Interview with Josep and Inna – Met Through the Mordinson Marriage Agency

Editor: Krystyna, founder of Ukrainian Dating Blog & Ukrainian Dating Stories and speaker at the iDate conference. On this blog she shares her knowledge and experiences with international dating and intercultural relationship.  Read more

Editor: Krystyna, passionate dating blogger, speaker and author  read more

Dear friends,

Do you feel your Ukrainian dating adventure has lost its way? Perhaps online communication has broken down between yourself and your Ukrainian lady, or you still do not believe that it is possible to find a beautiful wife from Ukraine.

Please meet Josep and Inna, a Spanish man and a Ukrainian woman who met through the Mordinson marriage agency. They recently got married and show on their own intercultural dating experience that if you really want you can meet your fate in Ukraine. In this interview, I ask Josep and Inna about the highs and lows of Ukrainian dating and how to work on the intercultural relationship you want.


Krystyna: Hi guys. I hope you are doing well. First of all, I want to thank you both for agreeing to answer my questions! I know you recently got married, so I want to congratulate you and wish you from the bottom of my heart lots of happiness together and many joyful years! Please share a little bit about yourself and your life before you met.


inna: Before meeting Joe I had an experience of family life, but it was not successful, my ex-husband and I lived together for 3 years and then got divorced, but that was a very long time ago. I have a wonderful son who is already 18 years old, so he is fully grown.

I raised my son myself, the schedule at work was very rough, lots of problems and lots of things to worry about, and I didn’t have time to start serious relationship and I didn’t really want to it too.

So, that’s how we lived: I was concentrated on the child and we would spend all of our free time together. I have good friends and of course I met men, but I didn’t have the thoughts about starting a new family. Apparently, I just didn’t meet men with whom I would want to build sometimes.


Josep: I am a musician from Spain. Always dedicated to do music. After many years of ex girlfriends in Spain, I thought it was time for a change, change of culture and mentality. Also I knew in East Europe musicians are well considered.

So, for me it was more like, or change the country to look for my special one, or forget about it. Also, you can see how women don’t care anymore about family, they only care for to be independent of men…it is like a sex war right now.


Krystyna: Inna, why did you decide to search for a man outside of Ukraine? And why did you choose Mordinson agency (not an online dating site for example)?

Mordinson marriage agency office

inna: Well the answer to this question is connected to my previous answer! I don’t want to offend Ukrainian men and I am not saying they are all the same, but I just haven’t met the man with whom I could see myself having a happy family life. My previous experience of course influenced this largely, unfortunately many of our men are irresponsible and aren’t capable of solving the problems that happen in families.

Many of them lack the respect towards a woman, her interests and wishes, their family values have decayed and they have no desire to develop and grow together. A woman wants to feel protected and taken care of and receive love, attention and care – in that case she feels happy and all of those things come back to the man in a double amount!

I didn’t really choose between agencies. Mordinson was the only agency I turned to. I went to work with a subway every day and I saw the advertisement of the agency in the subway every day, 

I saw the agency’s billboards on the different stations for several years and initially I wouldn’t notice it, because I was deep in my thoughts and problems, but then I started thinking about the agency as the way to meet a man who would have similar views and interests, and then one day I was just standing in front of the billboard and I thought to myself: “Why haven’t I still joined the agency?”.

It was like an insight! I found the information about the agency in internet, I watched a couple of videos, I liked the way agency presented itself and also the easygoing way Michael talked about the agency, I liked his openness. And then I went to the agency’s office! 🙂


Krystyna: Josep, the same question for you: why did you decide to look for your soul mate outside of Spain and why did you decide to use services of Mordinson agency?


Josep: I decided, because no more women dedicated to their families in Spain, as in the time of my mother or grandmother. Also being a musician in Spain is very hard to find a woman that take you seriously. I decided Mordinson because it seemed to me a REAL agency. They put all their legal information that you can check. Also, the way to do the process seemed right and clear.


Krystyna: Inna, what were the qualities that helped Josep win your heart?


inna: I am demanding towards men and also towards myself and I know many men found that difficult, but I wasn’t going to lower the bar. Joe turned out to be exactly like me and he also wants to move forward, set goals and achieve them, develop together and support each other in everything, be teachers to each other and simply enjoy the life together!

He is my reflection, we have lots of things in common and he is also very attentive, caring, he feels the way I feel and of course he touched my heart :))


Krystyna: What was it like when you first met? Did you have a problem with language barrier?

josep inna

inna: Our first meeting was amazing! It all happened quickly – we have corresponded and spoken on Skype in the agency almost a couple of months, then Joe decided to come to Kharkov for 2 weeks.

Our meeting was on my son’s birthday, so we celebrated it together! Michael came with Joe to a little restaurant where Joe and I stayed until it was closing time, the staff were tired and wanted to leave and we just couldn’t stop talking! 🙂

My English is far from perfect, but we had no language barrier, at that time I could understand almost everything but it was much harder for me to speak, but that wasn’t a problem for us, we had wonderful communicating using the help of Google translate and body language, within just about 15 minutes since we met Joe told Michael that he could go, because he we could communicate well 🙂 I am continuing to learn English and planning to learn Spanish of course.


Krystyna: Josep, when did you feel that Inna was the woman you would like to connect your life with?


Josep: Probably from the first email, because she was very genuine in answering and she is adventurous like me. 🙂


Krystyna: Inna, was it difficult for you to adjust to the life in a new country when you just came? What do you like the most about your new country?


inna: Well, initially I was surprised by how the grocery stores work here. Their famous fiesta is something very unusual for me. In Ukraine you can buy groceries at any time of the day, but not here. People value the hours of rest. On Sundays nobody works at all. That’s why one needs to plan very precisely the time for shopping or obtaining some services from the municipality.

In general – nothing difficult, I can move around even without knowing the language, people are very friendly and open, they smile a lot and are willing to help when they can. But of course, I need to learn Spanish, first I am interested in it myself and secondly out of the respect towards the local people. The nature is wonderful here, no cold weather like in Ukraine, and in summer it’s just amazing!


Krystyna: And the last question for both of you: what would you advise to the single men and women who want to find their Love outside of their country?

city spain

if you need it – then of course you need to make this step, don’t be scared and don’t create the obstacles for yourself! All the obstacles are in your mind, nothing is impossible! If you decide that this is what you want to do – then act and you will find what you are looking for! Try and find your soul mate, if you feel he or she may be across the oceans and seas – there are planes nowadays – the most important thing is to find that person!

But do it in a smart way, get help from the professionals, agencies which have a solid reputation and extensive experience, find the testimonials, because you may end up having lots of heartache because of some scammers and this might make you give up on your hope and it will forever stay just a dream. Good luck to you! Happiness and Love! 🙂


Krystyna: Guys, many thanks for your honest replies. Many thanks for your honest answers to my questions. You are a perfect example of the fact that Ukrainian matchmaking can perfectly work and it is indeed possible to find a reliable and real woman in Ukraine who is looking for a foreign man to build a happy family. Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together!!! 🙂

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