place the blame on the online dating site. Some even like to place the blame on the women themselves.

It’s actually not their fault (I know it is hard to believe in that). It could be something that is happening from the end of the guy who is uploading the profile (I know it is more than hard to believe in that). Like it or not, one needs to take a look at what is happening on his end.

Here are some common mistakes that Western guys make on international dating sites. These mistakes could also be the reason why the responses are not coming in. Here’s a quick look:

1) There is something called a “confirmation belief“.

This is where one allows his own self-confirming beliefs or biases to pave the way for his success. It’s also called being “close-minded and not very positive“. Not all women are looking for a sugar daddy. Not all women are looking for a green card. Not all international women are looking for money.

Learn more about what Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for:

Most women of Russian, Asian and Latin women are looking for a nice guy to settle down with, with or without kids. Not all of them are self-serving. Just get rid of the old-fashioned ideal of what a woman “should be“. This will go along way to help remove the blockages.

2) Stop feeding into the fantasies guys.

It’s called “feeding into an unrealistic expectation for who the girl is going to be“. It’s a fantasy. It’s not going to go very far. Fantasies rarely do. Look for a woman who is natural and real. Don’t fall for the photo-shopped version (I know how hard it is!!!).

Most real Russian and Ukrainian women are going to have a few pounds on them. Most real Russian and Ukrainian women are going to be a bit curvy. Most Russian and Ukrainian women are not a size 0. Sorry guys! But come to reality.

Some have said they like the fantasy. That’s fine, but what is it going to cost? Here’s a question for the guys. Which one is preferred? The fantasy that ends in unrealistic disaster? A girl who shows who she is right off the bat, leading up to some sort of happy long-term commitment?

3) There is nothing to prove here.

The right girl will accept the guy they love, faults and all. Don’t be something you are not. Some guys feel the need to be a society-made version of themselves. The more someone pretends to be something they are, the more it’s going to backfire in their face. Forget about the pressure from family and friends. Stay true to the person you are.

4) Some men just don’t know what they want.

Some blunder their way through it. Some want to find a Russian or Ukrainian wife to marry, or so they say. Outside of this, they don’t know anything else. It’s better to make a list. This will keep picking the wrong people to a minimum.

What language(s)should she speak? What sort of profession does she have? Would it be preferred if she didn’t have a job? How old is she? What kind of lifestyle does she have (party, or rather quiet)?


Some guys end up going into this with some sort of desperation. When this happens, they pretty much take the first girl that comes across their path. Desperation is not a good thing. It extends from a lack of confidence the guys feels within himself. Desperation only attracts the bad people. The idea is to attract the opposite.

The key here is to be confident in everything and choice. Otherwise, the wrong woman from Russia or Ukraine could end up coming across your doorstep. Every guy has been there at least once in his life. The trick is to avoid doing this more than once.

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Russian & Ukrainian online dating is tough enough as it is. It’s better not to add insult to injury. Guys, these above tips are more or less meant to be a guide, a guide to take very seriously. Keep your mind geared more towards the reality, not the fantasy of it all.

Don’t be afraid to put the”real you” out there. The one thing to keep in mind is this. Most international women are not caught up in the “pretense” that American (or better said Westner) girls are. Pretense is something that also adds to more issues. Most international women don’t believe in. They want honesty and truth, that’s it.

Just keep the profile and expectations real. The rest will take care of itself.

Guys, it’s time to take the “fall” out of Russian and Ukrainian dating and put the “succeed” back in.

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2 Responses

  1. David green says:

    The reason they have no success is that Anastasiadate & ua dreams are entirely fraudulent.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi David,

      thank you for your comment. I do not agree with you. Of course, some International online dating sites work dishonest and dubious. And using this kind of services does not lead you to success in your search of a wife from Russia and Ukraine.

      However, no matter which online dating site (,,,, or is used but if the man does these mistakes described in my article, he has no chance to find a foreign woman for life. If the man decides to use personalized matchmaking services but he believes that all the foreign women are gold-diggers and Green Card seekers, there is still no chance to find a foreign woman for life. It is not all about the dating services, it is also about the expectations and attitude of the Western men looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

      I do not recommend to use the dating services mentioned in my article. There are really a lot of effective ways to find a woman from Russia or Ukraine. I recommend to avoid these common mistakes that undermine your online dating experience. Men can start getting better results in their search.


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