Interview with Shiv: Ukrainian dating was the best decision of my life

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Dear friends,

Today I have a great opportunity to speak with a man from UK who decided to search for his love abroad and found it in Ukraine. Many of Western men say me that in their view there is no real chance to find a Ukrainian woman for life. They do not believe that there are genuine Ukrainian women looking for a man abroad and having serious intentions.

They doubt that there are serious and reliable matchmaking and dating services based in Ukraine. The interview with Shiv gives you helpful and beneficial information on how to find a wife abroad.


Krystyna: Thank you very much for agreeting to do this interview, can you please share a little bit about yourself?


Shiv: My name is Shiv, I am 32 years old from London, born and bred in London, I’ve got my own businesses. I like sports, especially swimming and boxing and things like that, and football of course.

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Krystyna: Can you please tell me why did you decide to search for your soul mate abroad?


Shiv: I think I came abroad, because I got to an age of around 30-31, and I was kind of fed up with the western women and the whole western dating experience and essentially I wanted a wife, I didn’t want to have a girlfriend so I decided to come to Ukraine.


Krystyna: What were your main concerns before your started that process?


Shiv: I would say that my main concern was, you know there is a lot of scams going on, that was the main concern. The other concern that I had was the language barrier, I don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, I only speak English, so those were my main concerns.


Krystyna: I know that you recently got married to a wonderful Ukrainian girl – so please accept my congratulations! Can you please tell me how did you meet your wife?


Shiv: Thank you! I met my wife through Mordinson, the agency in Kharkov, it was a great experience, Michael was fantastic in introducing us. You know, for me it was really important that the girl spoke English and my wife, she speaks perfect English and this put me at ease and we hit it off straight away.


Krystyna: You used the services of the Mordinson marriage agency from Kharkov to meet your wife, can you tell me why did you choose that agency and something about your experience with Mordinson?


Shiv: I picked Mordinson because it was different to the other agencies that I came across in Ukraine, the others were more like, how we say in England like a “cattle market“, where Mordinson was „quality over quantity“.

Everything about it, from the web site to how Michael was, to the prompt responses meant that at the end of the day Mordinson was the only agency that I could trust. Literally all the other agencies that I looked at, I couldn’t trust so therefore I didn’t want to commit any of my time or money towards them.

If you look at the Mordinson web site, you look at the philosophy of it, you would straight away go for that one compared to the others.


Krystyna: What is your personal impression of Ukraine and Ukrainian people?


Shiv: Ukraine is a great country, coming to the East of it and there is Russian speakers here, the city of Kharkov is fantastic, it’s got everything you need, from country side to the city center within 20 minutes.

People are very friendly. In summer the weather is really fantastic, it’s much better than London summer weather. 


Krystyna: Did you feel safe in Kharkov?


Shiv: The safety aspect is fine. I mean with what’s going on politically in Ukraine, in Kharkov – you wouldn’t know that’s happening. I feel very safe. There has been times when I walked the streets at like 2AM – and it’s been fine, I’ve had not even one single issue.

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Krystyna: And the last question: what would you recommend to all the sing people outthere dreaming about meeting their soulmates?


Shiv: My advice really is firstly, before you even contemplate coming to Ukraine you need to be in the frame of mind that you want to get married. There is no point in coming here if you don’t want to get married because the women here are looking for the husband not looking for a boyfriend. That’s the first thing – the man has to be sure.

Once you arrive here, don’t speak to lots and lots of girls, keep it to about 5, I would say, it’s about quality over quantity. Once you’ve picked you 5, then really get to know them, you’ve got two ears and one mouth – listen to them, listen to what they have to say. When you feel that connection with one of them, then be with that one. Unfortunately you’ll have to cut off the rest.

Another thing I would say, for me personally, it might not apply to other men, it’s very important with the English, my wife spoke great English and that really really helped. Unless you speak Russian, try and find the woman who will speak English, if her English isn’t that great – encourage her to go to lessons and improve her English, because communication is the key and it proved, because I came in March and now it’s August and I am married, in a few months, because of the communication I ended up from being a single man to a married man, and I am very happy at the end of the day.

All I can say is that coming to Ukraine was the best decision of my life! 🙂

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