ColombianCupid‎ Review: Is The Service Top or Flop?

The search for love has never been so simple. Online dating has unlocked countless opportunities to meet like-minded individuals near and far. However, one can never be too cautious when signing up for a profile on any online dating site. Scams and fake accounts are a common occurrence these days and it is recommended to always do your research before blindly joining any dating site. is a hotspot for Latino dating on the web. Does the website live up to its claim to fame? Is signing up worth it? I will answer all these questions and more in the rest of this ColombianCupid review.

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Colombian Cupid: Let's get to the details

ColombianCupid is one of the numerous online dating websites hosted by CupidMedia. The website specializes in bringing together Latino couples from the United States, Colombia, Chile, and a few other countries. However, the website itself is composed mostly of men, making it a competitive site to gain attention from any of the ladies on the site.

Don’t let that discourage you from signing up- finding love online is often up to chance or destiny. In fact, ColombianCupid has an average daily login of a whopping five thousand users! With this mass amount of frequent visitors, you will find at least a couple individuals you may be interested in.

Several major reviewers have called one of the two major dating websites in Colombia today! A majority of the women on the website are under the age of thirty, but there are a few older ones making the website available for a wide range of ages(over eighteen, of course). Members recommend using ColombianCupid while you are in Colombia or any Latino country because it will be easier to plan a meeting or a date with your person of interest!

The familiar, yet simple interface provided by ColombianCupid gives frequent online daters an almost nostalgic feel first viewing this website. The layout is easily accessible by even the least tech-savvy of users; the necessary buttons for navigation can be found at the top of the website.

The color scheme for is a shade of maroon to create a romantic feel. When performing a quick search for the website, you are immediately greeted by the smiling face of a gorgeous Latina letting you know that this is in fact, the biggest hotspot for Latino dating.

Colombian Cupid test at a glance – The pros and cons


How Does ColombianCupid Exactly Work?

The Colombian dating platform links Colombian individuals or those seeking international relationships. A relatively plausible claim made by Cupid Media, which has over 100,000 subscribers, is that 50,000 daily users regularly engage on the website. Interestingly, male users make up the larger percentage on the site.

The bare minimum information needed to get going is your name, gender, email, and age. The procedure takes a few moments, after which you’ll be able to complete your profile to browse the images of many other users. Regarding information exchange, offers both free and premium services. Nevertheless, if you wish to receive messages, you’ll need to work on your page.

Presenting your picture is a way to cope with competition. You may select a few profiles that match your preferences since ColombianCupid employs keywords for navigation.

Making an Account on

Speaking from experience, registration on similar dating websites can be a very difficult process if the interface is complicated, however, ColombianCupid couldn’t have made the process more straightforward! The website gives you the option to either login using your Facebook information or through one of your mainstream emails. ColombianCupid tries their best to streamline the registration process and by opting to use either of these methods, the process ends a lot quicker.

After making an account and filling out your basic demographic details, you can further customize your profile and add a profile photo. Having a profile photo often increases your chances of attracting users to your profile, so be sure to smile!

Free vs. Paid Services at ColombianCupid

There are four features that distinguish ColombianCupid: conversation alongside paid subscribers, searching options, matching tools, and registering intent. 

After registering, you may start using the service. You probably get the chance to match with other users as a free subscriber. Additionally, you could express interest in random participants, although the interaction is limited. Nonetheless, you may only reply and chat with registered subscribers.

The ColombianCupid paid version is split. You can opt to enroll as a platinum or gold subscriber. Receive and send messages, engage in webchat, and contact all users if you have a paid account. You may obtain keyword options, conceal your identity, surf in incognito mode, and have texts transcribed to your native tongue.

How Does ColombianCupid Exactly Cost in USD?

Following registration, free users can access the search features, express intent, match functions, and respond to messages from premium subscribers. Unfortunately, this changes once you buy a subscription.

Only paying users in Colombia have access to each of these services. Platinum and Gold subscriptions for one month charge 35 USD and 30 USD, respectively. Platinum costs 70 USD for three months, whereas Gold costs 60 USD. Platinum premium registration costs 150 USD for one year of service, while Gold Membership costs 120 USD.

The following list of features is included with premium content:

Is a Scam or a Real Date?

Having been in the position of searching for a real dating site filled with real people, I can vouch for questioning the validity of every dating site I’ve ever come across. Being wary of the users and any questionable dating websites is a good thing- especially if you have never heard of the company before.

Having never heard of CupidMedia and its niche dating sites, I performed a quick validity check to be sure that the website was not just another money making scam. After reading actual accounts and reviews by real members of the website from testimonials on SiteJabber and similar websites, I have concluded that is in fact very real!

Reviews of ColombianCupid.Com on Trustpilot & Sitejabber

Clients admire corporations that engage, particularly when matters don’t go according to expectations, because no organization does everything perfect every time. Therefore, sometimes adverse opinions are an approach for a company to discover ways to build customer rapport.


A large percentage of Trustpilot users appear to find the service very helpful, judging from the overwhelming five-star comments. Visitors note that it enables them to settle on more informed decisions and makes corporations pay close attention. Organizations emphasize the capacity to build consumer rapport as well as reliability.

Customers should learn exactly how their reviews are handled because there are discrepancies between the authenticities of feedback and how they are addressed. By reading the 2022 Transparency Report, viewers could gain ideas of what Trustpilot does.


The aggregate evaluation for ColombianCupid is a 1.59 rating out of the 51 feedbacks from the customers, which shows that so many users are very disappointed in what the platform has to offer. The most common issues raised by customers who write reviews regarding their experience with ColombianCupid are counterfeit identity concerns. Also, it is worth noting that among dating websites for Latinas, ColombianCupid is currently ranked sixth.

Review of ColombianCupid App for IOS and Android

Although the style may look outdated, ColombianCupid prioritizes ease of use instead of looks. Following the layout style of its site, ColombianCupid’s app matches the easy maneuverability and seamless interface. Rather than having to stay inside your home and scroll through your computer, the app provides the ability to find a possible partner on the go.  

This convenience makes it a more viable website to be a member on compared to others without the easy accessibility of an app. Not to mention, the app is free!

Safety and Security Policies on ColombianCupid

Terms of service on ColombianCupid ensure that your information and data will not be sold to any third parties, and in the case that this does happen, any sent information will be terminated and erased from the system. They also secure payment transactions, leaving no room for identity theft or fraud.

To make the experience safer for the member, you are given the option to block or report any suspicious accounts or activity on the website. Afterward, an identification or validity check will be done on the account in question to ensure that the individual is real.

You never know who you may meet on such dating websites and any anonymous chat room often carries the risk of identity theft, so it is best not to give out any personal information to anyone you may meet online.
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This verification process includes having the user in question email a copy of any documents of identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or state ID to the security service of ColombianCupid.

However, it is important to keep in mind that criminal checks are not done during the registration process, so be careful when opting to meet individuals outside of the website

Beautiful Latinas on

Finding a sexy Latina on this website is no difficult task- there are currently thousands of profiles waiting to be matched. The women on this website are from ages eighteen and above and of all types of personalities.

If you find that the woman you are interested in does not speak fluent English, there is a language translation service available on the website to assist you in learning her language, vice versa, or to allow for a joyful conversation across languages.

The language translation service is one quality of ColombianCupid that sets it apart from similar websites in its field such as Tinder. If you are not able to converse with someone, how else can you get to know them?

The only downside to the women on this website is that there are women of all classes, even prostitutes or women seeking a relationship only to gain them citizenship. It is advisable to be wary of these women when browsing profiles! This downside is just one minor detail of the website; ColombianCupid has countless high-quality women who are seeking long-term relationships and are committed to family.

What We Don't Like on ColombianCupid

Due to the absence of a mandatory authentication procedure on ColombianCupid, the site includes fraudulent profiles. There are a few allegations of scams based on previous evaluations. Therefore, since the prevalence of false accounts on this platform is low, you must be very cautious when interacting.

The issue that plagues several foreign online dating is ColombianCupid’s main challenge when accessing the platform. There are more blatantly bogus accounts and a comparatively large proportion of ladies who approach men demanding cash.

A subscription is required to access all services, only paying users are allowed to interact, and many accounts on the website are not authenticated. On ColombianCupid, there are many consumers; therefore, identifying subscribers could take a while.

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Conclusion: Choose ColombianCupid When Dream About Exotic Latin Women

After this overload of information, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed or maybe, excited to begin your journey on ColombianCupid.

Due to the large percentage of male on the site and a lot of fake accounts there, but good reviews from Trustpilot, safety and security policies, user-friendly interface and genuine women profiles – ColombianCupid is the most popular online dating site in Colombia and other Latin countries.

If American or European dating is not working for you, consider making a profile on ColombianCupid. If you are interested in  foreign women who offer exotic accents, striking appearances, and joyful personalities, then I will recommend to sign up on Give it a try! 

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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