Consider moving to Ukraine? Some useful tips for you

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Usually a Ukrainian woman relocates to the home country of her Western husband. However, you might also consider moving to Ukraine and enjoy your family life with your wife. Indeed, it is not a bad idea as there are some pluses about living in this nice country. Moving to Ukraine for 2-3 months would be also interesting for my family as, in my opinion, my son Roman should know his mother’s country, language and culture.

Why move to Ukraine?

At the last years Ukraine has not gained the best image as a country to move to. The country has experienced problematic political and economic times and people have been suffering.

Ukraine is not a perfect country, not at all. Well, if you are looking for a perfect country to live in, I guess you will be disappointed, ultimately. There are no perfect countries in this world. This is true for both the richest and poorest country.

Still, there are countries that could offer you more freedom and a less expensive yet comfortable lifestyle instead of those so-called technologically advanced western countries. Remember, you are trading off some of the unique amenities offered by the richest countries for a more moderate lifestyle.

But if you are hell-bent on personal freedom and privacy, Ukraine, one of the most beautiful eastern European countries, might just be your preferred destination. Now, you would be wondering why Ukraine, above all countries, is so special. Well, there are several reasons for that, and I am going to explain them to you one by one.

Affordable by all means

Can you guess the amount you would have to pay for renting a 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of London (I am giving this sample as I am living in Greater London for 3 years)?

For the uninitiated, you would most likely end up paying upwards of £2000 per month. I live in Beckenham which is Zone 4 of London and we pay £1325 ($1835) without bills for a 2-bedroom apartment. Not cheap, is it?

In Germany, we used to live in Obertshausen (5 miles away from Frankfurt/Main) and paid €900 ($1110) without bills for a 2-bedroom apartment

Now, for Kyiv, a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Ukraine, you would have to dish out $150-$200 per month for a standard 2-room apartment. Now considering all the variables, do simple math and see the difference between London and Kyiv. There isn’t much to choose between, yet you are paying a premium for living in London or Frankfurt.

Apart from the house rent, you won’t have to pay much for utilities too. Is $20 too much for a high-speed internet connection? I guess the answer is a straight “no.” Likewise, for electricity, water, gas, and other amenities you won’t be charged more than $20-$30 per month. So, in total, you can expect to cover all your household needs for a mere $400-$500.

 So, if you are a senior citizen and are living off your pensions or e.g. you are freelancer and can work from home, then Kyiv might be the best destination for you. Moreover, you can deposit your pension funds in a local bank and can expect up to 12.5% in interest. Family life in Ukraine might be a cheaper alternative for you than living with your Ukrainian wife in your home country.

Delicious Ukrainian foods

To be honest, you won’t find all the fruits and vegetables you expect to find at a market in Florence or Paris. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t buy normal food items or vegetables at a market in Kyiv.

Moreover, foods are relatively cheap. You can buy 1-kilo chicken for a modest 15-18 Grevnah, which equals to $3.57/ kilogram. Plus, for vegetables and fruits, you can find even better deals, especially during seasons.

For example, you can buy 1-kilogram carrot for only 50 cents at markets and super shops around Ukraine. Now, compare these figures with ones from Paris, Florence or even London – There aren’t many differences. And being honest with you, I love Ukrainian food and enjoy doing shopping on the local market (bazar).

Ukrainian food

Ukrainians are friendly and loving people

Unlike most cosmopolitan cities, people in Ukraine are friendly and easy going. While you won’t find many people talking to a stranger on a bus in London, in Ukraine people always talk to each other.

They like to share their thoughts and arrange frequent social gatherings. If you talk to a Ukrainian, often he/she would introduce you to their friends and families and invite you in their social circles. But for that, you have to learn their language. Only 20% of people in Ukraine speak English, so you might find it hard communicating with others without a good grasp of the local dialect.

But you should know there is a flip side to every coin, and so living in Ukraine might be troublesome at times. The infrastructures around the cities are quite poor compared to other European or Western cities.
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Apart from the town centers, roads and highways are in a dire situation. Processed foods like jams, jelly or even pasta can be of lower quality and are often overpriced.

Besides the Ukrainian culture is quite different to that of other European cities and you might struggle to adapt to this strange culture. People are openly homophobic and racist, and most of them aren’t even bothered with that. Ukraine is more like how people in London behaved 50 years back. Sounds strange? Yeah, for me too!

Plus, people are more traditional here. You should get married before 25 and do stuff like other Ukrainians do. There is no point in being “modern” here. In addition, you should get familiar with corruption and bribes. If you can’t withstand that, find another country to live in.


In summary, as I said earlier, Ukraine, as a country, has its pros and cons. It is you who decide which factors to take into contention and which ones to skip by. But overall, I would advise one to go for Ukraine largely due to inexpensive lifestyles, delicious foods, and friendly inhabitants.

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