7 Rules for a Happy Marriage with a Mail Order Wife

Dear friends,

I know from my personal experience that there is no universal solution that would ensure an ideal relationship. But we do not want to have an ideal relationship – it can be so boring. But it is really great to have a happy and healthy relationship with your mail order bride.

You need to follow four rules which are pretty simple. However, these rules can change your life and marriage. A happy marriage is a hard job sometimes but being in a happy marriage is like a vacation!

Here we go with 7 simple but effective rules for a happy marriage with a mail order bride:

Rule #1: Commitment to each other

Marriage is principally an alliance built on a promise to each other to make life happier. In my opinion, a happy marriage is not possible if the partners believe that they should not do anything for each other. I am sure that such marriages are short-lived.

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Rule #2: Cooperation

Family is the union of the two partners. If partners do not help each other and put only their own interests into life, such a marriage is prospectively hopeless.

Rule #3: Respectful communication

The most important thing in communication is to respect the generally accepted standards of behavior. In my opinion, abuses, claims, screaming and indignities do not belong to a happy and healthy marriage.

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Rule #4: Environment

A healthy environment is very important to the long-term happy intercultural relationship. You have a great chance to keep your marriage happy if you are surrounded by friends and relatives who are in a stable and happy relationship.

Rule #5: Realistic expectations

Do not believe that the relationship between you and your Ukrainian mail order bride will always remain the same as at the beginning of married life. Your passion and sensuality will disappear over time; banal everyday life will come into your marriage.

And the awareness of this natural process is very important. Otherwise, disappointment will come into your life.

Rule #6: Constant attention

Feelings should be protected and supported. My tips are to spend more time with each other, to give presents and to arrange a romantic date with your mail order bride.

Rule #7: Fun in your bed

Sexual relationship is one of the most important parts of marriage. There should be no boredom and routine. Even after living together for years, you can open new aspects of sexual life. It is time for tender kisses and touches.

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1 thought on “7 Rules for a Happy Marriage with a Mail Order Wife”

  1. Dear Krystyna,

    Thanks very much for your blog – I have only come across it in the last week, and it is really helpful, especially as you are prepared to be candid in your comments.
    Also, congratulations to you and your partner on your recent engagement – may God bless your marriage and may the rest of your lives be happy years together!

    I live in Australia and have never visited Ukraine (or Russia). I am curious as to the social mores in Ukraine, compared to here, in regard to some important issues. What is the prevailing attitude among your fellow country-women to:

    1. tattoos and body piercing;

    2. waxing/shaving of some or almost all pubic hair (“Brazilians”);

    3. vibrators;

    4. topless sunbathing;

    5. G-string underwear;

    6. “the Pill” (contraception); and

    7. abortion?

    These are all quite commonplace here.

    Furthermore, how important is religion as a source of conflict in marriages between Ukrainian women and foreigners? I am Christian, but not Eastern Orthodox, which I understand most Ukrainians to be.

    Lastly, I don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, but would be willing to learn one or the other, if I were seriously interested in a Ukrainian woman (and believed she was seriously interested in me). How important to the future happiness and longevity of a “mixed” (Ukrainian/foreigner) marriage is the language issue? As you may know, here in Melbourne there is a huge Greek-speaking population. Years ago, I was interested in a couple of Australian-born women of Greek parentage, and studied Modern Greek at night school for 2 or 3 years. In some cases, the migrant fathers of the girl of interest hardly spoke any English (even after living here for 30+ years).

    Best wishes from James

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