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Are you looking for a dating website where everyone is interested in hooking up? There are a lot of websites on the internet that offers online dating services, but stands out because people who are using it are straight to the point – what they wanted is to look for someone willing to have sex.

Because of the nature of the website, it became highly controversial. Nevertheless, millions of people are still using the website and it is quickly becoming popular, especially among women and those who are between 25 to 34 years old. This is because of the simplicity of the site and its ease of use.

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What are the main features of does not have a lot of features to offer. However, the website is direct to the point – people are using it to find hook-ups. This kind of straightforwardness enabled the website to gain more visitors.

The first feature that users might notice once they started using is the capability to choose their profile photos or videos. When opting for a video to display on a profile, you will be given an option to make it private so not everyone will be able to access it.

Another feature of the website is the messaging feature. For men with free accounts, a limit of five messages per day is being practiced. For women with the same account status, they can send as many messages as they want. Sending a wink to profiles who attracted you the most is another feature of the page that is loved by its frequent users.

Yes, it is a legitimate website that anyone can visit, as long as they are at the right age. Many people who have been using the services from are saying that despite the number of fake profiles on the website, they are still able to find legitimate ones because of how the website checks for verified profiles. If you are still unsure how the website works, you need to visit them and try using the platform. 

The website is safe when it comes to scams. They wanted the profiles to be verified to avoid fraudulent transactions. The website also requires other users to pay for their subscription to provide additional safety features.

How do you sign up and register?

Signing up with is easy. All you need to do is to visit their website and provide some information like your name and profile picture or video. After setting up your profile, it will be classified under the “free accounts” category, and you will be limited to sending only five messages per day if you are a male.

Free accounts need to be verified as well to unlock other features within the site. The email that you provided during the registration process is the one that will be used by the website to send a verification link. All you need to do is to follow the instructions sent to your email to make your profile verified.

Registration is also required when you sign up for When your account is verified and you paid for a subscription, there is a huge chance for you to meet more hook-ups.

What are the available membership plans within the website?

Those who wanted to sign up with are required to buy their membership fee if they wanted to maximize their experience within the website. There are three membership plans for everyone: a per month basis, a three-month basis, and an annual basis. The type of membership is based on the financial capabilities of those who wanted to join the site.

Initially, first-time users will be offered an option to try out all of the features on the site for only $2.97 per day. This trial period would last for 3 days, and the total amount will be $8.91. If you choose the trial period and it ended after three days, you have the option to choose their long-term plans.

The first one costs $45 per month, and this is the most expensive membership plan on the site. This is suitable for those who wanted to use the website for only a month. However, if you fell in love with the site and you wanted to use it for a longer period, you should sign up for the three-month membership plan. It costs $45.90, which is a good deal.

If you wanted to use for a whole year, opt for their one-year membership plan. This would cost you $73.80. No matter what type of membership plan you choose, expect to unlock all of the features available within the website once you registered and paid for it.

Is this dating website reliable?

Yes, is a reliable website for those who wanted to find a hook-up. There are more than 17 million people who are using the website, and 60% of the users are female. When you verify your subscription, you will find others who also have a verified profile. It is easy to find someone interested in meeting you especially if you already paid for your subscription.

The website’s algorithm makes it possible to put your profile on the front page, resulting in more people sending you a message. Despite the huge number of fake profiles on the website, it is easy to spot someone who is a legit user. All you need to do is to look at the profiles and see if it is verified. Watch out for women who are also sending you messages because once you find out that it is not verified, there is a huge chance that it is fake.

Is a scam or a trusted site?

The website is not a scam. A lot of its users are satisfied with the services they provide. People who wanted an easy way to search for hook-ups rely on the website to find someone who is available. When people start meeting each other, they realize that the profiles are not fake and they are talking to real persons.

Because of the reputation of the website as a legit way to search for hook-ups, the number of its users continues to climb. The website no longer needs to pay for advertisement because new users are drawn into the website, thanks to more referrals from the users who are satisfied with the services they receive. The company also stated that they are working to improve some of the features online to transform them into the best dating site on the internet.

Is BeNaughty worth it?

The website is one of the leading destinations online for people who wanted to find a hook-up. More than 17 million people use the website, and there is a higher chance for you to search a potential hookup if you will search for them using the filters.

The search filter is one of the features available on the website. You will be given an option to select the attributes that you wanted to see on a person, and it will give you the best results. This feature has a positive review among the people who are using the site.

Another plus for the website would be its interface. The simple interface displayed on the website makes it ideal for those who wanted to use a dating app that does not contain complex features.

The main drawbacks for this website are the cost of membership plans offered to the people, and the small amount of features that are available to the users. If the developers of the website tries to introduce new ways on how they can expand their user base, more people will know what this site is.

Design and usability

When it comes to the website’s design and usability, offers a moderate looking one. The design of the website is simple – when you start creating a profile, the website will require you to put a name and a profile photo or video.

The video can also be restricted on who will have access. Another thing that you will notice on the website is the simplicity of its messaging system. If you paid for a membership plan, you can send an unlimited number of messages to the profiles that you liked. If you have a free account with the website, you are limited to five messages per day if you chose male as your gender.

When you use a paid account, you can view the profiles of other people on the site, as well as their videos and photos. This would encourage more people to sign up for their membership plans.

Women’s profile quality: top or flop?

There are many fake profiles in, and that is where the importance of profile verification comes in. When you use the site for the first time, the thing that you will notice is that a lot of female profiles will start sending you messages.

You should check if the profiles are verified to make sure that you are speaking with a real person. When it comes to the quality of the profiles owned by females who are using the site, the majority looks cute and hot. It is still considered a top because most of these profiles would like to invite you for a hook-up.

Why choose is a great website if you are looking for a hook-up. It is easy to understand, and they offer solid features that make the experience enjoyable. If you wanted to look for someone ready for a hook-up, you can always trust the website. 

They have 17 million profiles available to be messaged, and the majority of these people are ready to meet others. The membership plans are also affordable, and every money you spend on the website is worth it. You should give this website a try and see how effective it is in searching for anyone who wanted to establish a fling relationship.

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