Krystyna’s Experience: Dating and Marriage with a Western Man

Dear friends,

Today I will be talking about my reasons why I got married to a Western (German) man. Our marriage was 5 years ago, in 2012 (in October we have our anniversary) and I strongly believe (and I know) he is my man for life.

My long story short. In 2002 I came to Germany to start studying at the university of Frankfurt. It was great time. Being a student, enjoying life…

No kids…

I started dating men… of many nationalities.

Gaining my experience.

I was very young.

I have to say that my first experience with Western men (German, English and American) was negative. I do not blame them for this as there are always two in dating. My fault in this bad experience was that I was expecting Russian behavior from Western men.

Dates with a German man - boring

On the other hand, Western men had the same dating expectations with me like with Western men. I remember one of my first dates with a German man. He was a little bit older than me.

And he was so boring…

He was talking about the pension structure in Germany, his contract with Deutsche Post (German postal service) and mortgages. I was bored to death during our first and very last date. Maybe German women are interested to talk about pension and mortgages during dates, but I was not. I never saw him again.

Dates with an American man - did not work out

My second experience was a date with an American guy. We met each other via an online dating site and wrote messages for about 12 months before he came to Frankfurt to see me.

It was a very strange situation – imagine your online communication is perfect, you have so much to say to each other, you have so many questions to ask. And then you meet in person – and there is no chemistry between you, the conversation is boring. You do not feel this man.

He is so foreign and distant. And then he never read my article about hugs and kisses on the first date with a Ukrainian woman. Well, I never saw him again…

Dates with a Russian man - fun and parties

So after this boring experience I was confused and did not know how to proceed further. Lost in translation! Then I met a Russian man who used to live in Germany for many years. His mother was a mail order bride of the 90s. She met her German husband via a bride catalogue and relocated to Germany when the man was 13 years old. We were together for more than 5 years.

I thought it should work perfectly because we were from one culture, from one language environment. We watched the same movies and understood the same jokes. We were foreigners in Germany and had the same ideas of life.

BUT… our relationship did not work out.

Trying dating a German man again...

And I met HIM! My man for life. Our beginning was not easy at all. I would say that the beginning was rather complicated and painful.

Krystyna and Daniel

I was hurt after the split-up and no longer believed in men. I just thought what this German ginger guy wants from me. I needed a lot of time to starting trust him and believe his feelings. Daniel was very patient with me – he showed me that I was his woman for life. He decided for me.

We have been together for 7 years now. Almost 5 years married… I love his German culture and his very German personality. Daniel loves rules, organization, and structure and he is direct – he says what he thinks. And he is a big football, bier and sausage fan. We are a perfect symbiosis of both cultures, Russian (Ukrainian) and German. We speak German in our family, but he can understand a bit Russian. He loves to go to Kiev to see my family. I love coming in Germany. It is my second homeland.

Why do our relationship and marriage work?

Very simple: our marriage is based on respect and understanding for both cultures and mentalities. I am always looking for positive and amazing features of Germans. I love to be with a man from the other culture.

And Daniel has never said to me that Ukrainian women are cheap and looking only for money. He has a lot of respect towards my family, friends and country.

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other. MARIO PUZO, The Family

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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