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Finding a new love is among the top ten of the resolutions for 2018. And you are looking for a new love with a Russian or Ukrainian woman, aren’t you? But what do you know about Russian women? Do you know how to date them? If you are reading this article, I am sure you do not. But this is not a problem at all, just believe me. I would like to share some rules with you so that you are prepared for the perfect dating with a gorgeous Russian or Ukrainian lady. My personal rules are based on lots of experience and many open discussions with Ukrainian women.

Rule #1: Extending your horizons

Experts say that a relationship between alpha woman (a strong, majestic female) and alpha man cannot go well. According to the New Yorker psychologist Sonya Rhodes, that ends mostly in an ugly power struggle. Furthermore, if you are looking only for a blonde, slim super woman who can speak three languages your search will be very difficult and successes are extremely low.

Surely, it is very important to know who you are looking for. But be realistic in your search – there is no ideal woman in Ukraine or Russia. If you are looking for a partner, you might just have the wrong kind of Ukrainian bride – this might be a reason why you fail in your Ukrainian dating search.

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Rule #2: Be confident in your search

You know how the Ukrainian online dating runs. First you register on the International online dating site, and then you start communicating. After a couple of months, you promise to come to Ukraine or Russia to meet a girl in person, having your very first date. How romantic! And bang – you are no longer sure and do not know if it’s worth to go or not.

If you are not confident in your search, it is just a waste of your and the lady’s time. She has also her plans, dreams and goals. She is looking for a partner to build a family. She is waiting for you months and months and hoping to meet you finally at some day. Start dating women from Russia and Ukraine if you are sure what you want.

Rules of Ukrainian online dating

This makes you trivial, unmanly and sneaky. After all, the woman does want the same thing, namely: she hopes to fall in love via International online dating.

Rule #3: Do not wait for a date too long

This is common communicating with several women via online dating sites. This might increase your chances of a good relationship. But Ukrainian and Russian women do the same as they want to have higher chances to find a man for life. This situation happens very often in online dating. The online communication runs perfectly, however once you meet each other in person you cannot find any topics to talk about and you do not feel anything. This is a big risk of online dating.

Therefore, if you wait for a real date too long (I would say longer than 12 months) there is a high chance that the other candidate would come to Kiev meanwhile and meet your woman. They might like each other and your woman decides to stop communicating with you. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! And you will be left with nothing…

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Rule #4: Be a man and do not complain

Do you know what most Ukrainian and Russian women hate? A date with a fearful and unmanly man! So do I – I cannot imagine having a date with a pathetic man who does not like his life and sees only negativism.

I remember some dates with a British guy who was an English teacher in Frankfurt. He was complaining about everything (salary, prices, politics, weather, too strong women, etc.). He felt a continuous sense of self-pity. He had a lot of excuses for his own failures and his own inaction. During our last date I just got up, paid for my wine and left the cafe. I have never seen him again.

I know that it is not easy to defend the title of the stronger gender for modern men. Women today claim equality in politics, business, and science, but Ukrainian and Russian women still recognize the right of men to the superiority. Security provided by men is crucial to Ukrainian women. Additionally, the meaning of being a man has been adjusted by such masculine qualities as chivalry and elegance. You can learn how to be a man. There are lot of video tutorials and articles on the Web.

Rule #5: Women do not want empty compliments!

When a Ukrainian woman receives a message that is full of standard compliments (you are so pretty, you have beautiful eyes, your body is amazing), your dating can definitely fail. Even if you emphasize practically everything in the lady’s profile and say how great it is, you will not automatically win. Put a focus on your commonalities and your common interests.

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Best of luck! 🙂

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