Why do some American/Western Women Hate Women from Ukraine?

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Today I decided to write about something I usually avoid writing about. It’s not about relationships between Ukrainian women and Western men; it is not about love and cultural differences. It is about hatred and being envious of others. I always try to give my best and help people to be happy. When I talk about love and happiness, I do not really care what nationality a person is. The most important thing is that we understand each other well.

On my Ukrainian Dating blog I write explicitly about Ukrainian women and the Ukrainian dating culture. Despite the fact that I live abroad, as you may already know I was born in Ukraine and I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Speaking from my experience, I can say, many Western men have difficulties with finding the right woman for marriage and life from Eastern Europe (in our case, from Ukraine).

What do American women think about Ukrainian girls?

My blog is over 6 years old and mostly I get positive reactions to what I write about. I get many requests and questions about the Ukrainian culture, dating, and of course, about Ukrainian women. I get harsh e-mails as well in which certain readers express their criticism and say that what I do seems wrong to them. I think that’s okay and in such a way I can learn something from these reactions as I want to improve my blog.

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But lately, I started getting really insulting mails from an American woman. The lady does not write her name; she calls herself “Furious” every time she leaves a comment on my blog. She mistakenly thinks that “Ukrainian and Russian women sell themselves as SEX in a box for a fee”. And she desperately hopes that Ukrainian and Russian women will continue living in their home countries and will stay away from all American men.

And it’s the purpose of my blog to help people to overcome cultural stereotypes, help them to understand foreign cultures and just to be happy with women who will genuinely love them. Until I will report about these topics on my blog.
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So to make it clear to everyone, I have nothing against American, German, English or Canadian women. But I have no desire or intention to write about them. My goal, as said above, is the Ukrainian dating culture as well as cross-cultural relationships between Russian and Ukrainian women and Western (not just American) men.

My blog help people to be happy

I am wondering why this woman shows so much hatred and is so envious of Ukrainian and Russian women. Is she unhappy? Or she hasn’t found a partner for life yet? Or perhaps, she feels threatened by the beauty and femininity of Ukrainian and Russian women? I don’t know. I can say only one thing: if Western men were so happy with their (German, American or English) women, would they look for women from Ukraine, Russia, Poland or Thailand? I don’t think so.

If American women cannot make their men happy they have to look for the right woman in foreign countries. There will always be problems and uncertainties about different cultures, languages, traditions and mentalities. 

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47 thoughts on “Why do some American/Western Women Hate Women from Ukraine?”

  1. This is why i am searching for my partner in another country like the Ukraine ,women here in America are spoiled and taught by their mothers to always but money and comfort above love and happiness ,i feel and see it all the time ,many women i have dated only care about themselves and what they want ,they will not work together to build a life ,they just want to live it showing off to their girlfriends their car and house is bigger and better than yours ,they are truly selfish and heart less and don’t know how to truly love and cherish their partner.

    1. I don’t know how many American women you happen to know for you to make such a generalized statement like that. Maybe your own mother did that with your sister/sisters?? Or maybe you are just assuming things. Maybe you have been dumped by American women and you have a chip on your shoulder. American women are not spoiled, to put in perspective–we American women just have much higher standards than women from other countries. As far as American women wanting money and comfort over love is simply untrue–I suppose there are some that are that way as there are Ukrainian women that are that way too and that is maybe why they want American men so much–they think all American men have lots of money and are push overs–I know a few Ukrainian women that are married to American men and these women are not too happy because they are not driving the newest BMW and living in a brand new big house–they want to divorce their American husbands because of this. I am married to a Ukrainian man, I do happen to live in a gorgeous, big house and I do drive a new Mercedes but not because I pushed my husband to buy these things for me, in fact I never asked or even hinted for these things–it is my Ukrainian husband that thinks I should have these things!!

      1. I find what you wrote hilarious, it support exactly what the guy is saying. Just give you some idea of how why I agree with the guy I tell you this. I have always have had great personal relationships with women in my life. I am close with my mother and sister. I have more female friends than male friends. I have dated many American women in my life. I am divorced, I finally threw her out my house because she couldn’t get over her narcissistic ways.

        For example I use to make a crap load of money working in finance, but I switched career to work for a charity. The difference in how women interacted with me between this two careers was unbelievable.

        All this said, American women are only interested in money, period. They are opportunists continually seeking to better the position in life, if its at the expense of other, they usually say “so what” I know this because I have had countless conversations with my female friends and listen to why they dump men, or how they use them. In addition I have always found their justification for their action funny and at the same time disturbing. American women only loyalty is to themselves, not even their own children’s welfare is more important.

        I also write this having no idea if Ukraine women are any different, or better. I have heard that culture is different, but from you wrote they sounds just a narcissistic as American women.

      2. Rachel…how typical :)…lemme guess liberal jewish feminist?
        You automatically assume eric was dumped by an american woman to substantiate his views toward american women, you have no logical basis to prove that. Erics “generalization” is not that far fetched to be quite honest. Remember there is always some truth to a generalization. I’m american and let me tell you i agree with erics assessment 100%.

        1. What? Are you discriminating against Jewish women? That’s the main problem with you guys that hate on a certain group of people. You’re marrow minded and I feel sorry for the poor women that end up with. You are no doubt just haters in general and you’ll find fault with the so called greener grass on “other” side in due time. As for your rather simple yet expected question, no, I am not a “Liberal Jewish Feminist”. I’m Irish American, I get last name from the Ukrainian man that I’m married to.

        2. Oh, and if you’re compelled to do so, Google my name and look in my images and you will see that I’m Irish lol

        3. Also, if you had actually read my post you would know that I did not assume that Eric has been dumped by an American woman
          ..I merely suggested that he had. However, from his words and having the into genre and ability to get the gist of his words, it is rather blaring ly obvious.

        4. I really shouldn’t be so annoyed with your post but I’m can’t help but be completely irked by your comment about me. Your flippant remark “lemme guess Liberal Jewish Feminist” ??? Why would you even come up with such a ridiculous assumption? Are you offended because I speak my mind? Are you offended because I defend my freedom, individuality and independence? Or are you intimidated by it? I think any man that gets annoyed by a woman who sees herself as more than a house-mouse or a sexual object is a man who has a low self-esteem and is afraid.

          FYI, I am not a Liberal Feminist. I am married with 4 kids. I’ve been a stay-at-home mother the whole time, however, I am also highly educated and run my own business from home. I do not condemn anyone who is a Liberal Feminist, nor do I condemn anyone for their religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. However, you on the other hand, seem like you do. Again, if your looking into finding a wife overseas or in your own backyard, I feel sorry for the poor woman that ends up with you. It’s plain to see that you are a narrow-minded man with a chip on his shoulder. You expect to find some naive girl who will put up with your crap and keep a fake smile on her face…all the while secretly wishing you dead BTW.

          I am married to a Ukrainian man, I know the people, the culture, the customs. I know that there are Ukrainians that are good and there are Ukrainians that are bad. There are Ukrainian women who are Liberal Feminists BTW and their numbers are growing everyday in spite of Putin’s threats. And I commend those women for their courage in a country that is rife with some of the most chauvinistic men on the planet, yet some of the most kind, gentle, open-minded and forward thinking men…I know this because I am married to one of them.

          So next time you stick your foot in your mouth, stop and think about what you’re saying because you reveal yourself for all to see.

  2. Ukraine women think less of Russian women.
    Ukraine women consider themselves to be a princes and they can do no bad , no matter how fat , ugly , poor they are , they think they are better than everyone else.
    My Russian wife lived in Ukraine for her first 15 years then moved to Chelny , she has experienced this .
    In fact , Ukraine people think they are better than every one , denigrating the entire world’s population .
    This is fact !
    However , not all Ukraine people think this way , but many do

      1. And not all American women are fat and ugly either. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the same in both countries. Y’ALL need to keep it in perspective, keep in mind that these Russian/Ukrainian sites and blogs have an agenda, and that’s to sell something…duh lol

        1. No, but many are, and that is not something that can be said of Ukranian and Russian women. For the most part they are impeccably turned out with an elegance that is second to none. They gave an innate femminity that has become lost or at least submerged in many western lands, predominantly Anglo America.

  3. There are selfish, heartless people all over the world, men & women. I was raised on the gulf coast in America, & my mother & father taught me to value love & family not money or materialistic items. My family is very old fashioned & I think there’s something to say for that. What’s missing today, all over the world, are men who act like men & women who act like women.

  4. I am sorry I know of no American women who have a negative reaction to women from the Ukraine in fact I doubt they think on it at all??? I have only one experience with a Ukranian woman I traveled to see her twice she treated me basically like any very self centered American woman would I doubt there is much difference in women between countries some are mature caring and some are selfish and immature and the bad ones hide it until your heart is on the line………If anything I find the experience disheartening. I was used for monetary support I was contact by her through a reputable agency etc. The end result was the same………..

  5. I feel I MUST respond to this posting because I am an American woman who is married to a Ukrainian man for 16 years now. I stumbled across your blog only because I Google this question “Why do Ukrainian women hate American women so much?”. It’s funny that you mention how envious/angry American women are of Ukrainian women marrying American men. I guess you could say that I am on the other side of the fence–I have experienced/suffered severe hostility from Ukrainian women. They HATE that I am married to a Ukrainian man!! These are women that I barely know. I live in Portland, OR. where there is a very large Ukrainian community and let me tell you–I have gotten death threats from women who I know are my neighbors. I had one Ukrainian neighbor actually come up to me and tell me to stay away from her husband or there would be big trouble for me!! They have even had their little girls who can speak better English than themselves, come up to me and say stuff like “all you American women are cigar smoking, devil worshiping whores”–this is a horrible thing to have your child say to someone! I don’t even smoke cigarettes let alone cigars, and BTW, I am devoutly Catholic lol. As far as some American women being jealous of Ukrainian women, I’m sure this is true–there are jealous women wherever you go, no matter what country or what nationality/race you happen to be. Speaking for myself, I am not and never have been jealous or threatened by Ukrainian women but I sure have experienced it and continue to experience it. My husband and I can not even associate with other Ukrainian couples because the Ukrainian wives are so nasty to me. My husband and I traveled together only once to Ukraine, I will NEVER go back because of all the nastiness and hostility I experienced from jealous Ukrainian women–my husband even slapped his cousin across the face for being so mean and nasty to me!! You say in your blog that American men want Ukrainian women–you make it seem as if this is across the board–I beg to differ–I think most American men still prefer American women and just as there are beautiful, intelligent, educated, feminine Ukrainian women, there are beautiful, intelligent, educated, feminine American women, just as there are ugly, dumpy, fat, matronly, uncouth, stupid Ukrainian women, there are American women just as bad–I know this because, like I mentioned before, I live in Portland, OR. where there are tons of Ukrainians/Russians and I see the vast “variety” in Eastern Euros. I really feel I needed to post this in defense of American women–your blog/posting is tinged with your own envy of us American women. You try to make American women appear as if we are undesirable but that is just so far from reality! I know many Ukrainian men who chase American women and are absolutely smitten with American women, so it really is on both sides of the fence–some American men are enamored by what is different than their own kind and the same is true for Ukrainian men–you Eastern European women need to get used to the fact that your men want us–maybe even more than American men want you.

    1. Rachael, dear, you do realize that you are a happy exclusion out of general rule, correct? Not to many US women are actually married to Ukrainian man. Very good for you. Most of FSU man i talked to (who live here in US) don’t even want to hear about native girl, mainly because those who were brought up in modern american culture, have very low moral standards, not exactly well educated (i mean world literature, music, art. Bachelor is a degree, which is not even counted to be a higher education in FSU), would sell anything for an extra financial benefits, bitchy, and oh yes: very predictable.

      And yes, american women do jealous of Slavic, and probably feel very much in danger for their stable future. My sister-in-law was recently telling me a story she heard on TV how “russian women come to America, marry poor local man, suck the blood out of them, and then kill them..”

      What can i tell, this speech was delivered in front of her husband after an american/russian party we had in our house. No need to mention that she was the ugliest, least educated, meanest woman in a room, not to mention the only american woman, lol. When i asked her which chanel she was watching, which caused a little laugh out of her husband, she started yelling and telling me that I am not polite to her.

      Oh my!!! And yes I am a Russian women married to American man (I had graduate scholarship in one of the universities, so could comfortably choose among american/chinese/ indian/europen professors, lol. Not a mail order bride, no, this girls put themselves in such a big danger), my husband is the best, and i love him sincerely.

      Good luck to you and your marriage, keep on proofing that US woman still worth something 🙂

      1. Actually that is not true at all. Maybe where you live there’s no Ukrainian men that a married to American women. However, here in Portland there are quite a few Ukrainian men that are married to American women.

        As far as education goes, again, not sure about where you live but that may be the case but where I live it is not the case. There are to s of highly educated and cultured women.

        It seems that you have a problem with American women. I can feel it in your words. Your words blare if bitterness and contempt.

        Sorry you feel that way.

  6. From what I’ve heard from people who have interacted with Ukrainian or Russian women in current day Europe, there is still a backwards mentality associated with the sexes. The view was that the women where overly dolled up and feminized (looked too sexily dressed) because that’s how they were valued by the men. The men tended to be chauvaunistic in attitude. This is a generalization of course. As an American woman, I can’t relate to that kind of behavior in both men and women and I couldn’t tolerate being around either.

    I grew up in a Ukrainian culture in the states and have to admit that the nationalistic Ukrainians seemed to hate all nationalities except their own – they were a little too nationalistic to be considered normal in my view. I feel like saying, “Get over it!” Perhaps they have massive chips on their shoulders from being subjugated for centuries. They are too good to call themselves American, even though they were born in America. At the same time, all other nationalities were called “American” by these US-born nationalistic Ukrainians. It’s interesting to hear that this arrogance might exist in native born Ukrainians too. Hm.

    1. Your insensitivity to your own people is sad. Do you know how much Ukrainians have suffered from the past? Obviously, your parents didn’t know their own history or didn’t tell you. Most Ukrainians who came out of WW2 have post traumatic stress syndrome with all that they lived thru…starvation, oppression, brutalization, concentration camps and being looked down upon. They were denied their culture, their language even their identity… etc., etc.,….These stories have been passed down to their children… it gets into your DNA. They deserve your empathy not your smart aleck remarks.

  7. As someone who unfortunately is a russian-ukranian by birth I can tell you that I hate russians and ukranians, women and men. You are a disgusting, sexist society. you treat women as second class citizens and you are full of submissive bitches. I hate the fact that I am associated with your kind, you are a disgrace.

    And to men who cry about american women being just interested in money: LOL! you should get yourself a male order bride and then you will see who is interested in money. that russian/ukranian trash will use you, get your money and at the end leave you to get her worthless brick faced man into your country to pollute it

    russians/ukranians are the tumor of the world who deserve nothing but hate

    1. Hi Irina,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts with the Ukrainian Dating Blog!

      Honestly, I read so much hatred and anger in your words that this is just terrible. How is it possible to hate all the people in Ukraine and Russia and generalize them? That means that if unfortunately you are Ukrainian and Russian by birth, you use men, get your money and at the end leave a (Western) man to get your worthless brick faced man into his country to pollute it? Did I understand you correctly? Or do you want to say that you’re the only woman from Russia or Ukraine who is honest, humble and serious, and all the others are only scammers and bitches?

      Have a nice day!

      Krystyna, a part of the tumor of the world who deserve nothing but hate

    2. Irina…I don’t believe you’re a woman who could demean your own country people in such a way. Very sad to read such awful things about anyone. Have you ever thought that maybe the soviet system made them that way. I am Ukrainian, consider myself a decent, intelligent women. I have never used or abused a man or another women. You should never denegrate all these women for what a few may be like…Don’t you think that these women who behave this way do it out of desperation of circumstance and deserve you pity instead?

    3. I had a bad one there are good ones I know of 4 I trust and wish I married them instead of the one I did she makes a dad Ukrainian look good it does not matter what country you are from it is the person I would not marry another Ukrainian though I think most are a little to much for themselves not even their children they seem to cheat a lot not all a good portion I was there and witnessed it .

  8. Alesia,

    Your harsh words about American women, such as referring to them as “still worth something” are proof positive of your own low self worth as a woman, as well as out-dated and backward thinking. Most of all, your words smack of the fact that you feel threatened and you are in a precarious position of having to compete with American women lol.

    1. LOL??? Is that supposed to be some “cut to the bone” insult? Something in your tone suggests you werent laughing when you typed these words.

  9. Alesia,

    If you are as educated as you claim to be, then why do you make such biased generalizations about a group of people, such as American women? Where I come from, making biased generalizations about a certain group is a sign of ignorance and lack of education.

  10. Krystyna

    Your question “Why do Some American Women Hate Ukrainian Women?”.

    In my oppinion, the answer to that question may lie in the fact that American women may resent mail order brides because they tend to advertise themselves as submissive, which goes against Women’s Liberation Movement–a liberation that American women waited many, many years for–a liberation that freed women from the confines if male domination–a freedom that has granted women choices other than only one choice of becoming a wife and mother (however, this too is a respected choice).

    So when these women tout all this female inferiority and submissiveness in the land of tge free….well then, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to understand why that could be construed as a threat to women’s freedom.

    I think this is difficult fir Ukrainian wimen ti grasp because you aren’t American and you don’t come from a country and culturethat values women’s rights and freedom. American culture is based in the Magna Carte, just like the British–fairness, equality and freedom for all.

    1. This is fascinating. People are people in all worlds. Some women are submissive while others are not. I worked in Ukraine and Russia for 6 years. I found Russian women to be more submissive to males and males more chavinistic in Russian than in Ukraine. Ukrainian women tended to be less submissive. Both women were more feminine but only as an outword pretense. They work hard many had very responsible positions. I preferred working with women in both countries. They tended to get more done than the men. Men talked, acted important but actually worked less. Women let them feel like they made all the decisions but actually the women made most of the decisions. They knew how to handle the men!!! In America, I find more women less opinionated about important issues and less assertive. However, many women in all countries can handle men with sex.

  11. One more thing lol…I think it’s sad that in this day and age, women still feel threatened by each other, that is the result of cultural oppression of women, which holds true for Eastern European women and American women alike. American women have gained more freedom and choices, however, they still have a long way to go.

    I think it’s sad too that so many women in the world feel they have to “sell” themselves in order to escape poverty etc. So many women who advertise themselves on these mail-order bride sites are just targets for a lot of nasty, misfit, perverted, creepy men who just want these women as sex toys and submissive “slaves”.

    Most of the men who go to Eastern Europe in search of a mail-order bride are men who can’t get a girlfriend unless they pay for one–if you know what I mean. In my opinion, if they get used by these Slavic women, well what should they expect, they are asking for it and probably deserve it, however, more often than not, these girls are the ones who get used and abused–very sad situation. Here’s a tip, if you want to meet a decent, intelligent American man, stop acting superior to American women, that just makes you look as if you’re desperately trying to compete, it also is construed as snobbish, arrogant and pompous in American culture. American men can’t stand women who act that way.

    I have nothing against Eastern European women, I know many, I work with many of them too and most of them are really no different from American women….and by the way, they aren’t hoofing around in shiny red stiletto heels and skin-tight dresses with tons of makeup on their faces, in fact most of them are modest and conservative. The way some of these girls “ply their wares” in their pictures, they aren’t attracting decent men who want to settle down and get married and have kids.

    They aren’t looking for a girl to bring home to mother either–they are men with big hard-ons looking to get laid and they have no respect for women! I have talked to a few American men about mail-order brides and of course they all agree that the girls are gorgeous in the pictures but they are suspicious that the pictures are “touched up” and that they don’t really look that way in real life.

    Also, they all say that “hell yes they would give an arm and a leg to go over there and “do them”, but as far as marrying one and bringing her back to the states–absolutely not–they think they are just desperate hookers–sorry :/ …

    1. Yes, this is what the soviet system has done to some women. Made them desperate for a decent life. If you’ve never experienced desperate poverty and dreamed of a better life you’d have no empathy for these women…Their are hookers all over the world why? Because they have no other way of making a decent living. Many are brought into that life as very young girls who don’t know any better and don’t know how to get out. It’s sad to me to have women speak so harshly about other women who have to do what they feel they have to do for a living.

      1. It’s not that they HAVE to sell themselves…ots because they’ve been taught they don’t have any self worth other than an object of sexual gratification.

  12. While I’m on a roll here I might as well address Irina’s reply. Irina, you should never feel ashamed of your nationality! Although it may be true that some Russian/Ukrainian people act the way you described, it can’t possibly be true for all. We all are guilty of ethnocentrism, it is just human nature and more prevalent in some cultures, that said, we all need to be aware of that and be careful to not over generalize.

    It is this sort if mentality that contributed to the Holocaust and many, if not all atrocities. Being ahamed of your race/nationality serves no purpose and only generates self loathing, ignorance, prejudice, and racism. Be proud of your heritage, who you are and where you come from!

  13. I know this blog and this post in particular is very old, but still wanted to comment.

    I’m sorry to say this, but this your post only fires up the hate among western people for Ukrainian women. 😛 I’m Ukrainian myself and see no point to emphasize how western women can’t make their men happy, so…. ‘here they are, Ukrainian women to serve you’.

    Ukrainian/Russian women are not even a bit more beautiful than women from other countries, they just can present themselves in a certain sex appealing light. How many Ukrainian women with makeup you can see on the streets? Big majority. How many western women wear makeup when there is no important occasion for that? I didn’t see much. If a western girl does wear a short dress, it will be for some important party or event, our women like to wear them mostly everywhere, the most funniest, even going to a local mall.

    Of course men will be more impressed with ladies who wear short dress n makeup and not plain long tshirt, jeans and snickers as majority of western ladies do. They are men in the end.

    Besides I can say that naturally Hungarian girls are more beautiful than Ukrainian, but who will believe me 🙂

    Ukrainian women just plainly know what the one should do to attract men. Western women, you should better learn.

    For the western men who want to date russian/ukranian girls… I know these girls are a pretty convenient dating material for you, they will demand less than your western ladies, because they were born in society where the human rights and dignity is very hard to protect on legal level, but be sure, once they know a better life they won’t be different from girls from usa, uk whatever.

    1. There are good and bad in every country it is funny my now ex(Born in Kiev) thought Americana women where Sluts I think some are and I know for a fact here friends and her are worst. so its not the country I do believe I like the look of most European over Americans they have less clothing although it is usually better you will not see them in gray sweats like you do here.

  14. lol obviously. “smileatme”, you haven’t been to very many cities and towns across America to be making such narrow, biased, and yet again–generalized statements. The narrow-minded assumptions on this blog never fail to floor me lol. The think that I find to be the funniest statement is about wearing makeup lol. Generally, in American culture, women who wear a lot of makeup are considered “fake”, “tacky”, and slutty, and many American men are suspicious of women who wear makeup because they assume that they have to wear it in order to cover up a plain or even ugly face.

    If a woman has good skin and is attractive, she doesn’t need to wear lots of makeup, that said, most American women don’t need a lot of makeup to look attractive. In my experience, men HATE makeup all over a woman’s face and they HATE it even more to kiss a woman who has makeup all over her face.

    As far as clothing goes, I don’t know what part of America you’ve been, but the long T-shirt, jeans and sneakers thing isn’t true for everyone, however, American culture is much more casual than Eastern European, so getting all dressed up just to go to the store isn’t something American women are into because it isn’t culturally appropriate. However, I can tell you this–the right T-shirt and jeans is AMAZINGLY sexxxy lol I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts or nice blouses with jeans and get stared at all the time and not just by American men, Russian/Ukrainian men too lol.

    It just depends on a woman’s figure and brand/fit of jeans etc–I mostly wear 7 for all Mankind etc…believe me, they show your ass off in a beautiful way lol. In the end, I can attest that most American AND Russian/Ukrainian men like it “Au Naturelle”…my husband is Ukrainian and he HATES women who dye/bleach their hair and wear a lot of makeup.

    1. Rachel…These women dress up because they never could before. Some wear way too much makeup and they are overdressed or dress in a way that most americans except the ones on TV think looks slutty. As a Ukrainian women living in American I would never want to look that trashy…When I worked in Ukraine I aw more slutty looking women in Russia than Ukraine. Maybe they had more money and wanted to show it off. Many women in America who have recently gotten rich also over do it. When I travel in Ukraine they could never understand why I dressed down if I was rich. I’ve alway believed it was tacky to show off your money. I don’t understand that mentality. I’d rather be appreciated for my brains than my body.

      1. That’s fine that they dress up but they shouldn’t put other women down because they don’t dress up like they do. Copping an attitude is just snobbish and snobbish won’t get you far in America…snobbery is tacky

  15. Here is a true story of a Ukrainian and most of her Russian and Ukrainian they are beautiful and some are really good this one Is not

    Hello Galina and Peter:
    I need to talk to you about Alina and Vlad. I think I should share this with you because of Vlad. I am truly trying to get you both to save your daughter from herself. I have told her I can help make her a better person, although she said she does not want me to help. I know in the end only people can make themselves better. She chooses to wait for time to pass by and she hopes people will forget. There is no real effort at all on her part except for empty promises.
    After you tell Alina of my letter, most likely Alina will not let my family and I have contact with Vlad. Please keep in mind that I will always be here for Vlad and so will my children and parents if need be. We all love Vlad very much and I hope that you do not take offence to the fact that I love and treat him just like my own son. My children also treat him with love and respect just like a brother, even though I am now divorced from Alina, our love for Vlad is still the same. I do not hold anything against him for what Alina has done or for what Alina had him do to me and my family.
    I have divorced Alina because Alina only cares about herself, not me or my children or even her own son. She of course doesn’t care about any one, because she has used most of the people in her life in some way. I still would have taken Alina back if only I could trust her and if she humbled herself to me and my children. Unfortunately, she is too selfish and arrogant to do so, and even for Vlad sake.
    I came to your house to ask to marry your daughter, I gave you my word I would take care of Alina and Vlad and I would treat Vlad no different than my own son. I did this and I kept my word. I had Luda (and I also) tell Alina how that I was cheated on in my previous marriage and how much it affected and hurt me. I wanted to make sure that this would never happen to me again, I made this a point multiple times before we got married and after we got married. I also told her lying was never allowed and again she gave me her word that she would never do that. We both agreed that we would divorce before anyone cheated. Alina has lied and betrayed me and she started doing so before she set foot on US soil. She took the name and phone number of a man named Alex she meet on the plane destined for the US. She hid this fact from me. I asked her if she met anyone on the plane and her lying clearly began at that moment. She also went out with him while she was here and slept with him. Her lies and adultery escalated from that day forward. This is just one of many men that she went out with and slept with. Everything was not perfect in our marriage. My children and parents did not get along with Alina very good and Alina chose not to make any effort to try to get along with them. She would tell me let’s move away and get a house for the 3 of us and let your ex take care of your children. I did laugh at her, not to make fun of her. I just laughed at how ridiculous her request was. I was and still am in court fighting for my house. I cannot sell my house or get a loan, as there is a problem with the title. I told her that I could not and would not do this. I cannot just walk away from my children and in addition I could not sell the house because of the title issue. My parents, as you know live in the back house and although they have come to the front house uninvited for various reasons they are still good people. However my father is a very stubborn man regarding this. I have told him this many times but nothing changed I would even get rude to my mom and dad about this. Alina could not understand sometimes when parents get old they don’t listen to logic and reason. Alina was not happy about any of the living conditions here, however that does not give her the right to cheat and lie and rush me to get her citizenship to selfishly pursue her own interests like other men. This involved her sleeping around constantly with other men knowing full well that as soon as she found someone that would take her she would just ungratefully leave me.
    At the conclusion of this letter you will see that there is no one but the Devil that would approve of her behavior. You will also see that she disrespected me and my family before she arrived in the US. Throughout our marriage you will also see that Alina is one of the most selfish people in the world and her behavior is like a spoiled brat. She would take advantage of anyone by spreading her legs to get financially ahead and to climb higher up the social status ladder. Each one of her attempts failed because each and every one of the men dumped her after they got laid and figured out her deceptive and selfish motives. No good person would like, approve or want Alina to be around their children, husbands or boyfriends and also no good man would want his wife or girlfriend to be around Alina to corrupt them. I also believe that an employer would not want Alina as an employee, because if you can’t be trusted in marriage you cannot be trusted in work or vice versa. I know she is your daughter and you love her. It is wrong for you to tell her you understand her behavior because it is very wrong to do any of this, and as parents you should guide your children to be good. Alina’s behavior can never be justified. The correct action for you and your husband to do is for you both to have a serious talk with her and teach her to humble herself and take responsibility for her actions. In addition, she must not be selfish to find true happiness in this world. If you do not then you are just as bad as your daughter or worst, you are supposed to be her teacher and if you are a failed teacher that makes you worthless to society.
    Her past apologies so far have not been sincere and humble. She has never taken any responsibility for her constant bad behavior which was the cause of the problem and led to the divorce.

    1. Alina received a phone number from a man named Alex on the plane before she came to the US. She was engaged to me and then dated and later slept with this man while we were married. Alina claims she did this because I or my family disrespected her. The truth is that Alina disrespected me and my family before she met them. Please tell me how my children or parents disrespect her at this point.
    2. She committed adultery so many times with multiple men while being married and she could not even remember all of their names. One of them lived one small street over from where we live who is (Vlad’s best friend’s dad!!!) I see this house every time I leave or come home. This really is upsetting to me.
    3. She constantly lied and betrayed me. After being caught and promising to tell the truth she lied to me weekly and also to the marriage therapist and soon after she stopped going there. By the way I paid for these sessions at 120.00 each Alina should have been the one paying for this not me as the only reason we went was because of her cheating and trying to lessen the pain she caused and salvage the marriage.

    4. There was another man near to where I work that she had an affair for months with. She drove an hour each way to his apartment one exit from my work. She would never come to visit me at my work. I drive past this exit every day. As I drive to work each day this is another upsetting reminder and proof of her having no respect for me or time to work on our marriage. She should have spent that time with me, her husband who was supporting her and Vlad.
    5. Alina also betrayed me on a business/romantic getaway after driving 485 km to San Francisco. While we were there and I was getting interrogated by the FBI to solve a case. Don’t you think this was the most important time for Alina to support me instead of meeting another man and setting up another relationship? I am the only the person that supported her and her son.
    6. She constantly lied and betray me even after being caught and promising to tell the truth she lied to me and the marriage therapist for weeks on end.
    7. She had her son repeatedly lie to me and our family.
    8. She morally and ethically betrayed her son. By telling him don’t worry because I will get a richer husband with a better house not only verbally. She also did this by her actions of going out with other men in front of Vlad and Holding and hugging them and having Vlad get rid of the flowers they gave her and also telling him to lie to me. Once again all good people in the world would view Alina as selfish, lying, cheating. Everyone would say she is sick and an unfit mother.
    9. Alina never has shown me true love and respect and she was not there for me. She only cared for herself.
    10. She morally disrespected and betrayed her role as a stepmother. She is a totally unfit stepmother.
    11. She betrayed the wives and ex-wives of the men that she had sex with.
    12. She betrayed her friends’ husbands and their children. She did this by going with her married friend and her friends’ children and Vlad to the mountains for the weekend. Her girlfriend had her lover go visit them and he also brought a man for Alina. Alina held this man in front of Vlad and dated this man. Alina made it look like the girls were alone to me and her girlfriend’s husband. Alina also made this look like this was a normal behavior for a married woman to Vlad and these other children. Alina owes this man and his children an apology for her help and Behavior! Her betrayal of Jasmines’ husband and teaching his children and Vlad immoral behavior is very wrong. Don’t you think Alina owes this man and his children an apology for her involvement in this betrayal of husband and teaching his children and Vlad immoral behavior?
    13. Alina had other married women help to get her phone numbers for her. She also had Wayne’s girlfriend’s mom help her. This person was supposed to be my friend too.
    14. She had her single friends lie to me and help her to cheat on me.

    15. She told lies about me to make me look bad and cover up her own wrong doing. Also she tried to justify her cheating. There is never any justification for cheating. She told her friends I was drunk and threw her out on the street this is all a lie.
    16. Alina would not go with me to help me in court to fight my corrupt ex-partner and to help save my house. All that I asked her to do was go with me and stand in line in the court house so I could file documents. She refused to do it, although she made the time to cheat and steal from me. After all her lies and adultery she had the nerve to hire a lawyer to try to undo my pre-nuptial and to try to take more money from me after all the cheating she did to me. When I filed the divorce which I didn’t want but she demanded I could have put on the record all of the cheating and unfit things she did I chose not to. If she did not drop her crazy lawsuit I would have put pictures and names and all the details on the record for everyone in the world to see the real Alina. This is why Alina dropped her lawsuit not because she cared for me, because she did not want everyone to know the real Alina.
    17. Last but not least Alina has stolen my time and money which is theft by deception. She used my gas, car, car insurance, internet and computers and our cell phones that I was paying for to find more and more men to date. I helped pay for her schooling and to show her appreciation she used this schooling to find men and sleep with them. She also used me by having me take care of Vlad, babysitting him taking him to his sporting events, practice’s and school events etc. all while she was either online hunting for men over and over and on dating sites , dating or going out on dates and or sleeping with a virtual non-stop flow of different men.
    Alina should sincerely apologize to Vlad with not just an “I am sorry”. She must tell him why it is wrong, and tell him not to make the same decisions that she did. When you are married or in a relationship you should only go out with your partner and no one else. She should also say that “I was wrong for doing this to all of you. I was also more wrong in doing these things in front of you as this is not how a good person would behave.” She should also say that she did not think of anyone, not even Vlad. “I am sorry for my actions as they are inexcusable. There is no justification for me, lying and cheating or these horrible and inexcusable choices I made. My behavior is very wrong, selfish and childish. I should have known better.” She should also tell him that it is not right to have sex with other people without using condoms. Anyone could get AIDS or an STD, or get someone pregnant. She should also say something like: “It was wrong for me to go out with your friends’ dad for several reasons. First and most important is that it is wrong as I was married. Secondly it was wrong because Kirk was your friend’s dad and thirdly because he also lives in our neighborhood. Pete now has to deal with seeing their house daily and that is really wrong and selfish for me to do this to him. Vlad my actions proven to Pete that I never cared and I am also telling the world that Pete is a bad person and he is not. This man Kirk is an bad man. He also does not care about you or his son. If Kirk did he would not have done the same thing I did. Kirk and I were only thinking of ourselves and that is wrong.”
    Alina told Vlad to lie to me when she went out on dates with other men. She also took him on dates with her. Alina is a very sick person to make a child lie while committing adultery. This has taught Vlad to disrespect everyone and to not take responsibility and work on a relationship. This also teaches him not to be humble and not care about anyone or anything as long as he is happy. While I was married to Alina she put herself on dating sites like the Russian site: Fotostana, onona.ru/mamba and match.com among others. She did this in Vlad’s room on his computer while he was in the room in front of him. I know for a fact she went out with at least 19 different me and slept with almost half of them. Some were multiple times and some without condoms. This was risking my life if they had diseases. These are just the ones I uncovered. She kept lying to me and if I did not find out she might have never stopped. She has also risked Vlad’s Life by letting him be with men she really did not know. She lived with two different men at different times. One of them said he was going to kill her (Sasha). My friends and I had to move her out of his place and take care of her and Vlad. We had to call the police to file a restraining order. If any of these men beat up Alina what do you think he might do to Vlad if he tried to protect his mother? The other man Alina moved in with threw Vlad and Alina out because Vlad locked himself in the bathroom for half an hour and would not talk or come out of the bathroom. Vlad and your daughter moved in with this other man not too long ago. One day Vlad and this man were wrestling and Vlad was pinched by him, as a result Vlad was upset and locked himself in the bathroom. Alina thought she would have to call the police to get Vlad out of the bathroom, Vlad was silent and she did not know if Vlad was ok. This man they were staying with then got mad at Vlad and said “I do not need this. You both need to move out!” And that was how Vlad ended up living with my family and I again, because this man kicked him out. I believe Vlad should not be seeing his mom jumping from bed to bed and not knowing if he is going to have a place to live or who will be the next man Alina finds, this is an unstable way to live.
    During counseling I found out she was cheating and Alina promised to tell the truth and stop lying and she again gave her word to me and the therapist. What I later found out through my skills and contact with the FBI was that Alina was still lying. After weeks of lying to the therapist, she only revealed part of the truth daily. She was revealing only as much as she thought I knew. She never would have been totally honest, had I not had the information I received. Alina did not even care if I could caught AIDS or any other STD from all of this cheating. She did not even use condoms with some of these losers she had. She did get a yeast infection from one of the men. I got out of bed at 12:30 AM on a week day to buy yeast infection medication at a all night drug store because she complained how much it hurt. At that time I did not know that she was having sex with other men at that time and she also caught the infection from another man. She was having sex with multiple men and myself, within a day or so. Look at how pathetic Alina is and that she has to lie about me to make me look bad, just as she lies about herself in hoping to make herself in her many failed attempts to make herself look good. She lies constantly about everything, from her dating profiles to everything else. She was also lying by stating that she is honest, loyal, faithful, caring and comes from a great family. She also lied to make people like and trust her when she is none of these things. She could have been a good wife and mother and a respectable woman but instead she chooses not to be. Her obvious preference is to lie and cheat. Vlad, like all children truly need and want love and stability and he had that living with myself and my family. There were many men that I know of that sexually took advantage of Alina. That was all they wanted from her and after they got sex from her, they dumped her. None of these great men cared for Alina or Vlad not one except me. All these men dumped her like a worthless piece of trash. Alina also had an affair with Vlad’s best friend’s dad that lived just one street over so every time I leave my house or come home I see his old house.
    These men treated her as a whore getting the free sex they wanted. Prostitutes at least get paid. She has set her value to everyone as being worthless. Alina signed a one year rental lease with a man and was paying at least 700.00 a month and also sleeping with him? Alina did not share her money with me and I paid for everything! She improperly used my money and gas, car and even rushed to get dental work that was cosmetic because she knew that she was leaving me. She wanted to take advantage of me and of my dental insurance before she left me. This makes her a thief. This is theft by deception. Any intelligent person should be able to understand this concept. Why would she support these men yet not help me with money, except for a maybe $800. Over the entire six years I have spent over $100,000 on Alina and Vlad since I met her. This is how Alina repays me, with her having so many affairs.
    Alina has hurt my children so many times. She thinks saying she is sorry which in addition was very insincere, is enough. When I say my children I also include Vlad.
    Victoria my youngest daughter and I got into an argument with her about Alina cheating on me. I told Victoria she was not cheating. Alina also told Victoria and I that she was not which was another lie. I then made it really uncomfortable for Victoria and I punished her for trying to ruin our marriage. She was grounded and moved to her mom’s house. I also slapped Victoria in the face. I have never before done this to any of my children. Alina was lying and cheating again. Alina let an innocent person get punished. She let my daughter and I grow apart to hide her lies. Alina wrongly thinks that a simple and insincere, I am sorry one time is enough. Alina’s “I am sorry” to Vlad was not sincere or humble either and Vlad told my daughter Kayla that his moms attitude was not of someone that was truly sorry. She needs to sincerely ask for forgiveness for everything that she has done! If it takes a hundred apologies she should do it. I asked her how you could look me in the eyes while you’re lying and cheating on me all these years and all while I was showing you and Vlad love and supporting you both finically and morally. Her answer was to say very coldly, to go ask your ex or someone else. What her comment means to me is that she is a cold, heartless, selfish and spoiled brat and that she doesn’t care about me or anyone but herself, not even Vlad. Alina did apologize to me a couple of times. She wrote me a apology note and a nice letter. It sounded like she sincerely apologized to me until she took them back and ripped them up. This signifies to me now that she really was not truly sorry and the tearing them up shows me she acts and thinks like a little spoiled child. Alina should say to Victoria I am sorry and that she should have told the truth instead of lies and letting you get into trouble with what I was doing behind your dads back.
    She later goes on a romantic trip with me and cheats on me with another man on the trip while I am having to talk to the FBI about my business partner who had betrayed me stealing money. Alina and I drove 495 km to San Francisco. I was questioned by the FBI about my business partner betraying me and others. They were also investigating me, even though he was the guilty one who was stealing money and lying to me and others. I took Alina along so we could spend some romantic time together. She chose an expensive hotel to show off to her date. I found a very unique and special romantic restaurant to take her too. The next morning, while being interrogated by the FBI, your daughter had set up a date with a man that she had met online. He was a banker. They went out behind my back and then he flew out to Los Angeles. Alina drove to the airport and picked him up using a car that I gave her using my gas and insurance. She drove him and her to a hotel and had stayed overnight to have sex. She lied each time to me by telling me that she was with a female friend. She was in reality cheating on me more than once with him. He came out here a couple of times. All the while, I was taking care of Vlad by babysitting him and also working long hours to support all of us. This man had told Alina she had no class and dumped her, he is a very smart man.
    Your daughter says she doesn’t know the last names of any of these men. What type of wife does this to her husband? What type of person goes out with someone she doesn’t know and sleeps with them and never gets their full name? What if one of these 19 men raped or killed her? She says the first guy she met on her flight to the USA had raped her. I find this hard to believe. If someone rapes you, why would you go out with 18 other men and risk being raped again or killed? What is also really hard to believe is that she did not call the police on this man that allegedly raped her. It is very odd that she called the police on me, because I caught her in yet another lie after I forgave her, for her lying and she promised not to lie or deceive anymore. She also lied regarding her breast implants. I told her at this time to leave my house because she lied to me once again. She told me that I would have to make her leave. I started packing her things and told the children to help me pack her things. She chose to call the police on me.
    Another one of her adulterers whose name is Serge, she met on a dating site. Alina had unprotected sex with him numerous times. She drove from our house 1 hour each way to Valencia and had sex at his apartment multiple times. He owned a travel company and she thought he had money. She was only 1 km from my work in Valencia. She could have come to visit me at work and we could have had lunch together. This would have shown some effort on her part to me. She chose to commit adultery and have fun all while I was at work. Alina was using the car gas and insurance which I provided for her to use for our family. These things were not given to her to find her a new boyfriend or husband. Every day I go or leave work, I have to drive by the exit and be reminded that she drove there to have sex with this man. Once again it is the exit 1 km before my exit to my work. Alina says that she was there for me and working on us all these years. How can she say that, when she is on so many dating sites, dating and fucking all these men? In reality, Alina was using and abusing me; when I needed her moral support more than ever. I felt like the world was against me. It might as well have been because your daughter’s actions only had shown a total disrespect for me. This is literally stabbing me in the back and also laughing at me. That’s how anyone would view her actions. It is an outrage if you had taught your daughters’ these types of things. I am saying that this is partially your fault for her dad’s cheating in front of her and all of you making a joke of the cheating that your husband did. Alina’s cheating in front of Vlad will get the same results by corrupting his morals regarding adultery and lying. Both of you should talk together to Alina and hopefully to teach her right from wrong. You all need to talk to Vlad also.
    My daughter Kayla confronted Alina and asked her why you are back living with my dad and us. Alina stated that I love your dad. Kayla asked why do you love him? No response from Alina. Kayla went on to say, how can you sleep with so many men and say you love my dad? How can you say you love Vlad, yet sleep with Vlad’s best friends dad while you’re married? Why would you teach Vlad to lie and take him on dates? How could you have Vlad lie to my dad and all of us while we are showing Vlad love? All of us treat him as family and you show us no love or respect at all! You have never shown love for any of us. Alina then said to Kayla, why you don’t bring everyone here to my bed room to attack me? Alina’s comment was very childish! To this day Alina has never answered any of Kayla’s questions. She never even said hello to her. When I confronted Alina about this, she said why should I acknowledge her? Alina has so often behaved like a spoiled child. Alina has done so much damage and she just does not care for anyone but herself. Alina has done wrong and she truly does not care. She will not humble herself and she should. She is the one that did all of this damage and it is her responsibility to be accountable for her actions. No matter how hard it is or how many times she needs to talk to the people she hurt, she needs to do it. My children who were her family by the way of marriage became her family. Alina owes my children answers to their questions and explanations of the hurt she has caused them, even if we are divorced. Two of my children now live at my ex-wifes house because they do not want to be around such a cold, selfish and uncaring person and because of the damage she caused between myself and my family. These children feel disrespected by Alina, even to this day. If it takes Alina talking to them 20 times don’t you think she should? We are talking about years of almost non-stop lying and cheating here and not just a onetime affair. No there were many years of adultery, lies and disrespect.
    Galina, don’t you think you should have taken the time to talk to me and Alina when I reached out to you? When you tell people about how bad your daughter’s ex-husbands were and now, that I am one of them, will you say that it is Peter and his families’ fault? I hope that you tell them the truth which is that your daughters’ divorce is because she cheated with multiple men repeatedly and lied repeatedly to her husband. She misused his money and time and she did not care about his children or even her own son, Vlad. She also did not care about any of the other women of the men she slept with. She risked my life and my children’s lives by sleeping with other men. What if one of those adultering men and I got into a fight or got angry at Alina? They could have come to the house and tried to kill Alina and ended up killing me or the children. She should ask to be forgiven, while being truly be sorry and humbling herself. She is too selfish, caring only about herself instead. In Alina’s mind it was my fault that she lied and cheated. Alina tells me that when I was talking to you on skype with her, she stated that you felt it was my family and my fault for disrespecting her, which is total nonsense. You are justifying her behavior and disrespecting me and family instead. There was no disrespect towards her from myself or my family and secondly there is never any excuse for her adultery and lies.
    I remember you talking about what a piece of shit Glib’s dad was. Clearly, his wife Olga is like Alina; as we all know Olga slept with married men. Maybe Vlads’ dad is not as bad of a man as you guys claim. I thinking she also cheated on him, instead of him being accused of cheating on Alina. I wonder if Alina was not having sex with him and had it with other men like she treated me? I know she limited sex with me, saying she did not like sex, YET she slept with all these men multiple times in order to find a rich husband. You did not have time to talk to me. It’s been months and you should have taken the time to talk to me or to write me in Russian?
    Vlad’s other Grandmother had a friend call me because she was worried about Vlad and Alina. She did this because Alina will not talk to her. Alina has even told Vlad to tell her I am not here to avoid talking to her. I don’t know if this lady is crazy, like Alina tells me. She is family and that should be enough. You would not like it if you had no contact with Vlad or your Daughter? I can only imagine how this lady feels not knowing what is happening. I had told her that Vlad was greatly loved by all of us and safe and she is welcome to call me anytime. I did not tell her what you daughter has done to my family, Vlad and I.
    I do not feel that Vlad’s dad is going to be happy with what Alina is teaching Vlad and other things she has taught him ? I believe Vlad is scarred emotionally for life when it comes to developing into a moral and decent adult. I see problems in his future in his school work and also his lying to his mom and I. Alina taught him this lying behavior and to take the easy path of deception. It is so very wrong for Vlad to see his mom jumping from bed to bed instead of Alina trying to make her marriage work with a man that loves her and her son and supports them. It shows him to lie and deceive and do whatever he wants to do to further his own interests. In addition, it also shows him you do not need to be accountable for your actions or humble. Alina had repeatedly told me “I am not doing anything wrong.” She told me, “Pete there is something wrong with the way you think”, and that “Pete you are the only one that thinks like this.” This is the most perfect example of the narcissism and deflection away from herself that I have ever seen. I base this on the following opinions of the majority of the world. This is not just my opinion. These are the beliefs and opinions of my friends, family, acquaintances, marriage therapist, and even a priest. Adults and even young children know this is wrong, but not Alina. She always plays stupid or gets overly emotional when I confront her. The other people that I know that would agree with Alina are her lying and cheating friends and lovers. All her lovers and most of her female friends have dumped her.
    For Alina to go on a trip with her married friend Yasmin, for the sole purpose of dating other men is morally wrong. Alina needs to apologize for helping to deceive the husband and teaching his children that this type of behavior is normal. You and your husband should talk to Alina and explain to her what the proper moral conduct is and also humility along with common sense. Alina should make a great effort to try to undo the things that she has done. Please teach her to take responsibility for her actions and tell her that running away and her hiding what she did will not make it go away. You have said your daughters’ ex-husbands are bad. Look at your daughters! These women do whatever they want at anyone’s expense and then run away and blame everyone else and never humble themselves or take responsibility for their actions. Vlad is a great person. I love him like my own son and I want the best for him. His real dad let him come to the U.S. What type of father does that? Possibly, a father that wants his son to do better than he can do in Ukraine and that is respectable. I am sure that he will not approve of what Alina is teaching his son. I also believe that he will be angry to find out that Alina risked Vlad’s life by putting him in contact with so many worthless men. Vlad locked himself in the bathroom for half an hour at her latest boyfriend and Alina’s apartment. They both thought they needed to call the police to get him out. He would not talk. Your daughter, once again, wrongfully thought this guy was great. All because he was what younger, thinner and maybe owned a nicer car. She was again starting a relationship and moving in to an apartment with some unknown person. This latest man was not the only man she went out with in front of Vlad. She had Vlad to go on dates with her and hide gifts so I would not find out his mom was cheating. No one would consider her a good mom or even a good person. They would consider Alina a selfish and sick spoiled brat who only cares about herself. If Alina thinks there is something wrong in the way I think and she also thinks that I am the only one that thinks that way then she really has a distorted take on reality and morals and ethics. Vlad played soccer and basketball and I took him to most of his practices and games. Alina did not want to go with him. I took him and I spent my time doing this, and I later found out that while I was doing this for Vlad, your daughter was online looking for men. She put herself dating sites like match.com , onona.ru and fotostrana. Alina should have been helping me and Vlad and not looking for a replacement by going on dates and screwing these men, while I am taking care of Vlad.
    Alina went to school to become a hair stylist and dental technician which I helped pay for. I also helped by taking care of Vlad and finding classes for her. I took her to hair stylist conventions. I bought tools for her and I even drove her to class at night and stayed in the car by myself while she took a class because she did not want to drive to the valley alone. While she attended school she was also picking up men and having affairs with them. This is wrong and disrespectful and a theft of my time and money. I have never hit Alina and I have never disrespected her. Alina has totally disrespected me and my family and she has stolen from the family and also from me. That is unforgivable, unless she makes herself accountable and repairs what she can and never does any of this again. Alina had a face book page and there was not one picture of me and no mention of me. She listed her status as single. Alina used it to show off to other men that she had pictures of herself and friends at class. She had pictures of the two women friends that helped her find men. I had a face book account and there was not any pictures of anyone on it, not even one of myself and my listed status was married.
    I have picture and proof of Alina with other men and also with Vlad and this is fact. These are horrible images of a bad person using a good innocent child to obtain status and wealth at any cost, even at the cost of her own child’s moral stability. Some of these pictures with her boyfriends were taken by Vlad
    One of her many boyfriends by the name of Sasha stated that she was having unprotected sex with him. He also was from the Ukraine and she moved into his apartment. He got rid of her in less than 3 weeks. This so-called great man told Alina that if they were in the Ukraine he would have killed her for her lying and cheating on him. I did talk to Sasha and he told me we could be friends. I told him why would I want to be friends with a low life piece of shit adulterer? This man was arrested for beating his ex-wife. He also was going to hit Alina. It is scary to think what he might do to Vlad if he tried to protect his Mom or Vlad confronted him. We had to have the police show up to my house after this man threw her out. He said he was going to kill her and it was not nice for my children and parents to have to see the police show up to file a report against this man. Even my neighbors saw this. It is not right to put my family though this and in danger. This happened just because your daughter only cares about herself and no one else. Alina was texting this man in front of me and our friends while we were out to dinner with them. She also had Sasha come to our house to move her out in front of my parents and Kayla while I was at work. Alina told me the night I caught her that she would never see this man again and nothing was going on with him. Later, she again lied to me while I was at work and she had him move her out. She took all of her belongings and a few of Vlad’s belongings too. She did not tell Vlad either so when he came home from school he said, where is my mom and all our things? I told him his mom took off with her lover by the way Vlad already knew about this man and his mother. I told him his mom was coming back to pick him up later. Vlad did not want to go with his mom so he stayed my family and I most of the time. Vlad felt that he was abandoned by his mom. Alina does not show love or caring for Vlad. Your daughter Alina has betrayed and hurt everyone. There is nothing that you two can say to me that justifies your daughter’s actions. It bothers me to see someone I had unconditionally loved, turn out to be someone who is ultimate example of a spoiled, lying and selfish adulteress.
    No one has forced Alina to do all of this. She willfully and intentionally has chosen to do these things. She started before she even got off the plane from Ukraine, before we were married and she continued to do so until our divorce. Alina knows what a person that does these things is called so why does she now complain about being called these names. She even got her girlfriends to help.
    Even if Alina said that I am sorry 50 times, there is no way she can say or do anything to make this right because this is not a onetime affair. She is an extreme narcissist and extremely selfish and constantly lies and committed numerous counts of adultery. I could have stopped Vlad’s citizenship, but I did not because Vlad would have also been deported, if I did this. This was the main reason I did not stop it.
    Alina was taking care of Millie, who was a 93 year old lady and lived at her house and given a room, internet and food. All she had to do was stay in the house 6 nights a week after work and do light cleaning. Eventually, Alina wanted to move back with me because she could not stand the house and the smoking. When Alina gave them notice they could not find someone quick enough for Alinas’ replacement. She was going to heartlessly and coldly, just leave Millie on her own and let the daughter worry about her.
    I am sure Alina makes me look bad with lies about me because her friend act strange and cold towards me. Alina lies to make me look bad using deflection- and for the main purpose of trying to make herself look good.
    Please use this knowledge that you have to make Alina a more humble and better person for Vlad and the next man she might attract. I hope that you will both put your best effort into morally repairing your daughters. She needs to hear the hard truth. If you poured poison on the ground and did nothing to clean it up no matter how long you wait you are still hurting the people and the environment. Alina is doing nothing to repair all the damage that she has caused. You should not give Alina any indication that her terrible behavior can ever be justified. She needs to fix herself soon and end her lies, selfishness and take responsibility for her actions. Both of you need to reach out to her for her own sake.

    Recently July 2014, Alina had some dentist work done, I knew that she could not eat hard, solid food and that she needed soft foods. I brought her some to her place on Monday night and also dinner for Vlad. I did this from my heart. I did this because I do care. Well that same day while I was at work I had received a phone call from the Ukraine. It was Vlads’ Grandmother. I had missed answering the call, so I called the number back. She was asking to talk to Vlad. I told her that he was not here because I was at work. I stated that he was ok. We could not understand each other. She had a friend from the U.S. call me and we talked. I told her Vlad was ok and that I was not with Alina anymore.
    When I got to Alinas place, instead of a thank you from Alina, she falsely accused me of causing problems by me saying Vlad was in danger to the grandmother. I never stated Vlad was in danger. From that moment on Alina has stopped Vlad from going places with me and coming over to visit me. She would not let Vlad go to the movies with me as we normally do on Tuesdays nights together. Vlad cannot spend time with me and my family anymore. The reason is totally because you daughter is completely selfish. Keeping Vlad away from me in her mind is the only way for her to upset me. In your daughter’s stupid and childish actions, she is in reality actually hurting Vlad by not letting him come here and spend time with me and my family.
    Alina is only thinking of herself and not her son’s well-being and this is a constant ongoing event. The longer this continues, the more it will hurt Vlad.
    Galina, once again you should have taken the time to talk to me and Alina when I reached out to you. I skyped you and needed to talk to you. You just said I am tired and that my family disrespected your daughter which is not true. It has been months and you could have taken the time to talk to me or write me If for only Vlad’s benefit, although you chose to do nothing because it is of no benefit for you. Like mother like Daughter, You can write to me in Russian if you like as I will have it translated.
    It is really terrible that your daughter has done all of this damage and then as always lies and blames everyone else for her actions. Alina then just runs away to leave everyone else to clean up her mess and deal with all the pain and suffering she has caused them. If you can’t trust your spouse, who can you trust? If a child can’t trust his mother or stepmom, who can they trust? It is sad that no one will be able to ever trust Alina fully.
    Maybe you can get Alina to change, I know I have tried with all my heart and soul I cannot risk anymore pain and suffering on someone that does not care for me or my children. No one is worth the effort I have put in if they will not try, you can lead a horse to water you cannot force them to drink even if they are dying of thirst. I truly hope the best for Alina and Vlad. I do still care for Alina even to this day and want the best for both of them; maybe you cannot understand this I know I do not.
    I am giving you some evidence proof, photos and a letter in her own writing of Alina’s betrayal as I know for a fact she will lie to you like she does to everyone. This should help you see Alina is a liar and only cares about herself at anyone’s cost. It is the true lying childish person she is and that is she only cares about herself not even Vlad her own son. I am sorry like you I want to believe Alina is good the fact is Alina is not good at all and she never keeps her word. Please see if you can get her to go back to Ukraine she does not deserve to be in this great country if she is going to spit on all of its people my Family and all the other people she betrayed. So many good people have died to become a US citizen so many men and women have given up their lives to protect this country. It is wrong for someone as uncaring and selfish as Alina to be in this great country when she has nothing of any value morally or ethically to offer anyone. Alina does not deserve to be here send her to the front lines to fight for your Country, maybe she will learn to be humble and thankful for all she had here.

  16. What makes me angry is a Ukrainian woman assisting in pimping out desperate women to loser American men. The guys who “can’t find” a wife in North America, can’t find one for good reason. There is a man shortage here, and the men who must search on another continent are socially awkward, and unable to form a true connection with ANY woman. So they look for a woman who is living in a country where her choices are limited. She makes the immense sacrifice of marrying a LOSER just to be able to feed and clothe herself, and send some money back home. North American women’s shelters are full of these women, fleeing their abusive husbands. Often shortly after this bogus marriage. This blog belongs to a pimp. A shameful profession, and even worse when practiced by a woman.

  17. Babaloo, you ARE SO VERY RIGHT!!!! It is so sad what befalls some of these mail-order brides. They’re young and very naive and in a foreign land where they know no one and don’t even speak the language. How scary that must be. They fall in with an abusive man and don’t know where to turn for help. However, on the flip side, there are those mail order brides that know how to work it. What I mean by that is they know the drill…get an American idiot to marry her and then claim that they’re being physically abused so that they won’t be sent back to their home country. It’s a con that mail order brides are well aware of. It’s how they gain legal entry and not have to stay with the idiotic lose that was stupid enough to marry her.

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for these guys that get duped by mail order brides. In my opinion, they asked for it and they deserve everthing they get lol.

  18. americanlonelylady

    The problem isn’t the women American or Ukrainian. The problem is some jerk American men who praise foreign women and disparage American women. It hurts to be considered at the bottom of the pile with no chance to find love at all. According to the various blogs out there no one want an American woman. I just got my heart broken by a man who went to Ukraine and found a gal young enough to be his daughter. of course shes everything I’m not snd never can be. So how am I supposed to feel when he throws her in face as this perfect person and i by comparison am irredeemably messec up? How would a Ukrainian woman feel if the shoe was on the other foot and the Ukranisn men trashed her while if idolizing other women? I can understand the point of view of Furious. Only I’m not furious. I m just heartbroken right now.

  19. I had a previous experience of dating a ukranian woman after I broke up with my Canadian girlfriend and I have to say that the Ukrainian woman who I dated had no class in every aspect , her main aim was to get as much as she can in terms of money, gifts , expensive travel treats , I also noticed that she had a very explicit sexual behaviors , obviously this relationship did not last . My advise is , guys these woman are not true women in my opinion , they are just hungry women coming from a hungry country .

  20. Im not American or im not from western country but ukrainians women want „make”business all the time…Guys are only can help them financial that’s all;)

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