TOP Mistakes Men Make When Dating Ukrainian Women

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Ukrainian dating is not easy, is it? As a matchmaker, I have noticed over and over again that the vast majority of Western men naturally make the same basic mistakes when dating Ukrainian ladies. Why is that? Because there are a plenty of cultural and dating etiquette differences. All people are different, there are no doubts. However, if you decided to date a Ukrainian lady, you should pay attention to every tiny detail.

Understanding the basics of Ukrainian dating is more than important. I can discuss this issue over and over again. Very often, the male customers complain about the marriage agency services due to the missing success in their dating process. But you should know that no serious and reliable matchmaking and/or marriage agency can guarantee you that their service will meet your requirements, goals or expectations.

The biggest mistake most men tend to make is an idea of “buying goods (a Ukrainian woman) in a store (marriage agency)“. Are you guilty of making this dating mistake, too? We are talking about romantic relationships (an expression of one’s strong romantic love, or one’s deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person intimately or romantically. Source: Wikipedia), and a couple has to be smart and work hard enough to to make it lead into marriage.

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I say it over and over again to all my customers that Ukrainian dating is more than tough. I am not the only one who tries to bring awareness to this subject. Many other Ukrainian bloggers also do:

So if you don’t want to fail in your Ukrainian dating search, don’t commit a single one of these basic mistakes you can make when dating women from Ukraine.

Mistake #1: Getting a lady’s direct contact is (more than) enough.

Many Western men try to avoid online dating agencies for some reasons (which are understandable). Instead, they just prefer to buy ladies’ telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

The marriage agency’s task is to make sure that a lady is interested in a man and wishes to begin the first stage of communication. Let’s say this is done and two people are connected. But did you do your homework to find common, interesting subjects for your conversation? How about asking some questions to keep a conversation going online?

It is important to remember that writing about you and the woman’s daily routine will lead to boredom and monotony after 2-3 messages and you risk losing the woman’s interest. Make her miss your quirky and diversified conversation, then you are a winner.

Mistake #2: Being young and attractive really matter.

Many men mistakenly think that having an attractive appereance may help in building up relationships. Does physical appearance matter in a Ukrainian-Western relationship? And what role does attraction play in the Ukrainian women’s pursuit of marriage?

attractive men

Today many Ukrainian ladies are well educated and smart. Yes, many of them pay attention to men’s age, and some of them pay attention to a man’s appearance, too. The first impression is definitely very important, but I have to mention that Ukrainian women do not care as much about the appearance of their husbands. They are looking for a protective man, or a wealthy man, or a clever man, or even a sensitive man.

The fact is that physical attractiveness really matters when people are getting to know each other (the first stages of online dating). In other words, if you are atractive but have an aggressive or annoying personality, you have only a few chances to find a serious and genious woman abroad.

Mistake #3: Being proud of being a long-term single.

There are plenty of men who remain single even in their 50’s. If you are a deep-rooted bachelor, the situation is not in your favor, unfortunately. Is it difficult for you to take care for anyone or share your life with a potential wife? Starting a new life in a relationship may be very hard for you. Hard, but not impossible.

First of all, you should ask yourself, “Is marriage really what I want? What is my purpose for having a marriage with a woman from Ukraine? Am I ready to see someone new in my house every day, and how about sharing not only good moments but also bad ones?

If your answer is YES, then you are supposed to learn a lot about dating Ukrainian women, namely:

  • how to treat them properly,
  • how to build up a healthy and long-term relationship,
  • how to deal with intercultural differences in a marriage,
  • how to overcome language barriers in your communication.

I even recommend to get in touch with a family psychologist who would give you a great piece of useful advice how to be hapilly married with your foreign spouse. Do not forget to learn about Ukrainian people’s mentality, as it’s different than your own.

Mistake #4: Less is not more

Once getting in touch with a lady, some men start giving hundreds of phone calls and write hundreds of messages to her per day. Believe me, this amount of messages and calls can be very annoying. It is important to respect the woman’s private space.

If the woman decides to share her contact information with you, that means you are responsible for making her feel good by sending your messages or calling her, you are not allowed being intrusive. If you show yourself as a polite gentleman who knows how to respect a lady’s interests, you will always have the key to a successful relationship at your disposal.

Mistake #5: Looking for a woman who is 20 years younger than you

This is one of the most common Ukrainian dating mistakes. The relationships with a large age gap have traditionally been looked at with suspicion. In my experience, many people think that a gap of 10 years in a Ukrainian-Western relationship is OK, but anything beyond this tends to raise a few eyebrows.

Due to a huge age difference, you should consider some things that require a lot of consideration in a relationship such as different life stages, children issue, different levels of fitness, health, and social life, different expectations and life purposes. As long as you have the same goals for the relationship and marriage then it can and does work. But you must think about that issue – it is serious.

Learn more aboout age gap issues in a Ukrainian-Western relationship:

Mistake #6: Lacking any confidence at all

Nooo! Being comfortable in his own skin is what makes any man feel like a man! 🙂 It’s a little secret. Any lady immediately feels if a man is capable and self-assured or not.

confident man

If you are not feeling comfortable and confident while dating your Ukrainian woman, she could feel just compassion and empathy for you. By the way, that’s why many Ukrainian men lacking self-confidence try to build their backbone with help of expensive cars; they even take a loan from a bank to buy it in order to prove to someone (especially to ladies) that they are an alpha male -:lol

Self-confidence is extremely sexy to a Ukrainian woman. That means that projecting self-confidence is definitely another key to your dating success. Having intelligence would be beneficial to you, too.

Mistake #7: Don’t be a tight ass!

When dating a Ukrainian lady, do not share the bill and make her pay. It’s considered to be impolite in Ukrainian dating culture. When you invite a woman on a date, it’s your responsibility to take care of her. After all you want her to be able to relax and enjoy her time with you, don’t you?

Ukrainian ladies understand a favorite phrase of many men: “I’m not rich” as “I’m tight and stingy.” Remember that no Ukrainian lady will agree to marry a stingy man and leave her country if she doesn’t feel financially secure from her husband. Not willing to pay on your date is a red flag any woman is aware of and might be a reason for her not to continue a relationship with you.

Video Tutorial: To pay or not to pay for a Ukrainian or Russian woman?

Needless to say, every lady needs you to create a little fiesta in her daily routine.
Every lady wishes flowers, candies, shopping and teddies. It is not necessary to be a rich guy in order to please your woman. With help of these little things, you can make her feel safe and smile every day.

Then you are a winner. You are laying a good foundation of an exciting, lasting and successful relationship. 🙂

Guest post by Katrina Elbahey

I thank a lot to Krystyna for letting me to publish one of my articles on her blog!

About the author: Katrina Elbahey lives and works in Ukraine. She has 2 masters degrees, one of which is in Practical Psychology. Katrina successfully runs her own International marriage agency for more than 10 years, and is a founder of a dating blog to give an idea to her customers how to date Ukrainian brides and how to achieve better results in establishing serious relationships.

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