6 Major Things to Remember When Dating a Ukrainian or Russian Woman

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Yes, seriously dating a Ukrainian or Russian woman can be a thrilling, fun and fulfilling experience. However, at the same time, the best thing is that dating means opening yourself up to someone else and listening to them opening themselves up to you.

Because of this, Ukrainian and Russian dating can also be stressful, and you’re likely to encounter some difficulties along the way, like keeping up long, personal text conversations, overcoming the initial phase of awkwardness, and keeping your date interested and excited. Dating any woman can be complicated, especially so with Russian women. Do you agree with me on this point?

When dating a Russian / Ukrainian woman, there are many things that are important to keep in mind, and it can be a very different dating experience than with a Western woman. Here are six of the most important things you should remember when dating a woman from Ukraine or Russia.

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#1. Be positive and open-minded

Western stereotypes tend to portray Russian and Ukrainian women as wanting one of a couple things with Western men: a sugar daddy, a way to leave Russia / Ukraine, or access to your bank account. However, it is extremely important to be open-minded, and to realize that not all Russian and Ukrainian women will be looking for these things.

Rather than letting your expectations or biases ruin your chances, stay open-minded and stay positive. Show them how interested you are in their lives, how excited you are to be dating them, and how you are willing to view them as more than a stereotype.

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#2. Don’t expect a “fantasy woman.“

On the topic of being open-minded, another thing to remember when dating a Russian and Ukrainian woman is to keep your expectations realistic. Many men want to find the Russian / Ukrainian model stereotype: tall, very thin, blonde hair. Indeed, this is what media and photoshopped images tell us to expect.

But in reality, most Russian and Ukrainian women are a bit curvy, and won’t be pencil-thin. Keeping your expectations realistic will help you enjoy your dates and respect the woman you are dating.

#3. Ukrainian and Russian dating will be expensive.

Dating is often expensive, but dating a Russian & Ukrainian lady can be particularly so due to the factors of travel, translation services, phone communication, and dating and matchmaking services. To first make contact with a Russian woman, you will likely have to use paid online dating, marriage or matchmaking services.

In addition, there will be international phone call fees, and when you two actually meet in person, you’ll either be visiting Russia and Ukraine or flying her to you. Add that to the cost of dining and entertainment on your dates, and you’re looking at a possible $10,000-$15,000.

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#4. Be aware of cultural differences.

From my experience, I can mention that many Western men go through a Russian and Ukrainian dating and matchmaking service, find a woman they like, and expect they can just go about dating like normal. However, before the first date, it is very important to do some research into Russian and Ukrainian culture and Russian and Ukrainian dating customs.

Not respecting cross-cultural differences is likely to lead you to awkwardness and unsuccessful dates. In order to appeal to a Russian and Ukrainian woman and increase your chances of a long-term relationship, do your research!

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#5. Expect to always pay on dates.

As is true in many cultures, in Russian and Ukrainian culture, men are typically always expected to pay on dates. Don’t feel exploited! Russian and Ukrainian culture is very socially conservative and traditional, with men expected to provide the income while women take care of the home.

Because of this, many Russian women will always expect you to pay, but this doesn’t mean they’re just looking for money! Besides, if you really like them, it’s worth it.

Learn more here:

#6. No matter what, stay patient!

Finding your ideal Russian / Ukrainian women can be a long and sometimes frustrating process. However, it will be worth it when you finally find her, so even if you’re having no luck, remember to stay patient.

Rushing the dating process will only come back to hurt you in the end, but by waiting patiently until the perfect woman comes along, you’ll give yourself the best chance to find a happy, long-term relationship.

Guys, have you gained experience with dating Ukrainian or Russian women? Please share your experience below.

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