Five of the Top Myths About Russian Dating

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Did you know that Russian online dating has continued to rise in popularity? There are actually more and more people who have had the opportunity to discover and find love through online dating services. This online love option appears to be a more popular route as opposed to finding and meeting people in person.

In the year 2014, there was approximately only 25 percent of singles in the United States who had a friend introduce them to their date. There were 32 percent, that same year, who had met their date through an actual dating site. Many men have shown a preference to finding love online. There have been numerous false myths that involve this issue. These myths have proven to be worth the time to explore them.

The Biggest Myths Surrounding Russian Online Dating

There are some disturbing images and myths that involve Russian and also Ukrainian online dating. This is especially true surrounding the myths about Western men online and what they may be looking for on a dating site.

The five biggest myths include:

Myth #1: every Western man is looking for Russian women in their 20s

The majority of men will typically message and contact women from Russia or Ukraine who are in their own age bracket. The data has revealed that there is a minimal amount of men over the age of 30 who contact a 20-year-old female.

Here is my advice to you. Many Western men embark on the path of Russian dating without really knowing what they want as the final result (that’s why searching for a woman from Russia often fails). What is worse, some harbor unrealistic expectations. Yes, it is possible to meet a Russian bride who is 25 years younger than you are and even to marry her (but consider this as a huge exception!).

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But I know from my experience, such marriages usually don’t last for long, your education, expectations and goals may be unrealistically different. The maximum age difference you should be aiming at should be ten or max. fifteen years.

Myth #2: everyone involved in Russian dating will tell lies

Yes, maybe some online daters would lie to impress and take advantage of others. But not everyone! There has been research showing that there is a slight amount of embellishing with online dating. The average person using a site does not have a hidden agenda.

This embellishment will typically revolve around the age factor. There may be some exaggeration also about the overall physical appearance too. It ought to be noted that little fibs are also told a blind or a person-to-person date.

You cannot believe me but many people who choose online dating are genuine individuals who desire to meet a genuine woman from Russia. The typical goal for someone using a Russian online dating site is to find a relationship.

Myth #3: only desperate and needy Western men use Russian online dating sites

This is simply not true. The online dating sites are filled with many attractive, educated, and sophisticated singles who have a common interest. These are people who enjoy the idea of meeting a special woman on a Russian online dating site. Every person on the planet may be viewed as being “needy.” This is because everyone does have needs. I have my needs, too.

Myth #4: an attractive Russian woman will not have a good personality to match

This is a “too good to be true?” myth. Keep in mind that attractive women from Russia and Ukraine really enjoy dating just as must as unattractive women would. There are many attractive profiles’ pictures that will have a genuine and true personality to go along with their good looks.

Be careful and avoid all sorts of fake dating sites that are easily spotted by the top model photos of all the ladies they feature, ubiquitously and unceremoniously. Remember, if a woman only has pictures that are model-perfect and all of them look great, it is a sign that she is not who she says she is.

scammer russian dating

My advice to you. Some women on the Russian dating sites where you register your profile will want to waste your time. Why? The first category that comes to mind is students who just want to practice their English with real native speakers. The second (and the biggest) category is scammers and professional pro-daters. Always ask for her land line phone number. If someone doesn’t give you her Skype address – tell her goodbye right away.

Myth #5: online dating is very dangerous for all involved

It is important to be aware of the fact that any type of risk may involve a small or huge amount of danger. Russian online scams are more of a problem than most realize. They have robbed more innocent men of their hard earned money than any other scam out there today. Recognizing these scams before becoming a victim is the first step in scam prevention.

recognizing russian scam

Video Tutorial by Krystyna: Recognizing Ukrainian and Russian online dating scam


Offline dating may pose dangers too. This perceived danger may be avoided if the dating service has a good reputation and also by getting to know the prospective date prior to the actual date.

People tend to reveal a lot about themselves through their conversations or chats. Paying attention and remaining observant will typically lead to a positive experience.

Online communication is great, no doubts, but also focus on the final objective, which should be meeting the Russian woman whom you like and who reciprocates the feeling. Otherwise you may get stuck on dating sites forever without really meeting people.

My final thoughts on the myths about Russian dating

Russian dating has become popular for some good reasons. Many Western men and Russian women are enjoying wonderful connections, people have found true love, and marriage has been an outcome for many. Of course, many of online daters have gained negative experiences. Debunking the myths might be beneficial.

Free Russian dating like on can be compared to fishing – you have to prepare your fishing rod in advance, you need to know what is the right bait to use and you have to be aware what sort of “fish” you can count on in this particular pond. Patience is the king in this demanding process, some hit a jackpot and find their soul mate in Russia right away, others have to deal with false flags and bitter disappointments first.

Here is my last piece of advice for today. Searching for a wife from Ukraine or Russia online is rather a demanding task. However, turning your rapidly increasing online communication into a long-lasting, happy relationship and marriage is even more challenging. Just believe me! Prepare yourself for this challenge! 🙂

Not enough myths about Russian and Ukrainian dating? Check out my video “The myths & truth about Russian & Ukrainian women“:

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Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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