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Krystyna Trushynathe biggest concern of my readers is that they do not know how to start their Ukrainian and Russian dating adventure. Where to find the reliable online service? How to find a Russian wife? How to overcome all the challenges? Questions, questions, questions… Therefore I decided to create a mini-guide with useful links and videos to support you in your first steps.

Here is a short summary how to find a Russian and Ukrainian woman for life:

Anyone who has done it before will tell you that dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman is not an easy thing. They will say the process feels like a daunting attention survival game. There are already expectations that the man will be the one to start and engage the conversation and meeting, and this has an impact on how International online dating works due to the differences in opinion. But there is no reason to fear; this mini-guide will help you along your quest for the perfect Russian or Ukrainian wife.

Why are you looking for a Russian wife?

First of all, you should define your purpose long before heading online to search for a woman from Russia and Ukraine. What is your primary goal for doing this? Do you want a relationship and marriage? Are you there to only look for a good time and some fun? Make sure you have this clear so that you search for women on the same page as you. This helps to prevent a lot of issues in the long run when you’re clear about your reasons.

Are you ready for Russian and Ukrainian dating?

Also, you must be absolutely certain that you want to marry a Russian woman. There are far more complexities involved in dating Russian and Ukrainian women than there are in regular dating. The women that you will meet are prepared to be married and are willing to move to other countries to do so. Before getting into this, you must sit down and ask yourself: Are you ready for them?

First steps in online dating

You must also do your research. Find reputable Russian / Ukrainian dating sites and marriage / matchmaking agencies with great reviews so that you know you will receive good service. Ensure that the women’s profiles are real as well.

Another important thing to remember is that the first impression is a lasting impression and your profile picture will literally say a thousand words. You can search existing studies to find the best ways to generate success with a winning photo, and keep in mind that everyone will have different opinions. For example, one woman refuses to even view a man’s profile if his picture is a selfie because she believes it shows that he doesn’t have friends who will take a picture for him.

This tip is your approach to the very first message. Lots of men put pressure on themselves to think of the perfect way to start off a conversation with a Russian or Ukrainian woman when it’s really not all that difficult. Just show her that you’re different from other guys to begin. First, look at her profile to see if there’s anything that catches your interest. Then you can ask an open ended question about it that makes it easy to get the conversation rolling from there.

Again, do your research. There are lots of scams in the online dating world that you can protect yourself against by knowing the red flags in Russian dating through videos, books and articles.

Learn, learn, learn…

Finally, learn about Russian and Ukrainian women. If you think they’re desperate enough to simply grab the first guy who writes to them, I’m going to stop you right there. These women know exactly what they want when they’re looking for a western partner and have the patience to wait till they find it. Show yourself worthy of them by finding out more about their culture, mentality and ideals.

I collected the most popular articles about how to find a Russian and Ukrainian woman online, where to start and how to proceed. I have written a plenty of contents and discussed a lot of topics in the last 7 years of blogging. Below you will find helpful 30 links to my relevant articles as well as selected video tutorials. Should you have additional questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Guide How to find Russian women

If you follow the advice given here and do the proper research, I expect an invitation to the wedding! 🙂

Link tips: How to start your Ukrainian dating journey?

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Link tips: Creating your online dating profile

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Link tips: How to write the first messages?

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Link tips: Ukrainian and Russian online dating scam

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Link tips: Understanding your Russian / Ukrainian wife

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