The attitudes towards virginity in Ukrainian and Russian cultures

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I decided to update this article with some additional information and ideas on the virginity matter in the Ukrainian and Russian family culture. There is no secret that the virginity issue is still very important to some cultures. Different cultures treat the virginity before marriage differently.

It is not a really important concept in modern American and Western society. The woman can have sexual relationship before getting married. I believe it would be a big surprise for a Western man if he finds out that his bride is still a virgin.

In the Orient cultures, virginity is one of the criteria when choosing a future wife. First of all, virginity has a moral meaning. The duty to preserve one’s chastity in Islam concerns not only women, but also men.

What about the attitudes towards virginity in Ukrainian and Russian cultures? Some men looking a Russian or Ukrainian wife are wondering if Ukrainian and Russian girls remain virgins until marriage. In the today’s article, we discuss this issue.

Is virginity important to Russian and Ukrainian women?

It was said, “there is no sex in the USSR.” Nevertheless, the Soviet people were excellent breeding in the country. The theme of love and sex in the USSR was covered by a dark secret. It was a taboo subject.

I mentioned in my articles that many Ukrainian and Russian girls are waging a silent war for their own sexuality. The new generations of Ukrainian and Russian women become more confident about their sexuality and try to talk about sex and the woman’s role in Ukrainian and Russian cultures.

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I would say that today the Ukrainian and Russian dating cultures move towards the Western world and men do not put any attention to the virginity issue at all. 

Gender roles in Ukrainian and Russian dating

As Russian and Ukrainian women begin dating, they may sometimes see aloof and not very passionate. This is part of their culture due to their upbringing. They tend to be shy and embarrass easily because they do not have exposure to the outside world like other women born in other countries.

If a man takes his time and becomes friends first with a Russian or Ukrainian lady, it helps bring her out of her shyness. When she begins to feel comfortable around the man and learning American ways, the young woman will respond to the kind gentle person.

Russian and Ukrainian women, although very strong, respond to being courted. They want to see a man respect their values. If the gentleman courts in a generous fashion such as bringing flowers on a date, going out to dinner and maybe take in a movie, provides the young woman with a sense of security.

Conclusion: Virginity is not necessary for Russian and Ukrainian people

The Russian and Ukrainian population is brought up to act strict and proper in social situations. Public displays of affection are frowned upon in the Russian and Ukrainian culture. The ladies are never to embarrass or bring shame to their family with their behavior.

Once a woman falls for a man in a courting relationship, she is brought up to fully give in to her man’s desires and him bringing out her desires. The Russian and Ukrainian culture also instills that it is the man’s duty to initiate sex and not the woman. This however, is easily overcome when there is true love.

Although the women are raised to protect their virginity, in today’s society, even the young girls in Russia are pushing the envelope more and more. They want to be like the American women and enjoy the freedom to pursue their sexuality as so many women are doing today.

But Russian and Ukrainian society becomes modern and virginity is not necessary for Russian and Ukrainian people. It is normal that Russian and Ukrainian women have a sexual relationship and modern couples in Russia and Ukraine live without getting married.

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5 thoughts on “The attitudes towards virginity in Ukrainian and Russian cultures”

  1. Hi there ! Nice article , sadly this is happening a lot more in all conservative societies.
    Just out of curiosity , will they be open to tell the truth to their present partner whether they are virgin or not.

  2. Mohamed Ghazi

    Although I’m always afraid and I have a conflict, If girls are used to having sex with different guys or even living with them without Marriage.. that can affect a woman’s Loyalty to her husband? Because what seems to be forbidden is just Ok.. ? I’m really thinking to date an Ukrainian woman – The mind setup of Ukrainian and Russian women is way better than women in the Arab world they care more for themselves and they are more independent.. they know how to appreciate a man and make him happy. Although I’m always afraid of committing because Here in the Arab world Virginity matters it shows a girl can hold herself for the beloved one (That doesn’t eliminate that girls can cheat after Marriage 🙂 ) But something is better than nothing..

    Can you comfort me, or Inform me what are the pros and cons to have a Wife from Ukraine ?

    1. You are talking about your mother and sister that cheat after marriage if you married a girl with manners you wont find that and dont to talk about arabs while you dont know anything about them

  3. I would like to get married from Ukraine girl, I am 34 years old, I would like to know where is the city or village may I get virgin girl to be marry, and it is easy there to get agree on me, I have 2 weeks vacation in the final of January 2016, it is enough time to do party married there?
    Thank you

  4. for a reason the U.S. has a really high divorce rate. there is some studies out there that say that having sex out of wedlock maybe directly correlated to divorce. In my opinion; before the sexual revolution, marriage was a sacred thing and talking about sex was something taboo, at least more so for women. Right now women are highly sexualized and if she has had too many partners by society’s standard she will be considered a “slut”. were the man can have infinite amount of partners and looked at as a “player” . I feel our culture towards sex has changed so much that it does affect our social views toward women and man. Getting divorce has become such a business and outrageously expensive that young people don’t want to get married.

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