Review 2023: Scam or legit?

Dear friends,

There are dozens if not hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian online dating websites out there claiming to help Western men meet the partner they’ve been looking for. After giving most of them a cursory examination, it’s easy enough to see that they aren’t really interested in helping you find the person you’re meant to be with. They’re interested in helping themselves find the inside of your wallet.

I know how difficult to find the person that is right for you, despite spending years trying Ukrainian and Russian online dating. Statistically, there are a plenty of websites, services and agencies. But the question is how to find a reliable one providing valuable services and a real chance to meet a lady from Ukraine or Russia?

Today I would like to present you, a Ukrainian and Russian dating club I’ve recently got in touch with. I realized they might be the right website to help Western men meeting a genuine and gorgeous woman from Ukraine or Russia. Unlike most international dating sites, they are truly interested in helping their members find someone to love.

What is

On their official website, the agency says that they do not consider themselves as a leader of the Ukrainian online dating industry. The goal of is to bring people together in their search for long-term relationships and marriage.

bridge of love logo

The dating agency is not a free social network like Facebook or Vkontakte. It is rather a closed club of real communication with intentions. On there is no advertising, therefore you need to pay for correspondence and chat. There are millions of fake profiles on the social networks. has the other way, namely, the website is built on real communication with real people.

They understand that love is a complicated emotion that can’t simply be manufactured; it has to arise organically. Even better, is completely up-to-date and offers all possible methods of online communication.

The dating company cares about every part of the dating experience. They are not around just to set their customers up on a first date and then run away. They are interested in helping their customers find a long-term relationship with a foreign lady – that is, they want to help you fall in love. is an International dating website which offers their services to men from Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.), the USA, Canada and Australia for dating, communicating, flirting and meeting Ukrainian women. The website cooperates with numerous dating and marriage agencies based in Ukraine. The company itself is registered in United Kingdom (the country of my current residence!).

If you become a customer of, you will sign the license agreement including such areas as eligibility and general restrictions, registration and authorization, cancellation right as well as payment Policy. Moreover, the agency operates according to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA).

Available languages on

Here are the most important key figures of

How to start using

This is my short list “to start on” for you, gentlemen, who are trying to find a Ukrainian wife:

You find support via email and live chat. A majority of issues, questions and concerns are resolved online very quickly.

What services are offered?

You will find a full range of online dating services on

The following extra services are available on in addition to the “traditional” online dating services:

Services of dating agency

Apartment and car rental

If you start to plan a trip to Ukraine in order to actually meet Ukrainian women in person, provides support to book a hotel and rent a car. With a place to return to at night and the ability to get around on your own, you will feel like you are truly in control of your destiny.

Translation services

From my experience, I would say that one of the biggest fears Western men have when start looking to find their soul mate internationally is that the language barrier would keep them from connecting (what is more than understandable). What if there is a woman out there who shared your interests and values, someone you really can connect with? BUT… if you don’t speak the same language, you’d never even connect, won’t you? Consequently, offers translation services to avoid language barriers in your intercultural dating communication. Knowing that you are able to communicate with someone you are interested in, right off the bat, makes the whole thing seem so much more normal. Correspondence translation service: the professional and friendly translators translate your communication to make it understandable for both parties and make the messages easier and more pleasing for you both. Besides, an interpreter for your dates in Ukraine can be provided if you need one.

How much does it cost? offers some of the most reasonable prices in the Ukrainian dating market. The payment system on the site is based on credits. You as a new customer pay $4.37 for one-time subscription — to be able to write, webcam, and otherwise communicate with the Ukrainian or Russian woman you are interested in.

Furthermore, you receive 30 credits making the first acquaintance. The agency offers an implemented system of substantial discounts when purchasing large credit packages. You will find three groups with different access capabilities and discounts. Moreover, there are discounts for special dates up to 70%.

You get some credits for free when you visit the site on a daily base and show really serious intentions to find a Ukrainian wife. The most significant purchases on the site are encouraged by giving you promotional codes. The agency does not have mandatory monthly payments. You pay only for the purchased dating service. The cost of the online dating services in overview:

Try the services for free dating services are paid, but you as a new customer have the great chance to take all benefits of paid account and try it for free. For that you need to register on the site and fill out your profile with all the necessary information.

Additionally, a discount system for purchasing credits is available for the trial period. You will find more information on free trial of the services.

Who can you meet on

The female profiles on the website are women from all over the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) and Eastern Europe. The women have serious intentions and want to find someone to fall in love with.

bridge of love

I have to say, these women from Russia and Ukraine are more than just beautiful faces. They have stories to tell and interesting personalities. Invest half an hour of your time for browsing Bridge-to-Love and you will see more potential romance than you’d found in all your life back home.

Anti-Scam Policy of

I know that a lot of Western men are sceptical of Ukrainian and Russian online dating because they don’t trust that the person they’re speaking with is who they say they are. Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men. These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men.

Therefore, Bridge-of-love gives significant consideration to their anti-scam policy to protect their customers from scamming when using their online dating services.

The anti-scam policy of controls all of the fears that you might have. Women have to go through local dating agencies to get a profile up on that means the female customers are really making an effort. also verifies information that the women submit about themselves (e.g. marital status, age, occupation, language skills, etc.). Moreover, the administrators have a video conference with Ukrainian and Russian brides to make sure that they are who they say they are.

Periodically, they give unscheduled phone calls to the lady to double-check her information.

The registered women need to undertake the two-step identification in order to sign in on, namely: she gets a sms with a one-time password to log in (e.g. banks and online payment providers use the same method of identification).

Additional anti-scam techniques are as follows: works with their partners on comprehensive measures to introduce a branded IP camera to ensure high-quality and secure dating communication via live chat:

Branded IP webcam

At the same time, Western men are checked and verifed by the too team to make sure that they are real too and are not going to scam Ukrainian and Russian women. If you are looking for real women, prove that you are real too.

With a dating agency like that, I believe you are in good hands. 

"Viam supervadet vadens" by the Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca (English: if you really want to find your happiness, take actions). So if you want to be happy, do something and start already today!
International dating blogger

Are there any guarantees? honestly communicates to their customers what they can offer and guarantee and what not. They honestly say that there is NO guarantee that you will definitely find love through their website. guarantees that any Ukrainian or Russian lady who you write to will respond to your letter within a certain period of time (s. terms and conditions). guarantees that all the ladies registered on the site are singles and looking for a foreign husband. Additionally, there is a guarantee that the site does not pay money to ladies for communication with Western customers. There is a guarentee that marriage agencies in Ukraine have been selected according to the toughest and inflexible rules in order to become partners.


As mentioned before, is not the most popular dating website in the East-European online dating industry. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a miscellaneous set of Ukrainian and Russian brides’ verified profiles, increasing your possibilities to find your soul mate.

Without a monthly fee, membership is an inexpensive option to improve your online dating experience – you pay only for the services you actually use. Moreover, the dating site offers you the opportunity to check paid account services free of charge (s. terms and conditions).

You need to discover superb overseas girls and feature an thrilling global courting adventure, however you do not know in which to start. Don’t worry, we can help you! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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Meet Krystyna, an esteemed international dating expert, blogger, and the founder of Ukrainian Dating Blog. With over 1000 articles published in English and German, she specializes in cross-cultural relationships, prevalent dating topics, and tackling romance scams.

Featured in many major publications including DatingAdviceSpace Coast Daily & SWAGGER Magazine.
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21 thoughts on “ Review 2023: Scam or legit?”

  1. Krystyna, I don’t understand. Why? How, can you recommend this website? I signed up with no photo and no information. I received 80 messages and over 100 chat requests in several hours. You cannot be serious about this site.

    1. Hi,

      many thanks for your comment. I recommend any dating site based on some important criteria (service options, price, member areas, testimonials, usability, success rate, and more). Furthermore, one of my criteria is talking to the company stuff personally. Ideal dating sites do not exist. Even, or have negative and critical reviews. If you believe that you know any perfect dating site to use, please do that.

      It is my opinion about the dating service and it might happen that we have different opinions. I believe that the site also offers a variety of search options, so male members can easily find potential matches based on the criteria that is most important to them.

      The agency will give you their feedback on getting messages and chat requests.
      There were my 2 cents on my recommendation.


  2. 100% Scam site…over 200 letters in few hours and only beautiful models no one read my profile. Not even one serious conversation was possible. I cannot understand this recommendation – hopefully your other recommendations/advice aren’t faked, too.

  3. Krystyna, up until recently the scammer Yulia Volskaya was on the site. From her vk profile, she is obviously with someone and probably at least engaged to be married. Can you imagine a man having met this scammer on the site, with no chance to find to out that she isn’t remotely interested? That he probably has not received a letter from her and she probably has never received a letter from him. The only way to verify her is to request a video chat. Which of course costs even more money. So a man spends 5000 to 6000 dollars to get to know her over a month. While she is with her boyfriend enjoying her salary. Then he gets up the nerve to come visit her which is another 5000 or 6000 dollars. And after a couple of dates, she tells him she is not interested or she sends him home to continue the scam as long as she can. Until finally she has exhausted him and his patience. If he is one of the lucky ones to prove she was seeing another man, he will get a generous refund. . .

    in credits.

    That is sick.

    That is what I thought you were trying to stop.

    I guess I was wrong.

    No Krystyna. All sites are not the same. Otherwise, just tell men to go back to Anastasiadate or Uadreams. It would at least be more honest. At another site, that charges one single monthly fee, a man has a fighting chance. He can ask a woman for a copy of her passport, while sending her a copy. He can request her mailing address. He can send her flowers using an independent service. He can request her phone number on viber. He can talk to her on facebook and vk like I have done countless times.

    At bridge of love, you talk about the things you use for evaluating a site.

    1. Testimonials/Success rate?? They list three successful matches since 2015. Before that you have go to back to 2012. So I am confused about your analsis of their success rate. Did you call some of these couples and talk to them?

    2. Price? A man could be out of house and home in one month using this crap service.

    3. Usability? It still allows no option for a woman is she chooses to to share her contact info. She isn’t allowed unless the site gets paid. There is no option for verification. A man is never sure he has gotten correct info rather than substitute or dummy information. At other sites, a woman is required to submit a passport to claim her profile is verified. And a man can request a copy of that passport if he so wishes. She can do the same!

    But you have just recommended another dark site. Men don’t know if they are talking to women, men, or botnets. Oh my, I just received a chat request from a profile saying the most profane things.

    Me and my team will go about the task now of cross referencing our database to the women at bridge-of-love.

    I don’t understand any of this. I really do not. Why did you make this so hard? So many good men out there are looking for love and so many Ukrainian women deserve to have a good man. And all of it is in jeopardy over a single post.

    1. Hi,

      thank you very much for your opinion and sharing some insights about the site. And I am really sorry to hear that you didn’t like the Bridge-of-love services. I am totally fine with the fact that you do not agree with my opinion. Your form of criticism is constructive and your arguments is valid and worth respecting, but I have to say that I don’t share your view and have my own opinion about the testimonials, usability, price and member quantity and quality. On my blog, I am sharing MY point of view and experiences. And it might happen that you do not agree with my point of view and my opinion.

      It would be great if you could provide some facts that Yulia Volskaya is a scammer and was recently registered on the site or some screen shots proving your statements.

      And a quick question. Which sites would you recommend then?

      Many thanks and kind regards,

  4. Hi,

    I think we can’t trust this website because in one day without pictures, I received 25 message. I connect to my account at 3 am (like this post) and I receive like 12 text for live chat (and a lot of them concern sex…). Please review your comment…

  5. Why you delete my post and don’t answer ??? Bridge of love, It’s a scamming website (girls start conversation with sex allusion, 24 text without picture of me or any information).

    If you delete it again without answer, I spam you and report you…

    1. Hi Leo,

      thank you for all your comments. I just approved them, as I was on vacation with my family for a few weeks and have not checked my blogs. But today I found time for checking comments and publishing a new article. Feel free to comment here.


  6. Like most of the guys here, I signed up for this website with no photos and no details in my profile yet rather amusingly received many emails from obviously hired writers telling me that they are very interested in me, the usual rubbish messages that one gets on scam pay-per-letter services. No way can you recommend this website to any genuine guy who is looking for love.

  7. I like the long review of the website, and especially the “new” security anti scam with verification when someone login and monitoring the ip address sound interesting.
    However it do not prevent a girl from sms to the translator in the agency, and the ip address can easy be changed using vpn software… BUT it do make it harder for one translators to sit at 1 computer and be logged in to 10 profiles at the same time.. BUT nothing that cannot be overcome with a little software and virtual machines using example 10 different ip addresses. Just saying I do not have fait in the new security system and that the girl actual is writing the letters her self.

    Yes the website have the same similar problems other have with “fake” introduction letters and fake chat pop up windows.

    To be really honest as a very experienced guy and having seen many dating websites ect.
    Then the website do look a little better.. Example I do not see many of the girls from example and that is a good sign…I know many of these girls get paid money and it is a scam website.
    So no girls is a very good sign.
    Also many of the girls from anastasiadate are also not there ( the model types ). that is a good sign.

    But all in all, i think the entire dating industry in ukraine/russia is sick.. There are 0 ways to tell if someone are real or not real, and if you are wasting your money or not…
    MY best advice avoid dating agencys that have ukraine/russian girls, and use the dating app named Tinder instead… pay a little membership and select your city is example kiev/odessa/kharkov/moscow and then see who like you… when two people like each other they can chat and arrange a meeting… and actual i will be going to kiev in september and have 6 girls so far.. some properbly will not show up, 1 look for material support, 1 look for sex, and well the other I dont really know if they are serious, if I meet 1 or 2 girls it is a success for me… BUT at least i know I pay 0 usd for the chance to meet someone that i find attractive, and then the rest is up to luck…
    BE very carefull you do not have your wallet stolen by the girl, and if she ask about money and such things then run away.. just saying use your mind..
    If you just look for sex, then many of the strip clubs allow the girls to go home with the man.
    Near the center of the city there is the big place named Arena, there are like 6 strip clubs within 500m some places you can take girls home with you.
    ( avoid escort agencys, you almost never meet the girl that you see on the photo ).
    and yes im a very serious man about finding a real girlfriend.. but when it fail then at the end of the day im single so well why not.
    You can also go to the many discos in town you might get lucky there are working girls many places.
    Just be aware ukraine is a difficult place for turists not speaking russian and you will be cheated and pay overprices ect ect… but it is possible to have a good time, and view the beautifull city especially architecture, resturants and shops below the main street are amazing.

    PS…. Agencys looking for model girls to work in the local dating marriage agency.

  8. It is unfortunate that Bridge-Of-Lpve site is now at mercy of local agencies. Jump 4 Love, Victoriya Club, and Bridge-Of_Love all use the same local agencies for business. This should tell you to stay away. In one week, over 500 letters. Wow. Same profiles on multiple sites. I have visited Kiev, and women not come to meetings, They are disuaded by local agency to play games. Yes, two trips to Kiev, and no meetings. What a joy. STAY AWAY

  9. It is unfortunate that Bridge-Of-Lpve site is now at mercy of local agencies. Jump 4 Love, Victoriya Club, and Bridge-Of_Love all use the same local agencies for business. This should tell you to stay away. In one week, over 500 letters. Wow. Same profiles on multiple sites. I have visited Kiev, and women not come to meetings, They are disuaded by local agency to play games. Yes, two trips to Kiev, and no meetings. What a joy. STAY AWAY

  10. Any site that uses ambiguous “credits” payment system is not to be trusted. On any given night, girls can be seen nude, masterbating. Why doesn’t the site have monitors to randomly view girls online to ensure site integrity? Why? because naked girls keep a mans attention and keeps him spending. My guest is your r tin the UK as as result of an internet marriage. Correct?

    Now you are trying to masquerade as some kind of website professional. But to be clear, the websites themselves are only part of the problem. The BIG criminals ar etc girls and the “local agencies”. These agencies earn commissions form the main website based on the income they generate in chats, credits, gifts, etc. How do I know? I am in Ukraine now.

    As a travel agent,I currently reside in Kremenchug, fucking these UKR whores – getting my moneys worth. I have been to 10 cities since 2012. I have spent more than 2 years in Ukraine. I have dated girls who work at agencies chatting and writing letters. How do you think girls pay for all these beautiful photos and photo sessions? The local agency pays for it, and the girls “repay the agency” with chat time…..usually new girls are on the night shift 12 am to 7 am, available to men from North America.

    So, either you re really stupid women, or you re part of the problem, enjoying some financial gain from website owners. This reason girls and websites in Ukraine target mainly US men, is because of the distance. Its too expensive and not convenient to jump on a plane and be in Ukraine in 2 hours.

    Girls don’t want to meet me. They only want to scam as much as they can. The local agencies don’t want to lose any girls who create revenue, so they create all kinds of problems for the girl and the man. I know this all to be true. As i write this I am in Ukraine – Krivoy Rog. You can always take the coward way and say, “Its only my opinion”. You are a joke. Your words mean nothing.

    Now, I need to find a way to regain the 15 minutes of life I just wasted on your blog. ps. when was the last time you lived in Ukraine and participated in the local culture. I don’t think you know this information first hand, unless you re a scammer or ex scammer yourself. YOU, just add to the problem.

  11. Really? YOU want money for info? Just like all the other scammers. You are just as bad as the other scammers…..

    1.00 USD – Krystyna is grateful
    3.00 USD – Krystyna is really smiling now
    5.00 USD – OK … Krystyna is sending some kisses right now
    You can also decide what to give 🙂

    1. I think I can give you 6.25 USD and you would smile at 100%. If you do not know me personally, why are you talking about me that way? How better are you if you are saying these words? Such a shame. It is my blog, my hobby and I can publish whatever I want here. I am asking nobody for their opinion about my blog. My advice to you is if you think you can write better articles about dating, then start your own blog. Stop writing here. All your comments will be deleted. A good luck in your search. I believe you need a lot of it. Krystyna

  12. Hi Krystyna and all there,

    Thank you for the creation of this blog and the provided comments.

    I am a young man (32 years old), and I have used for about two years, and I am sure that this site, its administrators, and most of its girls and women are scammers. Another important fact is that this dating site is the only dating site I have ever used, because at the time I started to use it, from technological point of view, this site was more advanced than other similar dating sites. But it was deceiving, and they scammed me!

    I travelled Ukraine two times to meet the girls of this site, and also visit this country and see its real situation, and I am sure that the girls and women of this site are not interested in real meeting with a foreign men unless they make sure that they can get a considerable amount of money during real meeting with him, maybe 50% of that money will be for themselves and the other 50% for the owners of this site!

    I have found the profiles of many of the girls and women of this dating site at V K social network (VK.COM). Many of them immediatley blocked me after I sent a message or a friend request to them at VK.COM although they always sent me lovely and friendly messages at!!! Also at, some of those girls told me that they are not registered with that site, and their profile is fake at!!!

    Even if you have seen some of those girls by camera at, and you are sure that they are real persons and really registered with that site, then if you find their profile at VK.COM, they will immediately block you or they will not reply to your messages at all. But at, they always told me that they are interested to know me and meet me in real life!!!!

    Clearly, the administrators of are very intelligent scammers who even teach their girls and women how to deceive foreign men like me for spending more and more money at that site. Clearly most of the girls and women of are paid by the administrators of this site based on the amount of the money they make for this site by encouraging the foreign men to spend on this site.

  13. I need to communication with friends but I can’t because I don’t k’now how to working .. Please I need help from you and axeally this website is very good

  14. What a load of garbage. I have time and photo evidence of their bots. The online targeting system downloads upon login. Every day 20+ mails follow the same theme. It’s so obvious you must be blind not to see it….

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