Review 2023: Is Charmdate Fake or Legit? is a website that you can trust because it provides you an experience that has very few scams. You can easily register on the website and choose the plan that is suitable for you. The website is connecting you with the women from Russia and Ukraine. The mission of the company is to provide borderless romance globally.

Moreover, this website is updated and provides you with the perks of video calling and EMF mails. You can also call your beloved ones. The website provides you with the service to send flowers and gifts to your partners to make them happy. They also have promotional activities going on which provide you discounts on registration or gifts.

You can find girls of every age on this website. There is a small biography about the girls on her page in which she tells about herself. So, before you text the girl you get to know much about her and then you only have to introduce yourself. This website is easy to use and there are no complications in its use.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Krystyna Review

A huge database of single ladies


Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.


Pay-to-use services

Online security

Innovative & cutting-edge technology

Chamdate test at a glance - The pros and cons

Cons Review: Let's get to the details is one of the most popular online dating sites to meet single Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides. The company has operated on the International marketplace since 1998. It is one of the very first dating sites in the industry. Charm Date offers a variety of dating services including EMF Mail, Chat, CamShare, Call, Video, Gifts and more. Their database is packed with thousands of verified and active Russian and Ukrainian women’s profiles which are always up-to-date.

The design of the website is very sophisticated and helpful. The profile pictures of the girls are highlighted so you can choose the right girl for yourself. The website is easy to use and you get adapted to it. However, the pop-ups for the calls are very annoying on the website and can piss you off.

Most of the Russian and Ukrainian women found on the website have a very high profile. You may click on the profile to get more information about the girls. Usually, the girls that have talked more about their personal information tend to be real profiles. The girls who have talked about giving you pleasure and have sissy profile pictures with zero personal information usually are a scam. You have to look for the right profile before you spend money on any of them.

Signup and Registration Process Review: That's what we found out

Your life gets easier when you do not have to work a lot to just sign up for a website. understands the fatigue that a customer goes through while filling the long sign up forms. They also know that most of the people will leave the website as soon as they see a two pages long sign up form.

The signup process for is very simple and easy. As soon as you go to the website you see a signup form in which your complete name, email address and a password is required to enter the account after you log out. The form also has a question about your gender and your age so they may suggest the same age group of girls like yours.

After you have signed up you will be sent an email on the email address you have entered. This is done so no robots can enter the website and so that your email address is also confirmed. Once you have confirmed your email you can now visit the website and look for Russian and Ukrainian women.

Is Charm Date Free? - Memberships Plans Reviewed is a paid website but the benefit it provides you is that it charges you in credits. It feels a lot to pay the actual amount but the effect decreases if you are paying in the form of artificial money.

You are offered with some packages from the company so you can get a price cut. You get 2 credits for 8 USD/ credit and 16 credits for 6 USD/credit. As the number of credits increases, the price of the package decreases. For instance, you get 100 credits for 3.99 USD/credit. All of the payments are done in the form of Qpid Credits unless a specific transaction is specified.

It also provides a bonus to the users, for instance, if you install the mobile app you will get 20 bonus points. Other than that, you get 15 points when you complete your profile, 10 points for obtaining the Qpid SEAL, 5 points for uploading the picture, 5 points for verifying your email, 5 points for verifying your mobile number and 2 points for using credits to send or read EMF mail.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Happy customers: You can visit Trustpilot for more reviews about the website. Many of the users on the website seem to be happy with the use of They say that they have found someone to talk to and now they can spend time with their beloved ones. One of the men wrote that he has found a girl and they have talked for more than two weeks. They are now finally going to meet. In another review, he told that they both have met and that the girls on the website are real and it is not a scam. He also told the viewers that he will keep updating the people about how his love life is going.

Some of the guys were also happy with the customer feedback team. They told that they have been answered very frequently regarding their problems. Their problems are mostly sorted out and that they are happily using the website.

Angry customers about Charmdate

Some of the customers were not at all happy with the website. They told the viewers that the site is a complete scam. Girls here are only going to enjoy the money and make you fool. Some of them also told although the profiles of the girls very much original and real they are completely fake and that you should not waste your money on it.

Other angry customers told us that the website is too expensive to use. They told that if you register for the website you are only going to pay for talking to robots. He told that the robots will instantly tell you that they have fallen in love with you and then take a benefit of the money you will pay and you will get nothing in return.

Is Charm Date a scam or trusted dating site?

As it has already been discussed in the reviews, people are having mixed reviews about it. You cannot instantly find your right partners. So the customers who do not get their partner after paying a sum of money get angry and rate the app very low. However, some of the old customers have also been complaining about the services provided by the app.

Some of the customers were also happy with the services provided by the company and told us that they have found their right partner. The website seems to have scam but you can trust it if you are in a need to find your right partner.
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Safety of the customer understands that the safety of the customer is their major priority. They have strict rules and regulations regarding their security policies. All the girls registered on the website have to submit their data to the company.

The site has used modern security software like GoDaddy and McAfee, for the security of their users. This software is used to secure the database of the company and so the personal data of the users. The online transactions are secured by Visa and the MasterCard SecureCode.

Conclusion: Why choose CharmDate?

If you are looking for your life partner and are ready to pay an amount for it you should try This website provides you with a lot of options from which you can find out your true partner. This website is secured so your personal information is in safe hands and will not be leaked at any cost. You can also file your complaints against any sort of scams and the company will respond to your issue.

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