How to date a Russian woman – from a Russian man’s point of view

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For most Western men, Russian women has always remained a mystery. In fact, Westerners simply cannot figure out why Russian ladies act differently than typical ladies that Western men are fond of.

In reality, it is true that Russian women are just like any other women except that they demand extreme care and affection from their partners. Therefore, the next time you go on a date with a Russian lady, remember the following six tips, which will serve as a guideline ensuring that there is always a second date.

Please remember that these guidelines are presented by a Russian man. And I believe he knows what he is talking about, doesn’t he? Well, you can learn a lot from these tips. Here is a summary of a survival guide for dating Russian women:

1. Russian Women Are Always Young

Every Russian women is “devushka“, which means young woman. Regardless of the age of a women, always address Russian ladies as “devushka” because it is customary for them to be addressed as such even if they are not young. In fact, there is no age limit for her unless you want to get rid of “devushka“.


2. Pay Your Bills

Whenever men are in a restaurant or any public place with a Russian date, they are always expected to pay the bill – without any excuse. These etiquette hold true even if she is the one who invited you to meet her.

For Westerners, this may seem odd, particularly when ladies are expected to share the bill, at least after the first or second date, but don’t insult a Russian women by holding off your cash. Sometimes, a Russian women may try to pretend reaching for her purse, but don’t spoil the party by allowing her to contribute. Doing so, will surely make you look like a “cheapster“.

Learn more about pay or not to pay when dating Russian and Ukrainian women:

3. Carry the Bags

After the date, if you decide to go shopping, try to take the lead in paying for her shopping. Whereas, rules of shopping are somewhat flexible compared to paying bills, Russian women will always appreciate responsible men.

Therefore, when it is time to carry shopping bags, make sure that you don’t let the women carry the weight. Instead, show that you are a capable man who can handle responsibilities. Mostly, the women should only carry her purse. In extreme cases, if there are lots of bags, it is OK to allow her to carry some weight or she may think that you are overacting.

4. Show Care And Affection

Like most other ladies, Russian woman love attention. Similarly, Russian ladies will greatly appreciate anything that shows that you care for them. Hence, little shows of affection such as opening the car door for her and helping her take off her coat will not make you a less of a man.

Instead, it will help her realize that you genuinely care for her. However, like other rules, there is always an exception to this rule. The rule is for entering the elevator, when all Russian woman expect men to enter the elevator, first. It is because if there is a deep void in the elevator shaft instead of the actual elevator, “brave men” should sacrifice themselves for their beloved.

5. Flowers

Most Western men mess up when it comes to giving flowers to the Russian women. Just like any women, Russian ladies love flowers. Just make sure that you don’t give women flowers in even numbers.

flowers for russian woman

In the Russian culture, flowers in even numbers are only given at funerals. Either give flowers in odd numbers or give enough flowers, which are difficult for the lady to count.

6. Do Not Expect Punctuality

It is very common for the Russian lady to be late for the date or any informal meeting. Expect your lady to be late at least 15 to 20 minutes. Also, most Russian women tend to hang around the corner if they arrive in time because they don’t want to give the impression that they are too clingy.

In fact, good Russian mothers always teach their daughters to be late when invited by men because any girl who knows her worth never arrives in time. While someone else may give you a different reason, it is sensible not to ask your date for the lateness.

As a bonus tip, remember that no one in Russia or anywhere else knows what Russian ladies mean when they say, I’m Okay. Even the ladies confess that they are not sure about the expression, themselves. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make an educated guess without asking any questions. Hopefully, you will make the correct decision.

In a nutshell, remember that Russian ladies are mostly like other women in the world. With these handy tips at your disposal, you should be confident to go out with a Russian women. Just make sure to show love, respect and affection as these qualities will surely make you a capable partner who understands what Russian women want.

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