Ukraine & Russian Dating Scams: The Most Important Facts

Dear friends,

No matter where you live or what your background is, being alone and lonely can be devastating to your emotional well being, your social life, and your family life. So, finding ways to cure that loneliness is a reasonable response for anyone. Today, Western men of all ages and backgrounds can simply log on to the internet and start searching for their soul mate from Russia and Ukraine. Everything is easy? No way!

This article offers you a comprehensive and updated information on the Ukrainian and Russian online romance fraud incl. introduction and definition of the online dating scam, different types and some advice how to avoid getting scammed. I would appreciate your proactive participation in the discussion below. 

Ukrainian & Russian online dating scam: An Introduction

Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men. These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men. They know what they are doing and how to get the naive victim to fall for the bait. When the scam is over, the unfortunate victim is left still lonely but with less money.

Sadly, Ukrainian & Russian online romance scammers are always on the prowl for Western men who are lonely and naive. These crooks prey on the goodwill and inexperience of their victims. They are criminals who are skilled at taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of people who live thousands of miles away.

These scam artists will use a person emotionally needs, in order to get money or even to steal their identity.

The Ukraine women scam artist specializes in getting a man to fall for a woman by sending pictures and love letters, until they finally ask for money. Usually, the reason will be to get the woman to wherever the man lives, so that they can be together.

Russian dating expert and owner of Elena’s Models Elena Petrova says that

men using online dating sites regularly receive emails from ‘Russian women’ offering friendship, love and marriage. Most users simply disregard such emails but some people are curious and can be sucked in.


Online Dating Scams Affect 99 Percent Of Male Users Of Internet Personals, Millions Of Dollars Are Lost To Fake ‘Russian Women’

The only real thing in the whole story is the money that a man sends to someone in Russia. The people receiving the money often don’t know they are part of a fraud scheme; they simply get a small fee for each transfer they receive. Once someone reports the fraud and the name is black listed by wire transfer companies, the criminals find someone else to receive the money for them.

This scam typically works by the scammers placing a phony profile on Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites and international dating catalogs using fake or stolen pictures of attractive women from Ukraine and Russia.

However, there have been occasions where the picture is the actual person when/if the scammer happens to be an attractive female.

They then contact a potential victim and lead the person into an online romantic relationship. Within no time, the “bait” quickly falls in love with the victim and starts planning her trip to come and see him.

In reality, the person they are corresponding with is usually a man or a group of men (most of these scams are run by a man or a group or gang of men) pretending to be the women of the victim’s dreams.

The potential victims are lead to believe that the lovely young women they are talking to are looking for love and have picked the unaware target as “the right one”. The scammers then ask for financial assistance for arranging a personal meeting.

Ukraine Online Dating Scam

They may ask for money for any of the following reasons:

This scam will continue for as long as the victim continues sending money, and he will always have to send money because some new emergency requiring money will always pop up. The scammers will keep the target interested by occasional chats on the phone and by sending him photos that can be quite revealing and erotic.

They will promise him a first meeting that will be hot and passionate but the only thing hot in the end is the person who has been scammed once they realize they have spent their savings on someone that does not exist or they have other motives than love.

Different types of Ukrainian and Russian romance scam

There are several variations of the Russian and Ukrainian online dating scams.

I will start with this one. A trusting victim usually wants to believe in a fairy-tale. When the victim becomes a part of the scammers’ loop, they will flatter and comfort them, share the victim’s ideals and interests until they have formed an emotional attachment with their target online, most likely a serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Once this is achieved, they go for the kill by artfully deceiving their victim into sending a check or money through untraceable ways. The scammers also ask for personal details in order to rob or blackmail their victims. This method is called Catfishing.

The She-Is-In-Love scenario is when the scammers send e-mails and text messages full love for their victims. The crooks rely on the victim’s dreams and lack of reality. The scammers can sense these from their online interaction. They want to get the victim to continually send them money. You can find the stories of the Cat-fishing victims in the Internet. 

The other three common types of the Ukrainian and Russian dating scam:

Russian online dating scam

Ukrainian & Russian translation scams

Translation scams involve a third-party. Here, the scammers posing as a Russian woman will create a simple but sexually charged relationship with the victim. Then she will pretend not to understand English and tell him to hire the translator she recommends which will cost a lot of money.

Here is a mail from of my readers:

Hello, Krystyna!

I have been writing a young lovely Ukrainian woman for several weeks with the result of her telling me she could no longer write as the translation and internet fees were taking her savings. She works as a nurse practionser doing oral surgery, a good job.

Her translation service wants $40 per week to continue, which I think is extreme. So she feels she is stuck and even has been willing to share the expense.

What do you thiink about these possibilities being straight and not a scam?


I published an example of Ukrainian translation dating scam in my article “A great example of a Ukrainian dating scam: romantic Miss Margarita is looking for love & passion…“.

In my opinion, if a Ukrainian translation agency sends you a request to pay for translation services, it is SCAM. A genuine Ukrainian woman who is really interested in communication with a Western man can use translation services for free like Google Translator or

I did an online research on this issue and found the following information:

An Unscrupulous or Fake Marriage / Translation Agency:

Sometimes a herd of interpreters is working for an unscrupulous marriage agency owner wanting to boost his profits. But they are not translating. They are actually fabricating the letters. They impersonate the ladies rather than work for them. The real ladies may not be even aware that someone is corresponding on their behalf.

The creative interpreters may be even as bold as to invite the man to visit n the lady’s behalf. Often, at the time of his arrival for the meeting hopeful Romeo will be informed that his lady had an unexpected family emergency and cannot attend the meeting. He will be offered a list of other, not quite as model-quality looking girls who are available to meet at the moment.


Ukraine dating scam

Ukrainian Translation scam

What it is about: a Ukrainian girl initiates correspondence with you, sends you few letters (usually from 3 to 6) and then you receive a letter from a “translation agency” saying that the girl was paying them for translations, but her account is closed now, as she cannot afford paying anymore. If you wish to continue correspondence, now YOU pay. And give you details how to send them money via Western Union.

This is always 100% scam. NEVER EVER pay for it. The “agency” and the “girl” are the same scammer.

This scam is usually pulled by Ukrainian scammers from Lugansk. We almost never see Russians pull translation scams.


Online dating and matchmaking agency as a scammer

The marriage and matchmaking agency / online dating company is completely fictitious. The website displays pictures of beautiful and young Russian and Ukrainian women whom the scammers will introduce to potential victims once their hefty membership is paid. Of course, the agency is a fly-by-night and no introductions are made.

There are many valid Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites, but there are also predatory websites run by people adept at manipulating the emotions of their victim. Always remember that the scammers will write and use anything to get their victim to send them money.

The scam can be run by a single person or several people. These scammers are focused on exploiting compassion and sensitivity. One trick is when the scammers appeal to the victim’s goodness.

For example, the victim meets a Russian / Ukraine woman online through the dating sites. Love develops between them. The woman encourages him and reveals things about herself that is intended to gain his love and sympathy to the point where he feels that he needs to help her. She tells him that no one else will help her and that he is the answer to her prayers.

Pay Per Letter Scam

The pay per letter scam, or PPL scam, is one innovative model of an online dating scam. It is essentially rather refined and reflects not just one scammer trying to make some money, but instead an organized and formal system with multiple participants operating on a large measure.

There are a great number of “reliable dating and marriage agencies” in Ukraine and Russia looking for translators who are willing to write messages, communicate and translate.

In order to use the online dating services, the Western man needs to pay some amount of money to send an email, read the messages, chat, and so on.

For example, the scammer might charge five dollars per email to theoretically cover the costs of translation.

It is called “pay per letter” scam because the Western man pays for each time they communicate with the Russian and Ukrainian “bride”. The scam artist provides steady, systematic income to the scam team, who benefit from the appearance of validity that the dating site provides.

Ukrainian online dating scam
From my experience as a Ukrainian dating blogger, I have to mention that some Western men want to get scammed. They do the same mistakes (e.g. sending money to the translation agencies or to the women because of the emergencies in Ukraine). 
International dating blogger

How to avoid getting scammed?

Guys, just follow my advice:

  1. Don’t assume everything you see or you are being told is real and factual.
  2. The scammers will “fall in love” with you within a few emails. Don’t rush into anything.
  3. Ensure you are using a legitimate, trustworthy dating site. There are many “fly by night” operations floating around on the internet just waiting for potential victims.
  4. Precaution and skepticism are important.
  5. Common sense is a very useful tool in detection.
  6. A potential victim is full of fantasies not reality.
  7. Question anything that is too good to be true.
  8. Do research on Russian and Ukrainian women and culture.

Here are a several tips to keep in mind: It is highly unlikely that women or men who look like models will be posting on dating sites so skip anything with glamorous and perfect-looking people. Few people look like models, and nine out of ten, they are already in romantic relationships.

Do not form any association with people who ask you for your e-mail and residential address or your cell phone number through the Russian dating website no matter how much the potential victim likes her. Sooner or later, the scammers will find a way to worm their way to the victim’s affections until the victim becomes attached that he or she sends money and provides intimate information for targeting.

They will keep bombarding their victim with attention. Remember, some of these scammers are part of organized crime. They know how to manipulate their victim by profiling based on the things that the victim writes about himself.

For examples, if the victim writes that he loves animals, the scammer will use that to gain the victim’s trust.

About the blogger: Krystyna is an International dating blogger, coach and iDate speaker. She is on mission to help Western men to understand foreign women better and how to succeed on the International dating websites.
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36 thoughts on “Ukraine & Russian Dating Scams: The Most Important Facts”

  1. Evgenia Malykhina from Krivoy Rog Ukraine is a known scammer. Google search her by name and you will see her on the Internet! A real low life this one, most talented liar I have ever known if you can call lying a talent!

    1. All the ladies are scammers and fraud I can give two ladies they screwed me personally. I see we should burn Ukraine and whats in it.

      Pretty picture and fraud.

      1. Bob, whoa there buddy the Germans already did this with the Russians. I been to Ukraine many times, yes you had scammers. You will meet them on any dating site especially the big ones like Anastasia date or a foreign affair. True Ukraine ladies are not scammers at all. I been to Ukraine many times, I have many friends there, you must look to marriage agencies! Not things like Anastasia They are dating agencies.

        Talk to ladies, call them, if they do not give personal information about themselves they are fake. You may write to ladies for months, do not go there and expect a lady to jump into your arms, they are modest wonderful ladies. Do not chase ladies with a 20 year age difference it is not going to work! You need to make contacts and be on the ground and meet many. Forget the supermodels, they are not real on any of the big dating agencies, yes they will date you and that is all.

        Also if you know their first name, and age search them on in city that they live with birth date. You will be ahead of many things to know about them with this. So burn Ukraine? No, we all have bad experiences but keep them as experience! It did not kill you did it? I had bad experiences with Anastasia that was fake, I do not hate the fraud lady, I actually feel sorry for her! Her loss!

  2. Krystyna, I congratulate you on succinctly describing the scams that take place within many of the Ukraine based ‘marriage agencies. My view is the girls are also often victims, not realising what they are getting themselves into when they agree to the “free photoshoot”. You are also absolutely right to highlight the fact that it is not uncommon for girls to work several profiles, either by using photos taken from social networking or model sites and/or, hijacking the identities of girls who have left the agency. I have also heard examples of girl that were fearful or threatened when they tried to leave the agency. It is a very murky world and the reality is, the website owners, often based in the USA could and should do more to stamp out rogue agents. Great article!

  3. Krystyna. Thank you for a very useful website. I met a proffesional dating scammer Valeria Novitskaya from Nikolaev. She meets anybody for a weekend in Ukraine or abroad.

    Having met her for real..Swears undying love. Then starts asking for money gifts holidays etc etc.. She often travels to Egypt to see her real boyfriend.

    She uses Anastasia id1692679 as well as alot other sites. The most convincining liar you will ever meet.

    Be warned or loose a fortune..

    1. hello Paul , thank you for your report , I was supposed to meet Valeriya Novitskaya in december in Nikolaev so I will cancel my trip .
      How do you know she has a boyfriend in Egypt ?

  4. Hi Henri. I hired a investigator after a friend of hers tipped me off. She has so many men on the go its unreal. She is a professional scammer & gold digger. I had the misfortune to be taken in by her scams & met her more than once. She still uses Anastasia id number 1692679. You will save yourself a lot of money & time by avoiding her. Where did you meet her..? There is also photo’s of her with her..?? on scamming sites on the internet.. good luck with your search.

  5. I met her twice over a year ago … she ripped me off for a lot of money. I thought I was good at spotting a liar but she fooled me. She is beautiful. I ignored the red flags … there were no scam reports on her when I met her now there are many, many, many. She does go to Egypt a great deal.

    She works with an interpreter friend Katie … they are a good team. They sure had me fooled … I thought she loved me. Says she is a travel agent … I doubt whether she has any job except ripped men off. She talks about her daughter Dasha all the time.

    Stay away from her and never never send any of these girls any money … never.

  6. There is much about Valeria Novitskaya on the internet now. that i think she is going to come unstuck big time & possibly get seriously hurt or worse.

    I thought the boyfriend in Egypt was serious but its not. She has got more than 1 man there that she sees there. Also from what i have read she has scammed over a 100 if not more in the last 3 years. She has obviously made a fortune..She really is a dangerous peice of work. But i think we are going to read about her having real misfortune before to long. Its sure to get back to Egypt before to long.

    I feel sorry for her daughter & family. What on earth posses women to put themselves & there loved ones in danger like this..?

    What do you think Krystyna..?

    She conned me out of a lot of money but i sure do not want to see her maimed or worse. She denied everything when i confronted her & was so convincing with tears etc i nearly believed her..
    Her 2 younger helpers Julia & Katie are just as stupid. & probably are unaware of the dangers they are putting themselves in. She could spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.

    Like many others i believed all the lies about marriage, love & being the only man for her..

    My advice to any man is STAY AWAY it will end in tears..

  7. Scammer Valeria Novitskaya is now useing Veronikalove profile number 132650. she is useing a different main photo. But it is most definately the Queen of scammers Valeria.. Keep well away if you value your time money & sanity…

  8. Hi,

    I would like to report a SCAM. This lady, Anastasiia Stepanova, from Ukrainian origin, just spend a few days in France (coming from kiev via Cologne) before contacting me by skype (i think she was registered in the Travelgirls site)

    She wanted to meet me in belgium and asked to wire money for hotel and train expenses. i helped her and she finally never came and disappeared (i believe she is now in Cologne)
    I lost € 250 in the process

    I would like to warn others about her practice. Steal money from others to spend for own purpose


  9. Latest on professional dating scammer Valeria/Valeriya Novitskaya she is now using Step2love i.d number 100192 &
    Be warned she is very convincing & devious & will have you believing all her lies & making you think you are the only man in the world for her.
    She WILL gtake you for as much money,gifts,holidays etc as she can. Avoid her at all costs. She seems to be unstopable…

  10. Scammers, and everything else bad with ladies? What about the psycho men that the good ladies deal with? You use marriage agencies only, make brief contact before you go to meet “some” ladies. Do not use the big dating agencies like Anastasia or foreign affair and the ones associated with them. Also a lot of local dating agencies work with these big scam companies.

    These local agents get paid to recruit profiles and they also get kick backs to chat. Example, you are chatting online, yes video with big dating site supermodel. She is smiling all the time and seems to type while you are not receiving anything? Why because she is chatting on multiple screens via the local agent at home, “making money” the local agents get paid lets say .12 cents per minute, the lady gets lets say .04 to .06 cents per minute. She chats with ten men and ladies, yes ladies are looking to meet other ladies on them to! So she is getting while chatting .60 cents per minute, that is $36.00 per hour! Very good money! Now convert this to UAH it is 291.36 per hour! They are making a killing!

    How do I know this, been there talked to locals on the ground while in country, they call it dirty work! Also if you are curious, cruise the webcam nude sites and search for your lady! You might find her there! Please, do not waste your time with the big dating companies, it is just not real! You have to go to the country and be there with her for much time to find each other!

    Find local marriage agencies that verify are real, there are many and some are very anti Anastasia date or a foreign affair. Check out he once worked for both of these dating agencies and will show you how they are not real!

  11. Valeriya Novitskaya is now working for Step2Love. id 100192
    She is a proffesional dating scammer & total fraud. Avoid her at all costs & never ever send her money no matter what she says. Even if she says she wants to meet you. everything she says is a lie unfortunately.
    99% on S2L are frauds.

  12. Valeriya is now working the Romance Compass site as well. I.D 32461. Be careful guys. She is also on Hamster porn site & works as an escort for wealthy Arabs.

  13. Dear Krystyna, this is important, there is a search engine promoted Ukrainian dating website called which is Nothing but a SCAM. I initially thought I came across a real Ukraine marriage dating website, but was I wrong when I started talking to the scamming woman, I then tried to report the scams to the website administrator and got No response from them, and they still have the same woman that tried to scam me on there every day, here is the letter that I sent to website administrators:

    Hello, you have allot of SCAMMERS on your site at:, some are from Russia, and allot of them have their info listed as living in the United States, but in reality they have Never been to the United States, allot of them live in Accra Ghana Africa of all places, and they try and get you, from your site, to chat with them on Yahoo Messenger and/or Yahoo email, and then they say they can come and see you if you give them money so they can buy an airline ticket, but will Not accept if you buy the ticket for them, that’s a SCAM Con Game, here is one of your Scam members by the user name of: Flirty, she has her living info as United States, but Never been to the US, and she is trying to run a money scam starting at your site, read some Flirty emails to me:

    flirty Deen Hi dear..I just called and confirm on the price of the airfare..It $1400 for one way and $1200 for round trip.They also told me it would nice and easy if i get the plane ticket here becos of the econo
    To Me
    Today at 9:01 AM
    Hi dear..I just called and confirm on the price of the airfare..It $1400 for one way and $1200 for round trip.They also told me it would nice and easy if i get the plane ticket here becos of the economic problems going on all over the world and also there will be a refund on them..Here is an update and hoping to read from you soon..Stay bless and have a nice day..Hugs…

    Ohh okay but they told me it advisable to buy it here incase there is a problem they sort it out and save me from embarrasment becos they have been having issues about that when people buy tickets outside the country and found them saves in a mess on the departure day and moreover here is not develope for such things even though they accepts that…thats what one representative told me when called their customer service number…

    Okay but explain further that the reason why they advised me to get it here is the world cup people will be trying with all sort of drug and people will be smuggling illegaly to different countries thats why and they have making advertsiment of it on Radio and Tv and also newspapers i dont want to get myself in any sort of emabarrasement my dear i hope you understand me now?

    Here is some more Scammers on your site:
    Username: Brandy
    Username: Alena Alenhik
    Username: Vivibaby
    Username: Valda

    I hope you take some actions to clean up your site because there are Lonely men that fall for these Scammers on your site and get ripped off, that’s low down dirty rotten to a man.

    Dear Krystyna, could you post this important information on your site so maybe it can help Stop these terrible scammers, regards Steve.

  14. has anybody dealt with tatyana 1612305? on adate, she told me her name was kidlova but on vk she is kidanchuk, after a year talking she refused to communicate freely on skype, a pro scammer i think, but maybe i am wrong.

  15. Claim to be dance instructer from Ukraine irina ibrahomiva her name given has fake passport sent me copies of paid non refunded tickets from delta airline from a coral travels agency of Ukraine agent named Yulia says she a manager irina said she needs 3000 to recieve tourist visa to the U.S. For 3 months

  16. Romance Compass IS a TOTAL SCAM !!

    I wasted $ 200 and i know for sure. DON’T waste your time as NOTHING will EVER Happen !! They prey on men’s loneliness. They even posted a friend of mine on their who is a Russian Model and is NOT registered with them. They even listed her wrong address on her page !! THEY ARE FULL OF *censored* !! STAY AWAY !! SAVE YOUR MONEY and TIME !! David

  17. Romance Compass does have a bunch of legit dolls up there but avoid this site at all costs
    I only wasted $85 on this site on a model named Anastasia Klovanich and she talked up on how much she needed me to be with her and be by her side until i eventually received her details. I tried adding her on VK and on Facebook but she blocked me off after refusing to add me for a few weeks and blocked off my number. I will be taking her down in February in a song I have written up ;). Otherwise stay away

  18. I have experienced scam at paid websites. Now, I am much wiser. I have made a policy. I don’t believe in fake Photoshop photos. Hence, Skype is 100% requirement for Internet-based dating. Guys don’t worry.

    Skype can translate written text automatically in case lady is unable to speak English (Skype translation is a big help during preliminary introductory phase of knowing her). Additionally, I don’t mind emailing photocopy of my passport. And, in return, I require photocopy of lady’s passport. I am happy to report that I had found many well educated ladies on free websites (for example: I have contacted about 190 ladies over 90 days without paying any fee, whatsoever.

    I have also received photocopy of passport from all ladies with whom I have shared photocopy of my passport. In two cases, I have even received photocopy of academic diploma and transcript from ladies. In general, Russian / Ukrainian degrees are not accepted in Western countries. Why to bring a foreign lady lacking academic skills to complete a degree program. It is best to get lady’s diploma evaluated by western universities.

    Moreover, it is not inappropriate to request CV from ladies. CV would tell employment history, past employers and complete mailing address. I wish I was this wiser before experiencing Internet scam.

  19. The only way to possibly meet a non-scamming, non-gold-digging Russian or Ukrainian woman is to travel to Russia or Ukraine and spend time there.

  20. I have asked a woman on a russian dating site to send a photo of her holding up a sign that said “Hello dear _____”

    When she got that email… she replied by asking me to do it for her first, and then she came back in the next email with a photo of her holding up a sign with the same words exactly how I requested…

    I found out she is not good with English, and now needs me to help pay for her translation costs…. is it real or fake? I do believe that women have a harder time in Ukraine making a living……but I’m still not sure…. what to do???

  21. Gentlemen, I can confirm two real marriage sites. Ukraine Brides Agency and Ukraine real Brides. I’ve met women personally from these sites.ive traveled to Odessa and I have met real women, verified!!. Yes, I know it costs alot. If you have the money but not the time, then use these sites. BUT!!!, If you’re really serious, then I suggest that your delete your profiles of these scam sites and get your ass down to Odessa or Kiev. Spend 2 weeks or more during summer, I promise you that you will find the most gorgeous woman just hanging out around the mall or McDonald’s etc. Dude, I ditched the chick I met over the dating site because I met the most gorgeous hotel receptionist. I got her number, we chat on WhatsApp and I’m planning to see her again soon. My point is, in Ukraine, there are women everywhere, at the restaurants, coffee shops, karaoke bars, at the beach front.,just get there for the experience. You will not regret it!!

  22. There are truly women on the internet whom are legitimate. I have met someone whom I have no doubt loves and cares for me. I did struggle for a many times until I learned more about her culture and how I had misread and hurt her. She is affectionette loving and my best friend. I am tired of all of these sites that say every Russian or Ukrainian women is a scammer. Is that true of all USA women. I have had worse times with them

  23. Arnel Bernardo

    Is a dating scam? I noticed that some women in the are also listed in Eurodate. Please help me to decide if it is true or scam

  24. You’re killing me with humor. Catfishing, such a great term. Currently getting bombarded from Intcupid..Was kicked off because I posted an email address, perfect. Now 3 bots have disappeared from my mail and one remains, trolling me as this innocent wanting to marry 35 year old. Truly funny articles from your site.

  25. Hi has anybody come across a girl from Ukraine under the name Polina Dziuba, she is 32 years old, we have been chatting every day for past week now, she told me she was due to come to uk via an internship scholarship funding course that is meant to be funded by the uk embassy, she told me she was going to receive a grant of 10,000 uk pounds to help start up her own practice & that being a first time traveller to the uk wanted a friend & companion to stay with & perhaps more interment relations with. Now she has just asked me for 250 pounds as she has current rent arrears at her current residence in ukraine & she can not leave her country until she has paid this debt off. At first her letters seemed genuine but now with this sob story I am beginning to doubt & think this is just a scam? I have tried googling her name but only seem to find a professional basket player under that name.

    1. Hi Robin (such a nice name, my son’s name is also Robin!),

      Many thanks for your comment and sharing your story.

      If I were you, I would not send any money to the girl. She is a grownup woman, 32 years old, and should solve her problems by herself.

      She might have friends and family who can help her and taking a credit at the bank might be also an option. You are not in a relationship, therefore you are not obliged to send money to a person you do not know.

      Honnestly, her story does not sound right to me.

      Stay safe and be careful!


  26. Bonjour je met en garde les gens contre le site Luckydate qui sont apprament spécialisé pour extorquer de l’argent par le tchat un texto = 200 credit une video 5000 credit et lettre via messagierie 1000 euro et cela va en augmentant.
    Pour avoir ses coordoonnées il faut dépensé 300000 crédits et pour 20 dollars 5000 crédits et 50 euro 25 000 credit 75 euro 50000 credit et 150 ca monte encore voyez combien il faut dépenser pour avoir ses coordonnées avec le risque quelle ne vous les donnent pas, leur photos évidement sont super ont voit que c’est fait par des pros et il y a des photos un peu provocatrices. J’ai contacter une agence matrimoniale sérieuse et elle m’a dit que ce type de femmes c’est un appat. Pour être plus claire me disait que les tres belles femmes russes ou ukraininiennes qui voulaient se marier passait par une agence matriomoniale et ne choisissait que des riches, aisés ou qui ont une situation importante et oui j’ai eu le meme sentiment mais malheureusement j’ai testé et y savent y faire.

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