How to make a Russian woman happy? 4 tips for Western men

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We all know that a family is successful if a woman feels happy in it. This is also my motto, namely: if I am happy, my husband and son will be happy. Many Western men looking for their happiness in Russia and Ukraine completely forget that a Russian or Ukrainian woman needs also cosiness, warmth and understanding.

If she is sad, irritated, and unhappy, this reflects on the well-being of her husband, so every man should know how to make his Russian wife happy.

If you are looking for contentment, it is crucial to know what makes your foreign wife content. Happy relationship requires commitment from both sides, not only one. It is said in the Russian and Ukrainian culture that the woman is the keeper of the hearth. She takes care of the house, husband and children. Therefore, the emotional background of each family basically depends on how much the wife is satisfied with her lives.

You as a good husband should always think about how to make your Russian or Ukrainian wife happy because in this way you achieve harmony in your family. Sometimes simple little things are enough. Here we go with some tips:

Tip #1: Give attention to your Russian woman

It is a very basic tip and everybody knows it. Nevertheless, not everybody follows this rule in their everyday family life. Yes, our life might be very tough and stressful. You know these situations: you had a hard day; you want to come home and relax. At the same time you forget that your Russian wife was alone the whole day (if she does not have a job) and she is looking to have a chat with you and feel closeness and lovingness.

To make your Ukrainian lady happy, you need to start giving her your attention. If you pay attention to your wife, she will pay attention to you back and become a completely different – happy – woman. Just come home, have some red wine and talk – show how you are interested in her life, what she has done, what her plans are. Just listen to her.

Yes, I know, guys, it is not easy for you and maybe it is not fascinating to listen to a long story of your wife. But believe me your wife will be appreciative to such attention.

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Tip #2: Show your love

Every single woman wants to be loved and be needed. The marriage supposes to make all the wishes true. The psychology of a woman is arranged differently than a man’s. She needs more emotions, more expressions of love and understanding.

Love words are not enough. Actions are more important than words.

Show your love by buying some flowers, gifts, giving your attention and showing your care. You might think, “This materialism again”. The gifts should not be expensive at all. E.g. I love to buy presents for my husband. My last gift was Eau de Toilette for 35 euro (my husband is a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male). He was very pleased to get this from me.

Any surprises will be pleasant to your Russian wife. Believe me your efforts will not go unnoticed.

It is common that over time feelings and passion can fade. This is a common pattern of a marriage because the family goes through several stages in its development. Even if a man no longer loves a woman as much (or better said passionate) as before, he can at least show his affection, respect, and intimacy. A few warm words will make a woman happier, and a smile will play on her face.

The most important thing is the effect of surprise. So your wife prepares coffee and walks with a dog in the morning. Take these responsibilities without any warning. Let happiness be unexpected. Offer your wife what she does not expect from you – go shopping, go to her mom, or go to the theater together.

Tip #3: Find out what your wife wants

All women want different things, both material and spiritual. Consequently, learn what your Russian / Ukrainian woman wants and needs to be happy. Start giving her these things, then she will give you what you want and need. But do it so that it does not look like a benefit in a relationship. Build your relationship sincerely and with love, and not for mutual benefit.

Tip #4: Be grateful

We often forget about gratitude. Russian and Ukrainian women do so much for their family. Thankfulness is recognition of your wife’s qualities and values, her contribution to building a happy family life.

For example, if your wife prepared you tasty Russian lunch (permeni, bortsch and bliny) you should say at least a word of appreciation. Praise her as she cooks tasty, and give her a passionate kiss. Then a woman has a mood to cook even better.

Russian and Ukrainian food

It is very simple and plain! Guys, put more attention to your wife and show her your love and respect. Give your best effert – and you will find happiness in your relationship forever. 🙂

I hope very much that my blog post will help you to make your Russian or Ukrainian wife very happy. I would highly appreciate your feedback on my post. If you have your special advice on this topic, please share it and write a comment.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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