Are all Slavic marriage agencies dishonest?


Dear Krystyna,

I recently spoke with Brett Ousley from Kiev Connections and he told me he thought that if I used his services I would stand a good chance ( not 100 % ) of meeting and Marrying a nice Ukranian woman.

I’m a normal Middle-Class American guy. Bill Green54, a guy Married to a Ukrainian woman who runs a language school in Ukraine says “All Slavic marriage & matchmaking agencies are dishonest”. No “good” Ukrainian women go to dating agencies anymore.

Is this true. All they all scams?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Krystyna answers: Honest Slavic marriage agencies do exist!


The statement of Bill Green “All Marriage agencies are dishonest” are false and not smart. Surely, some dating agencies are not serious, but there are enough agencies that offer honest and serious marriage/matchmaking services like or Mordinson. 

There are Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies with a good image; but there are dating sites / agencies with a plenty of negative reviews, as well. If a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride wants to meet a Western man, what a service should she use? Facebook, or disco? Honestly, such generalizations make me pretty angry. Where should “good” Ukrainian mail order brides search for a Western man for life?

My advice to you is do not use the marriage agency or dating site that does not allow their customer to have a direct contact with women. It is not serious, as for me. As for me, if you have a direct contact to the woman, you have a good chance to find out if your woman has serious intentions or not.
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I would say that there are both real and trustworthy Ukrainian marriage and matchmaking agencies as well as scams. The best way is to get the personal contact data (phone numbers, email address or Facebook/ profile) of the Slavic brides as soon as possible to remove any marriage / dating agency or site from your communications.

In my opinion, this best technique you are protected from untrustworthy Ukrainian and Russian marriage and matchmaking agencies that want to make their money off your correspondence and will be certain to correspond with the lady not with a hired author.

The generalization is not a deal!

I hope I could help you! Finally, I asked Michael Mordinson, a manager of Mordinson marriage agency, to comment on this statement that all marriage agencies in Ukraine are dishonest and normal women will not use their services to find a husband abroad. I believe his comment from a professional point of view can be interesting to the readers of my blog.

How to find a reliable marriage service - by Mordinson

Dear Krystyna,

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to comment on Gregg’s question. Mordinson marriage agency started working in 1999 and based on our experience I can say that the absolute majority of the ladies who join our agency have sincere and genuine desire to find a soul mate.

We have a policy to only accept ladies after personal interview at our office in Kharkov and during the interview we make sure that the lady is interested in marriage and is open to an idea of moving abroad should she meet the right man in the agency.

However it’s impossible to really know what’s inside a person’s heart or mind, that’s why we implemented a system which simply doesn’t leave any opportunity for a lady who has less than sincere intentions to get advantage of a man in the course of their communication.

Ukraine brides

We have too much at stake to play any games with our clients, we cherish our reputation of an honest and transparent business and success stories of our clients prove over and over again that there are indeed many good and sincere Ukrainian women who are looking for partners.

Many of our former clients share their contact details right on our web site and if a man is interested to talk to somebody who has the first hand experience with Mordinson it’s not that difficult to do!

I will be finishing my comment by a piece of wisdom from the Jewish sages: “A single man should search for a woman just like he would search for a treasure he lost“. Imagine you lost something really valuable. Will you just sit and wait until somebody brings it to you? Of course not!

You will run around looking for it, you will ask people, you will post an ad etc, you will have no rest till you find it! And that’s exactly how a man should look for a wife!

He should try every possibility available to find the woman he is meant to be with, and one of the ways is using services of a trusted marriage agency which earned good reputation.

I wish good luck to all the single men in their search!

Michael Mordinson
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5 thoughts on “Are all Slavic marriage agencies dishonest?”

  1. My experience with Ukrainian dating agencies is this…

    I believe (because it is my experience) that the ‘Agency’ is the #1 place and chance for men to be scammed. Whilst I have only been to Ukraine 5 times, it must be understood that I have spent over three (3) months fulltime sitting around in Ukraine (90% of the time by myself), having taken the chance on love and visited again because I thought I had met someone unique and substantial but only to have the online relationship which lasted anywhere from 4 months (70 letters exchanged) up to 10 months (approximately 160 letters).

    I have seen behavior that at first I put up with because I did not want to cause any problems and ruin my chance of losing the girl/woman who I had come all that way to meet. But my last visit to Zaporozhe in late 2012, the relationship was over before we even met. I have travelled all that way, spent all that time money and effort and when I got there I was suppose to have a evening date with this young single mum. We have corresponded for over four (4) months and I had share everything with her, bought her gifts and told her about my previous ten (10) year history and the troubles I had experience.

    She said she understands and promised me with all her heart that she was not like that and would never do that to me. Yet one (1) before I was suppose to meet her in the foyer of the Intourist Hotel I got a phone call to my room from the agency telling me that Olga could not spend too much time me on our first date since she was busy. I was told that maybe only half an hour (30 minutes).

    I was very upset at this and tried to cancel the date, telling them that I knew this game very well and I knew where it would end, yet the woman from the agency was very determine for the date to go ahead and telephone me back ten (10) minutes later and said everything was okay and Olga could now spend more time with me. I tried to cancel it but she was very persuasive and persistent. I went on the date and behaved like a gentleman that I am but I already knew it was over.

    The date was okay and pleasant enough but Olga was very distant and cold (socially correct yet emotionally guarded). The following day (Sunday) the agency had organized for Olga and me (with our interpreter) to go to the famous Khortysia island on the Dnieper River. Once gain all very pleasant and expensive (considering the real cost of living in Ukraine) the day finished with a taxi ride back into the city and $380 shopping spree.

    As you can image I was done after that. And I would tell you similar stories of games and manipulation with every trip I have ever made to Ukraine. So are all Ukrainian dating agencies dishonest? Well probably not, but I have a perfect record for 5 out of 5 who were. Are you sure you want take that chance? With respect and care…


  2. Dear Krystyna, I have seen some good reviews about “Daisy Bride” marriage agency in Kiev. Could you please shed some more light on marriage agencies in Kiev which cater to clients from Asian countries viz. India, China etc. Also please reply at the earliest.

  3. I would be highly obliged if you could invite -Yana Chobitok, the owner of Daisy Bride marriage agency in Kiev to comment on the post that all “Russian & Ukrainian marriage agencies are dishonest.”

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