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If you are looking to date and possibly marry a Russian or Slavic bride, then only the best Russian dating site will do.

But with so many online dating platforms to choose from, is – as the name suggests – really the best? Or is this the kind of site you are better off staying far, far, far away from? 

Spoiler Alert! If you are in a hurry and can’t check out this complete review now, my final verdict is that you should not even consider as an option to find your Russian soulmate.

Here’s why.  

Reasons Why You Can Trust Krystyna - A Brief Intro About the Site

First of all, a general search on the web doesn’t get you anywhere really. You are pretty much just led to the website and some of the pages on the company’s website. So this already raises many red flags for me. review

The company states that they have been in the dating biz for at least 15 years … but wouldn’t a website that’s been around that long have more of an online presence and reputation? Well, unless there is nothing good to say about the service or it isn’t as popular a Russian dating site as the company proclaims it to be. 

If you go to the Privacy Policy, it states that it’s only been in effect since 2019, which means that the dating platform hasn’t been around for that long. Not even 5 years (at the time of writing now in early 2023). So this raises a few more questions in my book. 

But back to the website for now. The first impression doesn’t make me want to go explore the site or sign up. The design is outdated and the website doesn’t render well on my internet browser, which isn’t something that’s okay in this day and age. The site is available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. states that they personally meet every lady to ensure they aren’t scammers before posting their profile on the site. The company further states that they don’t “sell, rent, or trade” your personal information.

But wait. Hang on a sec! 

All the profiles are public, so they don’t need to sell, rent, or trade your info because it’s already there – for everyone and their granny to find. Nice, right? 

And there are 11,180 single lady profiles on the site versus nearly 950,000 single men profiles. The chances of you actually finding your soulmate on is rarer than rare. (Lottery odds seem way better.) 

The site also imposes an age limit of 80, so if you are older and don’t wanna lie about your age, you won’t be able to register. 

The services for are provided by Dot Com Productions, and a little digging reveals conflicting information. There are several companies with nearly the same name, but it seems that Dot Com Productions is essentially a website development and consultancy company. 

Further research reveals that the company runs a few other dating sites:,,, and And like, these online dating services are also in the Eastern European dating niche.   

How to Register on

As with pretty much every other online dating site, it’s easy to register on 

On the homepage, you have one option to sign up: There’s the “Register Now for Free!” button below the “Best Russian Dating” headline, photos of women, and some other stuff. Why not make it front and center like the other sites? (Maybe the company doesn’t want you to sign up …) 

Clicking the button allows a pop-up window with “Join Now” to appear. It’s basic and just ugh.

You need to fill in: 

Once done, click “Join” if you want to sign up or close if you changed your mind (which you should do). 

What Does the Profile Look Like? (Features and Functions)

The dating profiles on do not look appealing. Like the site, the profile design is outdated and just plain unappealing. profile

When you click on a profile picture, the lady or gent’s profile will open. You can expect: 

You’ll also see some basic info about the type of person they are looking for: 

There’s also a description like an “about me” section and an ideal match description section. 

You really need to look, but on the profiles, you can take a few actions: 

The profile also tells you whether the person is currently online or not. And there’s a trust level badge too, but honestly, it just doesn’t inspire any trust. 

Can I Use for Free?

You can use for free – within limits, of course.

For free, you can: 

Memberships, Costs & Credits also offers a few other services that are not free to use. 

The online site doesn’t offer a monthly membership option; instead, you need to buy credits. Some of the costs of the services are as follows:  

The cost of the credits are as follows: 

As with other online dating services, the more credits you buy, the cheaper the per credit rate. 

There’s a few payment options if you want to buy credits. You can pay via: 

Profiles in Our Review

On, there seems to be a mix of women with real-looking, unedited photos and those with heavily edited photos (like the kind you find on magazine covers). The scales tip toward the edited photos side. 

Plus, many ladies pose suggestively, trying to entice men to click on their profiles. women-profiles

Most of the profiles seem to be filled out 100% or as close to it as possible, but since the profiles aren’t very detailed, I’m not surprised since it doesn’t feel like you need to put in effort to create an online dating profile on 

Pro Tip: It is best to put in the time and effort to set up a proper online dating profile that reflects who you are to attract like-minded singles.
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Usability Check on Desktop and Mobile

Usability for isn’t ideal. I had trouble with the website opening correctly in my browser and this frustrated me. 

Everything else on the website – though basic and outdated – works fine. 

There is no mobile app so you’ll need to open the website on your browser on your phone if you want to date on the go. However, it is probably best to use the website on a larger device like a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  

Safety and Security at Best-Russian-Dating.Com

Compared to reputable online dating sites, doesn’t have much going for it in terms of safety and security. 

No matter what safety features the site has, the number 1 worry for me is the profiles that are public, meaning anyone can see your personal information with simple a click of a button. 

The company does say they vet all the ladies who have profiles on, and hence, there’s the “trusted” badge. But besides the company’s word, you have no way of knowing how truthful this claim is.  

How Can I Reach Customer Support At Best-Russian-Dating.Com?

There are a few options if you need to reach’s customer support team. Apparently, they are available 24/7. contacts

To get in touch with customer service at, you can:

Our Review Verdict: Avoid This Dating Site

After my deep dive into, my final verdict is that the site is now on my “do not recommend” list. 

Top 5 reasons for blacklisting are: 

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