Ukrainian-Western Dating & Relationship: Overcoming The Common Hardships

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When you choose to date outside of your own culture and to look for a Ukrainian or Russian wife, it can be an incredible experience. You’re able to share and connect with another person across cultural lines and allow someone else to learn about your culture while you learn about theirs.

You have the ability to learn and experience the world through their eyes and discover an entirely new way of thinking. From my intercultural dating and marriage experience, I can confirm that being married to a German (foreign) man means an enrichment and completely new horizons of life style and thinking.

Together you’re able to bring two unique cultures and make them into one. An Ukrainian-Western relationship allows for a deeper appreciation for each other because both individuals have to sacrifice a part of themselves to learn about the other.

However, just like most other relationships, it takes time and dedication to bring your two separate lives and bring them together to work harmoniously. This means that there will be some challenges that you will need to overcome in your relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia to make this happen.

The following challenges are some of the most common cultural gaps that many Russian (Ukrainian)-Western couples will have to face during their dating and relationship.

Challenges Of Communication: The Language Barrier

Communication is the key element to establishing a successful and fulfilling relationship between a man and a woman of any culture. When connecting with a woman from a different culture, communication may not be important in the beginning. While you fall in love, connecting emotionally, and bonding on an intimate level, communication is the furthest thing from each others mind.

However, when two people from different cultures come together and the relationship begins to become more serious, the lack of communication can cause a strain in their relationship. Typically, one partner will be expected to communicate in the others non-native language (and basically Russian and Ukrainian women are expected to speak English or German with a Western man. Only few American, English and German men can communicate in Russian or Ukrainian). Requiring them to work towards being able to speak and understand that person’s language fluently as if it were their own.

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While learning a new language is possible, the stress of having to make up for the language barrier can cause that person to have some resentment towards their partner for burdening them with the responsibility of maintaining their communication.

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Complications Of A Long Distance Relationship

Your typical everyday relationships have their own trials and tribulations, but a long distance dating and relationship can truly put a strain on a relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia. With a long distance relationship it will not always feel like a real relationship.

You do not get the chance to run errands together or spend as much time with your mutual friends as you would like. Romantic nights out are sparse and you’re not able to see each other everyday like a traditional relationship. It’s a struggle because you want to be with your loved one after a hard day but when its all said and done, they aren’t able to be there.

You crave the normalcy of a traditional dating and relationship and make a significant sacrifice just trying to keep the magic between the two of you alive. In addition, the lack of physical contact and desired intimacy can lead to many forced conversations.

For a long distance Ukrainian and Russian dating and relationship, talking over the phone is one of the few ways you’re able to spend time together. While a phone call may not be what you desire, it allows you to get to know your spouse better through deep and personal conversations.

Despite these common challenges, many Ukrainian-Western relationships have the ability to overcome them. If both individuals are willing to put in the necessary work, the relationship can succeed without either party having to sacrifice their own wants and needs. These challenges won’t be easy to overcome, but they are well worth the effort.

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Building Trust In An Untrustworthy World

In today’s society, its well-known that the internet is full of people who are only out to get money from trusting parties. There are hundreds of scammers, gold diggers, and dating adventurists merely looking to score a quick buck, using the Ukrainian and Russian online dating world to target individuals who are seen as vulnerable. This leaves the honest Ukrainian and Russian brides to be untrusting and potentially miss out on an amazing connection. So, how are you supposed to build that trust that every relationship needs to thrive?

In order to build that trust, there are some important factors to keep in mind when looking for a genuine woman from Ukraine or Russia. First off, a true woman will not need you to spend hundreds of dollars of your money to take her shopping. Those women only want you to buy them things.

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Additionally, real women are not immediately sweet and do not typically open about themselves in the very beginning. They have to get to know you a little before they truly open up and tell you there most inner thoughts. More over, as a rule of thumb you should never give a woman money because true love doesn’t start by how much cash they get from you. If a woman desires money in the beginning of a relationship, they’re most likely just looking to score a quick dollar.

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The Cultural Shock

One of the hardest aspects of dating a woman with a different cultural background is avoiding the dreaded cultural shock. When experience something we don’t like that’s different from our own cultural experiences, it can seem a lot worse than what it really is. When you’re in cultural shock, you will find it hard to accept or understand some of differences you may have.

In addition, some Western men can hold a resentment towards Ukrainian and Russian brides because they are not as open to change as the other person. This is where communication becomes an important factor. Discussing the problems and issues each other is facing when adjusting to a new culture can greatly benefit the Ukrainian-Western relationship. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to admit they are having a hard time.

You may also find yourself unwilling to deal with certain things you do not like. However, most people who have lived aboard know that living in a culture different than your own is hard to do. Just because it is different does not mean it’s bad, it takes time to adjust to a new way of doing things. Every Ukrainian-Western dating and relationship require a little compromise on each person’s end.

In addition, in most Ukrainian-Western relationships its common to spend a lot of time comparing your different cultures. The ways they differ from each other and the obvious ways that they resemble each other.

Unfortunately, many times they forget to discuss their own personal experiences with their partner. This leads to merely knowing about the Ukrainian women’s culture and nothing about them as an individual. It’s important to remember to communicate personally with one another to strengthen the bond between two people. This will also help in avoiding an exchange student style relationship that will quickly dull out.

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A relationship with a lady from Ukraine or Russia will open an entirely new world to your life and allow you to learn about another culture. All the while, discovering many new things about yourself in the process. You will be able to do and experience more in your life than you could have ever imagined.

Once you are able to move past the challenges of an international and intercultural relationship, you will find that it can be extremely rewarding. You could potentially develop a lifelong relationship with a special woman that you would have otherwise never had the chance to meet due to cultural differences.

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