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Some of my readers asked what happened to and why this Slavic matrimonial and matchmaking agency is now called

My today’s article is a reply to all these questions; additionally I will review this marriage agency.

What is the reason for the re-branding?

Plain and simple, Katrina, a practicing psychologist and professional matchmaker, decided to focus on matchmaking as it is a key part of her services.

She believes that matchmaking gives a great opportunity to find a wife from Ukraine; furthermore there are not so many agencies in Ukraine offering traditional matchmaking. That means you will find more than 1o years of marriage and matchmaking experience in this agency. The previous name was not descriptive enough and did not explain the agency’s services by its name.

Katrina calls her company a “Marriage Maker.” This contention is what makes unique and outstanding. It provides professional personal matrimonial service to those who truly seek a happy, life-time relationship with an equally like-minded partner.

Their mission is to bring not only the true romance that many Western gentlemen desire, but a legal union of marriage for both people. Their commitment to all their clients is to bring a special and deep fulfillment into their lives. This commitment stands high above all other sites you may explore.

What is new at

There are some new features which were released this year. First of all, the site has been translated and optimised for the German-speaking customers, incl. dating blog and Slavic brides’ pages.

Secondly, the company now offers not only matchmaking for Ukraine, but also the other Slavic countries. On the site, you can find updated and verified profiles of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian, Bulgarian, and Polish brides. Moreover, men from all over the globe also can join this Slavic marriage agency. Love does not know any boundaries!

Kate also started a Youtube channel and gives her video advice on dating Slavic brides. You can learn more about online dating scam, how to develop your relationship with foreign brides and also check videos with Ukrainian brides.

What do services include?

This matrimonial agency provides extensive and detailed female profiles of special women of Ukrainian descent. The professionals at provide each individual a personal Matchmaking Plan that takes you step-by-step through your matching process.

In the United States, there is a number that you can call to talk with your professional guide along your search.

Their Gallery of photos and profiles are categorized according to your desirable age range for your Ukrainian soon-to-be bride. When you become a member, you are in immediate contact with other members and can freely communicate with your choice of incipient partners.

Basic Service includes:

Premium Service includes additionally:

Romantic Tour organizing includes additionally:


Additional dating & matchmaking services

Gift delivery before meeting your choice of members is an additional service. Fresh flowers, a favorite fragrance, chocolate or champagne gift ideas can be promptly and safely sent via their website. Prices range from $50 USD to $150 USD.

Video chatting takes place through Skype which requires a Skype account. Prices depend upon length of use, and research has been done to make these fees the most competitive of all other agencies’ charges. An invitation from you is sent to your chosen lady, and upon her agreement to connect, you are on your very first date! If you receive a refusal, there will be no charge to you.

Romantic Ukrainian Tour from

A 4-day, 3-night Basic Romantic Ukrainian Tour to meet your lady is probably the most important step, so far, in your plan. Prices vary as to where you are flying from, ie., west coast or east coast, and start at $1699 USD.

Tour 3 Standard Tour services include:

Tour 2 Exclusive Tour services include all of Tour 3 items and additionally:

Tour 1 Individual Tour services include all of Tour 3 and 2 and additionally:

Your comfort and safety are number one to

You are in constant touch with one of professional assistants who will insure ease in movement, directions and guidance around the area you are touring, dining and entertainment referrals and information about the city you are visiting. Sightseeing excursions are specially planned to suit your desires and needs.

Personalized service is one of their primary focuses, another reason for the success of their company and quality of their service.

Ukrainian Ladies on

As you view the Gallery of photographs and study the profiles of Ukraine ladies that are members of, you are able to easily view each age range. For each category at present, there are anywhere from 25 to 144 different profiled ladies. They have posted all-important details about their lives, including:

These ladies are earnest in their search for a romantic relationship that will hopefully bring them what most seek: a more fulfilling life!

Dedicated informational pages on the website

Katrina is very motivated not to offer dating and matrimonial services, but also providing the customers with the detailed information about Slavic brides, including Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian women.

The pages can be found under the “Slavic brides” section on the site and contain the information about the country of the brides, description of the common characteristics of the brides and why you should date e.g. Russian or Ukrainian ladies. In addition, you can learn how to meet beautiful Ukrainian ladies online?


There are many men from the United States who have posted testimonials about their experiences with, from USA to Europe and Asia, of all ages, lifestyles and careers.

testimonials on

Check one of the video testimonial taken by a customer:

Learn about Katrina, the founder, in my interview:

Guys, have you gained experience with Please share your experience below.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

Learn more about how to date and marry a Ukrainian woman in the following ebooks:

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