TOP 3 of Best Legit Russian Dating Sites 2022

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Looking for your perfect Russian partner isn’t easy. With all the scam artists all over the world and the horror dating stories, I know that you want to use a safe, legitimate platform in your search for your one true soulmate.

That’s why you are here now, right?

You know I’m an International dating blogger and coach, and today, I’ve got the 5 best Russian dating sites for you.

So when you’ve read these mini-reviews, you can hop on over to the site that speaks to you, browse through the pretty and detailed profiles, and start connecting with whomever puts a sparkle in your eye. 

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TOP 5 Russian Dating Sites - How We Selected Them

With all the Russian dating sites that are available online, I’m sure you don’t really want to sign up to each one and create a profile.

Who has the time for that?

You want the best dating platforms where you can find your Russian love interest – a dating site that is:

You also possibly want a platform that offers something unique like that translation service if you don’t speak Russian (yet) or not fluently, or what about matchmaking services so the best profiles are matched to yours? (Read also: Cost of Your Decision: Matchmaking Service vs. Dating Service)

My best 5 Russian dating sites meet all of these best practice requirements – and more.

1.) was created in 2005 to help men connect with cute Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukrainian women for marriage. This site vets applications from women and only approves 3 out of 5 to ensure that those featured on the dating platform are indeed “cute only.”

Top Services on

The top services on are:

How Usable Is Are the Profiles Good?

The simple dating site doesn’t look very modern from a first glance, but the platform is simply laid out and functional. It is easy to use with the profiles clearly showing the content you need to see. A plus is there aren’t a lot of ads that take up screen space like you see with some other dating sites.

The profiles are really high quality on All the women are front-cover magazine pretty. The profiles reveal that most Slavic women on the dating site are looking for a Western man and their interests range from cooking to reading. 

Fees of

For free, you can sign up, create your profile, and browse on

If you would like to make contact and start communicating with the woman that has captured your heart, then you need to pay the subscription fee.

For membership for one month, you’ll pay US$29.99, but you’ll pay less if you opt for a 3-month membership (US$50.97) or a 6-month membership (US$77.94).

What We Like About


Established a year before, is an efficient and modern online dating platform where you can find your true Russian bride for dating and marriage.  

Top Services on

The top services on are:

How Usable Is Are the Profiles Good? is an online dating platform that has a lot of monthly users. This speaks to how easy it is to use the platform and the high quality of the profiles.

The profile photos clearly showcase the personality of each lady. Plus, the company vets each lady’s application to ensure she is legit. Of course, some scam artists are just that good and do get through, but you can report these sketchy profiles and characters to customer services. 

Fees of doesn’t have a monthly membership fee you need to depart from. Instead, you buy credits as you need them.

Signing up to the site and browsing profiles are free.

If you want to read or send a letter, or even attach a photo to a letter, you need to buy at least 10 credits. A bundle of 20 credits will cost you US$14.99, so you can send and read a letter. 

Sending flowers or sending or opening a video in a chat costs you 15 credits. Live chatting is 1 credit per minute, while live video chatting is double the number of credits per minute.

You can buy credits in various bundles: 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, and 1,000. The biggest bundle will cost you US$379. 

What We Like About

3.) (A Foreign Affair) specializes in offering an online dating site for those who are looking for their one true love and a serious commitment.

The whole site is geared toward supporting a committed relationship with their:

Top Services on

The top services on are:

How Usable Is Are the Profiles Good?

The website is pretty basic but straightforward. It contains a lot of useful information that’s organized into categories, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

The profiles are good quality. Each profile shows the lady’s name, age, country where they stay, and member ID. If you are interested in learning more, click on the photo, which will take you to a more detailed profile page. 

Fees of (A Foreign Affair)

You get quite a lot of free services on You can sign up, create your amazing profile, browse and search through the profiles, get “best for you” matches, and even access your inbox.

To access some other services like a translated phone call and non-translated message, you’ll pay US$5.99 and US$9.99 respectively.

For a one-off fee of US$95 and a recurring monthly fee of US$29.95, you can become a Platinum member. This membership includes discounts on translated calls (US$3.99 per minute) and non-translated messages (US$2.50 per message). 

There’s also an Executive Plan if you want an extensive personalized service. You get a personal consultant who helps you find suitable love candidates for personal meetings, an in-depth personality assessment and questionnaire and the analysis thereof, US$5,000 correspondence credit, and more.

What We Like About

4.) has been in the online dating game for more than a decade so they have experience. If you are looking for your Russian better half in the USA, then the answer to your love prayer may be here.

Top Services on

The top services on are:

How Usable Is Are the Profiles Good?

The online dating platform is easy to use, and the registration process is quick too!

The profiles on are good, and the company has several measures in place to vet each applicant to try ensure no scam artist joins. Every person joining must add a profile photo.

Fees of lets you sign up for free, but to search for profiles, get your wallet ready.

There’s a Trial Premium Plan you can try to see if the dating platform is right for you. However, beware that the trial plan will auto renew if you don’t cancel it. One month will cost you US$26.40

The paid Premium Membership for 1 month is US$17.60. Pay with PayPal or your credit card, and stop the plan if you want to cancel it as it auto renews.

If you have Bitcoin, choose the Premium Membership (Bitcoin) Plan. A 1-month subscription costs US$24, 3 months costs US$54, 6 months costs US$72, and a year subscription costs US$96.

There is also a coin plan where you can buy credits via credit card, Bitcoin, or Paypal:

What We Like About

5.) has more than 2 million users. So if you are looking for your perfect Russian partner, chances are they are here! 

Top Services on

The top services on are:

How Usable Is Are the Profiles Good?

The dating platform is super easy to use. Even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy, all the features you need are easy to find, so you don’t need to add tech-stress to your dating game.

The profiles are high quality and very detailed. Apart from the photo, you can also see whether the person wants a marriage partner, a date, a friend, or penpal. There’s a table that highlights how well-matched you are, and a verified badge shows whether someone has provided a validated ID.

Fees of

On, you can register, create your online dating profile, browse and search, view photos, get basic matching, and read the first messages in your inbox for free. offers two paid subscription options: Platinum and Gold.

The Gold membership costs you US$34.99 per month, but you save 33% if you sign up and pay for 3 months and save 67% for a 6-month membership.

The Platinum membership isn’t much pricier at US$39.99 per month, and you also save 33% for a 3-month subscription and 67% for a 6-month membership.

Paying for a membership comes with perks like no ads, more search features, translation services, more profile space, ability to send messages, live chat, and ranking above other non-paying members in search. 

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