Russian & Ukrainian Dating Anti-Scam Guide (Links & Videos)

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scammers is a criminal organisation with methodical strategies, targets and objectives. The Russian and Ukrainian dating industry is constantly developing and progressing, however the scam industry is developing with the same tempo. International online dating and marriage scams are on the rise across the globe in what has become a growing industry worth billions.

The scammers cover their tracks well and very professionally. If you get scammed, you will find a plenty of lies, dishonesty, ambiguities, fraud and falsification.

Online dating will never die, so romance will never die. It is how it is. The Ukrainian and Russian dating and marriage industry is an industry with a huge revenue, and money attracts scammers and pro-daters. I cannot change this. And you cannot change this industry as well.

My prediction is that unfortunately Ukrainian and Russian scam groups will continue ripping Western men off and causing untold emotional and financial damage. The nature of these scams is never-ending. The common theme is that they mishandling the victim’s interest in finding love to embroil them in a hoax.

I would divide Ukrainian and Russian dating scam into three major groups:

  1. Online dating services (PPL scam)
  2. Real profile created by a scammer (the scammer uses her pictures / identity to scam)
  3. Fake profiles created by a scammer (the scammer uses stolen pictures / identity to scam)

Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scam: Pay Per Letter

But I strongly believe there are efficient ways to recognize and avoid scammers. Education (reading and collecting information about online dating scam), understanding and consciousness remain vital to countering these kinds of Ukrainian and Russian online dating scams. The best advice to you, guys, is be careful what you share online and with who you communicate online.

I collected some useful links and videos to educate you more about online dating scam. I have written a plenty of contents and discussed a lot of topics in the last 7 years of blogging. Below you will find 21 helpful links to my relevant scam articles as well as selected video tutorials. Should you have additional questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anti-scam ebooks:

If you decided to get scammed, you should read my how-to article:

How to identify scammers:

ukranian dating scam

How to deal with Ukrainian and Russian dating scammers:

Scam samples in a overview:

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