The key differences between Ukrainian and Russian brides (Part 2)

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Two years ago I wrote the first part of this article “What are the differences between Ukrainian & Russian women?”. Today I decided to write the second part as I did my research and found more interesting information on this hot topic.

Before we start I would like to clarify one point. Many people have been asking me who I am. Am I Ukrainian or Russian? My answer is always, “I do not exactly know who I am”. And this is very true. Just no idea! 🙂

I was born in Ukraine (Kiev) but my family has always spoken Russian. So my native language is Russian but my homeland is Ukraine. In my birth certificate it is said that my parents are Russian and I am Russian but I have a Ukrainian passport. I have spent the biggest part of my life in Germany (altogether almost 17 years) and the UK (almost 4 years). In Kiev I spent 6 years only. I grew up in the Crimea which was a part of Ukraine at that time. At a present it is a part of Russia.

As you can see this is confusing. I believe this is more about how I feel. I feel both: Russian and Ukrainian. But I would say that I look more Russian based on the article below (physical differences) but my personality is more Ukrainian. Now let’s go!

Strong Ukrainian woman

Are there any differences between Russian and Ukrainian ladies?

Yes, there are. Believe me! Despite the fact that the Ukrainian and Russian women are considered closely related, their ethno-psychology is meaningfully different. Imagine we would compare Spanish and Portuguese people. At some point it does not make sense. There are some differences I would like to discuss today.

Difference in appearance

I discuss this point the first part of this article but it was very briefly. I would like to give more details today. I would say that there are some physical differences between Russian and Ukrainian ladies due to the genetic mixing and historical background.

The beauty of a Russian woman tends more towards the northern, Finno-Baltic type. This particular type presents blond hair and light eyes (blue, gray, or green). Russian women have good and accurate proportions.

Ukrainian brides, on the contrary, are more like Southerner women (Greek, Bulgarian or Latina). Their facial features are larger and more expressive than those of Russians. Bright and darker contrasts predominate, namely: Ukrainian women have chestnut or black hair (there are almost no natural blondes), thick black eyebrows with light skin, and black, brown or deep green eyes.The beauty of a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring.

However, the beauty of the Ukrainian woman is unquestionably the heat of August. I do not want to say who is more beautiful. Each type is interesting and unique and this is only a matter of your taste. From my side, I would say that I like more Ukrainian type as I am Latina in my soul. One of my best friends is Brazilian – beijos! (I also started a beauty blog with my Latina friend Monica to share our fragrance passion with the whole Brazilian world!).

Ok, sorry, back to the topic —

Russian vs Ukrainian girls

Difference in personality

As said in my introduction, I feel more like a Ukrainian woman. Yes, there are also differences in personality. Russian women seem to be more reserved, flexible and patient. They forgive their partner and husband a lot and in some cases they really follow the proverb to “stopping the horse at a gallop and entering the burning hut“.

The Russian family culture is still very man-oriented (I would also say macho based). Russian women accept that they are the “second cast” in the family. Ukrainian ladies have a more disobedient, obstinate and freedom-loving personality. A Ukrainian woman is less inclined to forgive a man for his imperfection and bad habits and can show the direction to go or follow her.

My husband Daniel was shocked first by my energy, power and directness. German women are completely different and so it was a cultural shock for a poor guy. But Russian and Ukrainian women can give a lot to you if you would accept this unusual personality.

Difference in keeping a marriage – divorce statistics

Sadly the divorce rates in the both countries are pretty high. E.g. in Russia in 2012, 1.213.598 marriage registrations were concluded and 644.101 of these marriages ended up in divorce – this made 53%. In Ukraine at the same year 169.797 of 278.356 marriages ended up in divorce. This figure made even 63% of divorce rate.

It is very sad to see that marriages in Russia and Ukraine are not long-term. There are a plenty of reasons for these figures. I think the major reason for high divorce rate is financial instability and difficulties.

It is challenging and tough to keep love and romantic if you cannot pay your bills and offer something to your kids. The second biggest ground is a high alcohol consumption of the husband. Also cheating and sexual problems play a huge decision making role.

relationship with Russian woman

If we can compare the divorce statistics with developed countries we would see more family-friendly numbers , namely:

  • Canada – 48%,
  • the United States – 46%,
  • the United Kingdom – 42%,
  • France – 38%,
  • Japan – less than 27%.

In the developed countries the major divorce grounds are a lack of warmth, care, communication problems and willingness to find a compromise.

Back to the difference topic. There is a difference of 8% in the divorce statistics between Ukraine and Russia. This gap might confirm the more passionate temperament of Ukrainian brides and their more “matriarchal“, independent views. Russian women are willing to be more patient and be ready to sacrifice if needed.

Guys, what do you think about the differences between Russian and Ukrainian ladies? Please share your experience below.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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