Three questions about Ukrainian-Western dating

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Good advice.

But I do need more advice 🙂

1. Ukraine ladies with kids.

2. Culture shock

3. How often typically does a Ukraine lady wish to visit Ukraine when living in a different county?

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Hi 🙂

To your questions.

1. Ukraine ladies with kids.

As I understand, you want to know how to date a Ukrainian woman with kids? Am I right? Ukrainian women with kids are a special categoty of women. They have a really tiny chance to re-marry in Ukraine because not every Ukrainain men is willing to take responsibility to taking care of not his children. The competition is strong on the Ukrainian marriage market.

There are more than enough beautiful and younger women who do not yet have any children. This factor makes it challenging for single mothers to remarry. Men in the Ukraine are more likely to prefer dating a younger woman who has no children than a single mother. The chances of a single mother in her mid 30s remarrying a man in the Ukraine is very low.

For western men who are considering the option of dating a Ukrainian woman, the chances of having the opportunity to find a young single mother who is available is much higher than finding a younger woman who is not yet a mother. These women are unlikely to marry in their hometown and are more likely to look abroad for companionship. Taking a chance on dating a Ukrainian single mother can result in a long-lasting relationship.

These women are often available and more willing to consider dating western men than younger women who have never married and do not have children.

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2. Culture shock

This question is not clear to me. Do you mean culture shock for Ukrainian women or for Western men? Well, I am going to write about cultur shock in an intercultural relationship in generally. As I said many times before, a Ukrainian-Western relationship and marriage are more than tough. Dating a woman from a different culture can be a real challenge.

Intercultural differences may lead to arguments and misunderstandings in communication. What is culture shock? “Culture shock is the feeling of confusion, insecurity, and anxiety caused by the strangeness of a new environment“.

So as you see, culture shock is a common issue in an intercultural relationship. To feel confident while communicating and dating a woman from Russia or Ukraine, you should learn more about:

  • the culture,
  • traditions,
  • values (etiquette, relationship traditions and culture, etc.).

Ukrainian and Russian women should do the same and learn more about beliefs, norms, values and traditions that exist in those Western countries. It is also very important to have an open mind and try not to form your opinion about the Ukrainian or Russian culture too soon. Don’t think of the Ukrainian or Russian culture as better or worse, just different. Furthermore, the ability to be flexible is an important asset for intercultural dating.

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3. How often typically does a Ukraine lady wish to visit Ukraine when living in a different county?

It depends on the life circumstances, financial opportunities and family relations. According to my experience, a common Ukrainian lady wishes to visit Ukraine once a year.

My family does it, too. We go to visit my sister’s family once a year. Besides, if possible, your wife’s family could come visit you once a year. Everything happens according to your private situation and possibilities.

Beautiful Russian & Ukrainian Women (Pics)

I hope I could help you with my thoughts and ideas.

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