The 3 Worst Russian Dating Mistakes You’re Possibly Making

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a few months ago I published a guest post by a matchmaker Katrina El “TOP Mistakes Men Make When Dating Ukrainian Women” ( In her article, she described the biggest dating mistakes men can make such as a huge age gap, not making enough effort, lacking any confidence at all and not learning the Ukrainian dating culture.

There is the other guest post “Top 10 Mistakes Men Make When they Date Ukrainian Women” published on my Ukrainian dating blog. Sebastian, the owner of and dating coach, mentioned the following big mistakes in the Ukrainian dating in his article:

  1. No interest in the Ukrainian culture;
  2. Falling in love with pictures;
  3. Impressing Ukrainian brides with money;
  4. Making rash decisions;
  5. Appearing as a superior;
  6. Getting paranoid because of online dating scammers;
  7. Looking just for a housewife and cleaner for your home;
  8. Taking your Ukrainian bride for granted;
  9. Putting her on a pedestal;
  10. Avoiding to fall in love.

So far so good. All the described dating mistakes make perfectly sense to me, don’t they? It is a never-ending story, talking about dating mistakes. And I would like to continue this topic today. I collected some more mistakes Western men probably make when dating Ukrainian and Russian ladies. Guys, I do not want to be critical by listing these mistakes.

The whole goal is to give you an opportunity to learn from these mistakes and make it better. Sometimes negative feedback is fundamental for negotiating life, dating and relationship.

Ukrainian dating mistake #1: Selecting a dodgy online dating service

I do not know exactly how many articles I have written about how to choose the reliable online dating site or marriage agency. Here are some examples of such articles:

This is a very brief of published articles. Furthermore, there are plenty of information available online. My question to you is why you still make this worst mistake?!

Reading one review on (or any other consumer review websites) and deciding to use the site which does not have a proper customer service team, no genuine about-us page, no accurate contact details (only some kind of a mail box) and reputation references (any attended conferences, interviews, white papers, seminars, books, Youtube channel), etc. will cost you a lot of money, frustration and hopelessness.

Dating site consumer review

Here is a sample of a successful about-us page on

Diolli matchmaking

What do you know about the selected online dating company before joining it? How long have they operated on the Ukrainian dating market?

It is definitely easy to complain about the online dating services. But just do not use them if you have not done your homework. As simple as that. Even though you completed successfully your research and joined a reliable online dating site, be aware and educate yourself how to spot scammers and pro-daters.

"The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on."
Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Ukrainian dating mistake #2: Listen to Ukrainian and Russian women

Occasionally, listening could be more important than speaking during your dates with a Ukrainian lady. In this way you can learn what your date is looking for, if you are on the same page regarding family planning, hobbies, lifestyle, career inspiration and financial goals.

I would say that listening after the date is even more important. I would recommend you to ask your dating agency, translator or matchmaker for some feedback on the date (how the date went and if the woman imagined the date in this or other way). Asking a date directly might look needy and stubborn. But asking the company stuff might help you to understand why your dates are not successful and how you can do this better.

Some readers have written emails to me that their online communication was fine, they came then to Ukraine and the dates were just a misfortune. You can blame 1-2 Ukrainian women for this. But at some point, if I were you I would ask myself what wrong probably is with me. There are always two sides of a coin. And nobody is perfect, hence also you may make dating mistakes.

It is not about to improve yourself. It is about to improve your date navigation and achieve some encouraging results.

Ukrainian dating mistake #3: Take it easy – do not be obsessed

Ukrainian dating is not easy, but you should take it easy. Ukrainian dating should be healthy, appreciated and positive.

Ukrainian Bride
"Obsessive love is a fantasy expectation of an ego-centered outcome based upon idealized romantic illusion."
Randi Gunther
Dr. Randi Gunther

I would like to re-phrase this quote. The obsession of getting married to a Ukrainian or Russian woman is your fantasy expectation based upon the idealized perception of women from Russia and Ukraine.

Also, Kristen Brown, Certified Empowerment Coach/Mentor, claims: “Obsession is trying to fill a void inside oneself through the presence of a partner. Healthy love is already “full” but desires a partner to share his/her life with”.

Do not nail to the idea of getting married. Better to nail to the idea to get married to a woman who is willing to share her life with you. Western men looking for Russian women make often an idol out of dating and relationships. I do not want to say that wanting to be married and having a happy family is not a horrible thing.

Not at all! I am happy to be married and have a wonderful family. And I wish this to everybody! Family is the most important and best thing ever in our life. Money and any financial goods are not able to replace family in our life.

Therefore, don’t give up on the respectable idea of marriage and building a family (with a Russian or Ukrainian woman).


Too fast too soon is not a solution for you. Take your time to get to know the woman properly. Not every woman you are communicating with online can be your match. Hopefully you do not imagine your future together with any Russian woman you have met through a dating site.

There is no doubt that the beginning of any Ukrainian dating process is intoxicating. The dating game requires time. A lot of time… Do not consider every single woman on a Russian dating site as your potential wife. Communicate, ask questions, skype her and go to Ukraine at least for 1 week to have a few dates in person. Who knows – maybe she is your match. On the other hand, who knows — maybe you’ll even meet someone better for you.

Best of luck, guys! 🙂

I hope very much that my blog post will help you to avoid these mistakes in your Ukrainian dating adventure and you will find your special woman for life very soon. I would highly appreciate your feedback on my post about the worst Ukrainian dating mistakes.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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