Struggling With Responses From Ukrainian Women in Online Dating?

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As the world continues to change and technology continues to develop, the International online dating world is changing. Cell phones and the internet has made instant communication possible. While the world used to be limited by geography and snail mail, the world of online dating has exploded with the advent of the internet and instant messaging technology.

Now, the dating pool is the entire world. Online dating sites have popped up all over the place with people finding these options wildly successful both for dating and marriage.

When finding that perfect Ukrainian or Russian woman, everything seems to be going great. You both have so much in common this couldn’t possibly be true. The conversation is rich and fruitful, but suddenly everything changes:

  • The messages become shorter.
  • The replies offer no substance.
  • They seem almost canned or full of cliches.

Sometimes, the messages stop altogether. You seem lost and confused, wondering what has happened. You thought you had the dream woman in your grasp, but now it’s back to square one. How did this happen?

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Check out our possible reasons below! 🙂

1. You’re writing to a profile that no longer exists

When the messages stop suddenly and completely, this is one of the most common reasons. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the profile is no longer operated by a human being behind the account. Maybe the Ukrainian bride has forgotten her password and can’t get in to see your messages anymore. Maybe the woman has willingly left the dating site.

Maybe the Ukrainian woman found their dream mate offline and left the online community. Whatever the reason, the profile is no longer active. That means your messages are being sent into the ether and arriving at an inbox where it will never be read.

As painful as it is, it’s back to square one. There are many people out there, get back to it.

2. She doesn’t think you’re attractive

While it is impossible not to take this personally, if she isn’t into you then she isn’t into you. It’s back to square one to find someone else, but try to improve your dating stock in the meantime.

Take a look at your photos and try to upload some more attractive pictures. This will help women see you in the best light possible. Furthermore, make sure that the photos you upload are up to date.

Styles change over the years and if the pictures show an outdated style then you’re less likely to find women interested in you. Take the time to choose your pictures carefully and you’ll be rewarded with lots of messages.

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3. Your profile hasn’t been filled out accurately and completely

Take the time to completely flesh out your online dating profile. Ukrainian and Russian women appreciate someone who takes the time to explain themselves completely. This gives them as much information as possible before making a decision. Talk about your interests in full.

Describe the most interesting parts of your career. Discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. By taking the time to write about all of the information in the various parts of the profile, this shows everyone that you care about the site.

Furthermore, while it’s common for people to embellish on their profile, make sure to avoid any blatant contradictions. The women from Ukraine will see right through this.

4. Your writing and messages are frankly boring

Make sure your messages aren’t repetitive. People get tired of hearing the same, boring dribble. If you notice yourself using the same words or opening lines, stop.

Try to spice up the language and make it unique. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, be specific. Asking interesting and thoughtful questions.

Comment on exactly what you like about the other person. Generalized message simply don’t help you stand out or make the other person feel wanted. With so many messages, people often look for certain words to screen out messages and jump to the “trash” button. Make sure you don’t wind up as one of these victims by using unique language that grabs her attention.

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5. Your messages sound desperate

No Ukrainian woman wants to date someone who comes across as needy or clingy. Make sure your messages don’t make it sound like you’re desperate. Just as these ploys are instant relationship killers in real life, the same is true in the online world.

Make sure you present an attitude of confidence, women like this above all else. While it’s important not to be cocky or arrogant, make sure you project in an image of positive self-esteem.

This will make sure the woman feels like she has something she can be drawn to in your character. By looking for these reasons, you’re sure to find more success in the online dating world.

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