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today I publish a new guest post as a part of the expert tip article “How to Succeed in the Ukrainian Dating World: Expert Tips”. As mentioned previously, I am more than delighted when matchmakers and dating experts are providing their tips, insights and ideas to the Ukrainian Dating Blog what makes my site more valuable and useful to the readers. I am very grateful for that! 🙂

Today I present you a guest post kindly written by Mila Lobunko, a Ukrainain dating translator and advisor. This article is a full version of his advice published in the article “How to Succeed in the Ukrainian Dating World: Expert Tips“. Please find all the expert tips HERE.

In her guest article “Seven useful tips for successful Ukrainian online dating“, Mila shares her useful and beneficial tips how to succeed in the Ukrainian dating world in full length. Enjoy! 🙂


During the past 10 years, I have been helping hundreds of clients, from all the over the world, with finding a wife in Ukraine.

mila lobunko

Mila, a Dating Translator & Advisor

The clients who were successful generally followed these guidelines:

1. Ask yourself why you want to find a wife.

Unless you know why you want to do something, it is hard to have the drive to keep going when the going gets tough. It is also a question that you could easily be asked on a date.
You have got to be honest with yourself here (and the women you meet).

There are many valid reasons, of course, but you have to remember that in Ukraine most women under 35, if they already do not have their own children, will be hoping to start a family with the person they marry.

Are you ready for this? If not, when you meet the women on a date, the women who are serious about you and not scammers just looking for gifts and entertainment, will ask you if you want to have children with them and will be able to tell quite easily if you are telling the truth or not.

If you already have children from a previous marriage, that might be OK for some women, but do not be surprised if the women under 35 still want to have a child of their own. If you do not have any children already and do not want such responsibility in the future, your search is not hopeless, but you are limited to either the very small percentage of women under 35 who do not love children or women over 35 who feel that is too late for them to have their own children.

But in the case of the latter, you have to remember that a large majority will still be hoping to have a child one day (perhaps through adoption) and so you may face difficulties in future if you are not willing to change your mind.

2. Ask yourself why you want to find a woman from Ukraine.

Again, this is a question women frequently ask on dates. So, if you want to be prepared, it would be better to try to ask yourself this question before someone else asks you so that you can give a more thoughtful and intelligent answer.

How a man answers this question reveals a lot about him. For example, if he says that because everyone knows that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world, the woman is hardly likely to feel that she has received a nice compliment or to feel impressed even if this is an honest answer.

So what are your reasons for looking in Ukraine for a wife. Is it only because Ukraine has a large number of beautiful women? If you like the Slavic look, there are several other Central and East European countries, such as Russia, Poland, Slovenia, and Latvia, where you can find equally beautiful women.

But the reality is that the better economic situation in those countries means that a smaller percentage of the women in those countries are willing to marry a man from a different culture and leave their friends and family behind to move to his home country.

For most men, this is probably the best answer to give to this question because it comes across as both honest and intelligent. But if you really want to impress your dates, it would be better to go further and learn a little about Ukrainian language and culture before you meet any ladies over there so that you can mention some things about Ukraine that have got you excited, e.g. the melodic nature of the Ukrainian language or the delicious of Ukrainian cuisine.

3. Be realistic in your expectations.

Having a firm grasp of realty helps you to avoid much disappointment and heartache in life.
If you are from a wealthy country, young, good-looking, intelligent, well-educated, well-dressed, financially successful, love children, animals, and nature, and have a great personality, then you are a perfect 10 and the sky is your limit – most women you meet are highly likely to want a relationship with you.

If you are in this enviable position, you can ask your matchmaker to find you a beautiful, intelligent, twenty something and you are in luck because Ukraine has a good number of such girls. But even then, you need to keep in mind that not all Ukrainian girls want to permanently leave Ukraine especially if they already have a nice, comfortable life, but you will have a much better chance of success than the average man.

So what do you do if you are not the total package? For example, what if you are average-looking, overweight, in your forties’, and have a below median salary job in your country. Is there any point in even looking in Ukraine for a wife? The answer is YES provided that you are willing to scale back some of your unrealistic expectations.

As a rule of thumb, if you are from North America, Australia, New Zealand, or Western Europe, if you are a 5 (with points awarded for criteria similar to the ones in the previous paragraph) in your country, you are generally only able to date women who are 5 or below. In contrast, in Ukraine, you do have a chance with women who are one or two points above you, i.e. if you are a 5, you have a decent chance to find a 7.

Remember, you want to give your hard-working matchmaker in Ukraine a challenge, but not to make her job impossible!

More tips on this issue:

4. Learn as much as you can about the women you are meeting before your first dates.

Ask the dating/marriage agency or matchmaker you are using to tell you all they know about the woman you are meeting so that you can ask some intelligent questions about her life and show your date that you are genuinely interested in her. Remember that interesting people are those that are interested.

So by asking her questions about areas of interest to her, e.g. her job, children, pets, or hobbies, you increase your chances of coming across as an intelligent and interesting person.

5. Come to your dates clean, well-shaven, and well-dressed.

Ukrainian people pay a lot of attention to appearance. Any Ukrainian woman you meet on a date will have spent a great deal of time (and possibly money) to make herself look as nice as possible for your meeting with her. The least you can do to repay her and to show respect for her is to prepare yourself as though you were going to an interview for an office job rather than showing up wearing old jeans and a t-shirt from your college days.

ukraine woman relationship

You are not meeting your buddies at the local bar/pool for some drinks – you are trying to convince someone who does not know you that she should invest the precious little free time she has in getting to know you better in the hope that you are a kind, mature, responsible, caring, intelligent person who might one day be her husband (and possibly father of her children).

6. Bring flowers and possibly a little present to all of your first dates.

Flowers are very important in Ukraine. For your first date, you do not want to bring red roses because it is hard to be in love when you do not really know the other person. Also, remember that even numbers are considered unlucky when it comes to flowers, so, for example, you should never give a dozen of them as a gift.

Again, it is best to let your matchmaker guide you here regarding the choice of flowers. If you have been corresponding with a woman over a few weeks/months before coming to Ukraine to meet her for the first time, it is best if you learn what her favorite flower is so that you can present a nice bouquet of these at your first meeting with her.

As for other gifts, it is OK to bring a little (not too expensive) gift for her or her children, but spending too much will make her think that you are trying to buy her love with money. Being generous is an important quality that many women look for in a man, but being too generous too early will only impress scammers who are only interested in your money.

7. Act like a gentleman before, during, and after your dates.

What does this mean? This includes but is not limited to the following nice gestures:

  • showing up on time (or a little early) before your dates and letting them know via a phone call or text message if you are going to be a little late due to unavoidable circumstances;
  • always paying at cafes, restaurants, theaters, and cinemas for both of you;
  • pulling out her chair for her at restaurants, helping her to put on her coat, or lending her your hand when she is getting out a car;
  • sending her a message shortly (within a day at most) after your date to let her know that you had a good time and to find out when she is free to see you again.

I hope that these tips will help you to find the woman of your dreams!
Good luck! 🙂

mila lobunkoGuest post by Mila Lobunko, a Dating Translator and Interpreter, Advisor, Kharkov guide and English, Russian and Ukrainian tearcher. Founder of


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