The 6 secret tips to long-term love with a Russian woman

Dear friends,

Online dating is done? Looking now for a long-term relationship?

How you can make it last with a Russian or Ukrainian lady: The inside track to creating longevity, not just a short-term romance.

Making any kind of marriage work out takes lots of hard work and determination. In many ways you have to think of it like a job (is is actually, I say it from my own experience:)). In order to get what you want, you have to be willing to give a little too.

Now, some of you guys might not know what to expect from a Russian or Ukrainian girl. There’s no doubt that many of you are attracted to Russian and Ukrainian ladies. There is a difference though between being “into” a woman from Russia and Ukraine and making it work for a long-term partnership. Guys, here’s a short list of what you should expect from being with a Russian and Ukrainian bride. Some of these tips might surprise you.

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Tip #1: Make Your Russian / Ukrainian Lady Feel Secure

Russian and Ukrainian brides are just like the other girls, they want to have love too. They want to fee secure about the guy they are with. Having her feel “insecure” and “Aware“, these are two different animals. Feeling insecure is having suspicions without any proof.

Being aware is having the proof right in front of you. The idea is to make her feel guys like she is the only one in your life. Sometime women feel insecure for no reason, or maybe they do have a reason. The point is to eliminate these fears from her mind. This is your job guys. Just do it properly! 🙂

Tip #2: Keep learning about her culture

Get to know her life and culture. There is so much to learn about the Russian & Ukrainian culture. The more you take the time to learn about her culture, the more you learn about her. This will go along way to showing her how much you love her.

Do it in a genuine way though. Don’t just learn about her life because you are looking to score with her in bed. Many guys have tried this before you, they have all failed miserably. Women see right through this.

Learn more about the Ukrainian & Russian culture:

Tip #3: Nobody is perfect

She is not going to be perfect, guys (yes, surprise, surprise!!!). You can’t expect her to be perfect. It doesn’t matter what the history books say about how perfect Russian & Ukrainian women are. It’s simply not true in the bigger picture.

Here’s what you need to try and remember guys. Learn to forgive the smaller things as they happen. They will happen. Your girl is going to make mistakes, as you will. If she can expect you for not being perfect, then you can take the time to except her.

If you learn to forgive early on, it’s will make it easier for some of the bigger things that enter the picture. It’s not to say that she will make big mistakes. If she does, you will be in good practice for forgiveness when it does happen.

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This will go along way with her. You have to learn how to pick your battles. Now some women offer more frustration with this than others. There are going to be times when she is really going to test your patience and tolerance. The idea is to forgive though, no matter what. Wouldn’t you want the same?

Tip #4: Communication is key

You can’t expect your other half to be a mind-reader, guys. It’s up to you to communicate your feelings. Wouldn’t you want her to do the same? Just tell her how to feel. Do it in a respectful way though.

Communication of any kind is always key. There are going to be times when she’s going to be selfish and act in ways that are not great. If you feel hurt by this, talk to her. Maybe she will listen and hear what you are saying.

The same thing works with you too. If you expect her to listen and hear you, you need to do the same. It works both ways. You should never get to a point where the two of you are growing in different directions.

Learn how to communicate effectively with Russian & Ukrainian women:

Tip #5: Invest in the relationship with your Russian woman’s family

Her family is going to be in your life, for better or worse. You have to find ways to smooth things over. Remember certain key events in their lives. This is one way to stay on their good side.

You should also try to befriend a family member who could be your “sympathizer“. You are going to need him or her at certain points. It’s best to keep things good with the family, even those you don’t necessarily like that much.

Learn more about Russian and Ukrainian family:

Tip #6: Be open and flexible

Dating a Russian & Ukrainian lady is not like all the other girls. You do have to keep an open mind. Be open to new and challenging things. This might be tough for some of you. Some guys just don’t like change.

You will have to get over this, if you intend on making a life with her. Learn not to expect so much. Sometimes it’s best to just go with it guys. Who knows? You might just end up changing your life forever, but in a good way!

Not enough? Learn more about the myths & truth about Russian & Ukrainian women in my video tutorial:

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3 Responses

  1. Rudy Mueller says:

    The problem is not to find the real girl but find an honest and reliable site, I never found a site that take responsibility for the site and the people looking for someone real and honest, you pay per view that it, you need to pay to send e-mails and receive, to translate etc and when she is fake and a scam the site don’t want to be responsible for anything, now my question, do you know a site who is honest and up front, a site where you pay to find a girl but don’t charge you lots of money every time she or I write to each other a site where I can have confidence that is not a scam girl, but someone real and looking, thanks, Rudy.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Rudy,

      I understand your frustration about Russian and Ukrainian paid online dating sites. There are a few alternatives to paid online dating service which can work for you:

      1). – is one of the greatest and most established dating sites in the Russian speaking world. Registration, search and communication with other users are free. There are also some premium services. I would recommend you if you can speak Russian a little bit (not every girl in Russia and Ukraine can speak English) and if you can travel to your target location in order to meet the girl in person. More info in my article:

      2). Social network VKontacte ( – VK is the largest Russian (rather FUS) social network with more than a 100 million active users. This site is not like a traditional dating site but offers a realistic chance to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman for life.

      Language barriers may be another huge disadvantage of using Not every girl on VK can speak a foreign language. More info in my article:

      3). Free dating sites. Here are free dating sites:


      All three of these sites have a Russian home base of operation, but they have an “open door” policy to anyone, anywhere. These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can loose only your time (but not your money).

      I hope I could help you with this information.

  2. jackeb says:

    Not only these are for russian woman it is for other countries woman also. Well thanks for your helpful advice here. Lots of people did mistakes while dating with them.

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