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For all men, Ukrainian dating can be a challenging experience! In addition to the normal phobias that all adult men struggle with, some men simply aren’t ready to the potential intercultural differences.

If you are dreaming about Ukrainian girlfriend, then this UkrainianDatingBlog can help you!

Ukrainian Dating Blog

UkrainianDatingBlog is helping Western guys to start a Ukrainian / Russian dating adventure, not get scammed, find a serious and honest wife for life and deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian-Western relationship.

What We Offer

At UkrainianDatingBlog, the following topics are discussed and offered:

  • Top Dating Site Reviews
  • Foreign Brides Guides
  • Foreign Dating Interviews
  • Online Dating Advice
  • Slavic Brides Guides
  • Ukraine Guide
  • Ukrainian Dating Tips
  • Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scams (true stories)
  • Women of Ukraine & Russia (real profiles)

At Ukrainian Dating Blog you can also download free online dating ebooks written and created by Krystyna.

Countless reports have held that dating or even marrying a Ukrainian woman can be simply divine. Like other Eastern European nations, Ukraine is renowned for producing women that are beautiful but humble, confident yet never brash.

Why You Can Trust Us?

Western men and Ukrainian women marry because each is looking to find security with the other. When they take the time to learn the particular customs and manners of each other’s home cultures, I believe that these cross-cultural marriages are some of the strongest I have ever seen.

With our numerous posts and articles, you’ll find out about dating, matchmaking and marriage services, their features, costs and hidden sides.Not all dating services are legitimate and we know the whole truth about them.

Our team consists of various experts from a wide range of industries.

Our Team

Krystyna Trushyna

The innovative mind behind UkrainianDatingBlog belongs to expert dating coach and blogger Krystyna Trushyna, who has been keeping her finger on the pulse of international dating, its rewards, shortcomings, and why, overall, it can be the best solution for so many single Western men.

Krystyna has successfully completed her master’s degree in foreign languages, including Turkish, Italian, and English.

She has grafted a unique approach to navigating the waters of international dating by exploring dating dilemmas in her successful blogs and her coaching and mentoring sites (Doves-of-Love.com – available in 4 languages, UkrainianDatingBlog.com, UkrainianDatingStories.com, and AsianDatingJournal.com – available in 2 languages).

As an international dating coach, she has successfully guided hundreds to romance success.

Looking for more information? Feel free to get in touch to ask your questions or give feedback (see here: Contact Krystyna).


Yulya is a social media and communication expert with over a decade of hands-on experience. She lives in Ukraine and has helped Krystyna running the dating blogs since 2020. She became very passionate about the foreign dating space and got a lot of expertise there.

Yulya helps to analyse International dating sites and apps, works on social media strategy and loves answering questions on Reddit. While analysing websites and mobile apps, Yulya created many profiles and unfortunately got also scammed. So she is familiar with the dark side of online dating, too.

Yulya is interested in many fields such as social media management, video marketing and promotion (she develops the TikTok dating channel), and creative content. She speaks English and Ukrainian, one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Yulya’s passion is traveling  and she enjoys every moment of her travels around the world. She has also her own business, namely: a travel agency. She is thinking to create a new site with a focus on travel and dating beyond borders.


Daniel was born in Germany and graduated in computer science in Gießen / Germany. Daniel has worked in digital marketing with a focus on website optimisation and web design since 2010.

For many years Daniel has been helping to optimise the dating blogs, especially the technical side, creating banners and managing external cooperations. From time to time, Daniel writes about interesting things related to International dating and foreign women in English and German.

Daniel is the best inspiration for Krystyna’s work as an International dating blogger and coach. He is her husband since 2012, her best friend and business partner.

In his spare time, Daniel likes to do sports and bodybuilding.



Riley studied International Politics and Journalism and considers herself a global citizen as she’s traveled extensively. She adores new cultures and meeting new people. In her travels, she has become an expert in different cultures, social norms, and the international dating scene.

With her experience in dating, psychology, and relationships, Riley has written for numerous publications, including our own blogs.

Riley deep dives into different dating sites and apps, and she roots out dating services that seem wonky from those that are legit. She also helps hundreds of Western men meet and match their ultimate love with her detailed guides.
Her international studies, travels, and experience in writing about relationships has given Riley a unique perspective on the international dating scene. She has a strongly developed sense of how to handle communications between someone who is a non-English speaker and an English-speaking person so they can find the common language of love.


Nina was born in Ukraine but now lives in Germany. She graduated as a lawyer from Kiev Shevchenko University. She worked for many years as a lawyer in various fields before she started her career in the online dating industry.

She is an expert in the romance and dating scam field and brings years of expertise in this niche. International dating and social media sites are more increasingly being used by scammers. Nina checks dating services for fake profiles amongst other things and helps our readers avoid falling for even the smartest of foreign romance and dating site scams.

Nina has written hundreds of articles, focusing on International online dating scams. Driven by a passion for helping other people, she started her dating coaching business three years ago. As a Hannover-based online dating scam & safety coach, she works with clients from Berlin to London.

Nina has three children (two sons and one daughter). She loves cooking, reading and going to church. She also volunteers at a centre for Ukrainian refugees.

Get in Touch

For those who don’t know where to start, UkrainianDatingBlog.com is an incredible resource featuring tips and advice presented by Ukrainian dating coach Krystyna.

Feel free to write your own dating app and/or site review in the comments or write me a message: [email protected]


All material on UkrainianDatingBlog.com is Copyright ©2010 – 2020. All rights reserved. Any articles written by outside sources remain the Copyright of the original authors. If you would like to reprint anything you see on this website, please contact Krystyna for the particulars.

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