Review 2023: Is CuteOnly Fake or Legit?

Many Western men is looking for the cutest girls in Ukrainian and Russian online dating. Thus, I will try to evaluate’s service in an unbiased manner to help you decide if it is the right place for you. This review will feature an explanation of the site’s main features and layout as well as details about the registration process. Cost, memberships, TrustPilot Testimonials, and more will also be covered. Overall site safety and trustworthiness is an important factor when evaluating dating sites. Finally, a considered review of the women’s profiles on the site will be discussed to gauge whether CuteOnly is worth your time.

Marc, one of my readers, decided to try CuteOnly initially because of the price. At other sites that help men talk to Slavic women, he was paying a small fortune to chat with Russian and Ukrainian women, sometimes thousands of dollars per month! While some of the conversations Marc was having were good, he couldn’t help feeling as though the sites were taking advantage of him and men like Marc. Charging money for every single letter sent, as well as wanting him to organise his travel through the site seemed like highly suspicious practices. Additionally, some of these sites were full of spammers who wouldn’t answer or ask any of his questions but kept asking for money or paid travel. Thus, this led Marc to CuteOnly.

If you are reading this, you have probably had similar experiences with Slavic-focused dating sites. CuteOnly is only $29.99 per month, or less if you pay several months in advance. While the low price may seem sketchy, my readers have found the staff at CuteOnly to provide an astoundingly attentive customer service team. Women are vetted before being allowed onto the site, helping to reduce the number of scammers significantly. CuteOnly staff takes reports of suspicious activity seriously. Be ready to work, however, as the Russian and Ukrainian women on this site can be picky. Thus, be genuine with your interactions with the women on the site and you should have good luck.

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Cute Only Test: Let's get to the details is a site that allows men like us to talk to cute Russian and Ukrainian women online. Only 25% of women who apply to be on the site are deemed ‘cute enough’ to be featured. This being stated, though, there are several different types of women on the site – not just one archetype. This is awesome, because what I find cute in a woman may be different than what you think is cute.

CuteOnly is a simple website to use, with sleek and responsive website design. There are also several filters for women on this site. If you only want to search for women with certain religious beliefs, or certain physical features, this is possible. Thus, you can find someone who fits your preferred definition of cute. You can provide any contract information you want, meaning that you and your potential new friend are free to pursue a relationship on a different form of media. This is a fantastic feature that is not present on several other sites.

This site is laid out simply, but the design is timeless. There are no digital bells and whistles, but the site functions well overall. The profiles are displayed in a manner that clearly showcases their contents without being overly showy and obnoxious. CuteOnly also isn’t overrun by advertisements like some of the other sites of a similar nature. does not cooperate with local marriage agencies. At CuteOnly, you can contact your future Russian / Ukrainian wife directly.

Signup and Registration Process Review

The registration process on this site is simple overall, and not unlike those at other dating sites. You start by entering and email and password with a few identifying pieces of information. Obviously, this email needs to be verified. Then, you must create a profile. Be honest with your photos and interests, as the best way to succeed on this site is to be your true self. 

Following this, you are free to look around at all the female profiles on the site. If you want to chat with women, a paid membership is required. This can be paid via most major credit cards. Details on membership plans and prices are detailed in the following section.

Is Free? - Memberships Plans Reviewed

The basic membership at CuteOnly is free. This membership allows you to browse through all the women’s profiles on the site, with no limitations. If you wish to contact the women, however, a membership is required. For a single month membership, you will be charged $29.99USD. If you purchase a three-month membership at once, you will net a 44% discount, with the total cost coming out to $50.97.

What Do TrustPilot Testimonials Say?

Unlike many similar sites, the TrustPilot reviews for this site are mostly positive. Obviously, this site nor any other are perfect, but CuteOnly is good and safe. Some reviewers stated that it was like real life, where more attractive viewers receive more attention for the women on the site than less attractive members. 

Additionally, sometimes Russian and Ukrainian girls become uninterested in messaging you after a few exchanges. If anything, this is proof of the realness of the site, as not all women will be interested in everyone, online or offline. Most of the TrustPilot reviews also state that online dating at CuteOnly is a two-way street. Meaning, you must put in effort if you want to get anything out of the experience. Attention and care are needed to attract real women, like those on the site, and just like would be needed in real life.

Is‎ a Scam or Trusted Site?

CuteOnly is not a scam site. Like all dating sites, there are a few female users that are using the site in a dishonest manner. But the site owners, as well as most users, are honest about their goals and intentions regarding the site usage. The staff at the site is honest and hardworking, meaning that they will do their absolute best to help sort out any issues that you may encounter while on the site.

Is Legit?

Yes. CuteOnly is a legitimate site. Some reviewers have stated that male users need to be realistic in their expectations. One reviewer even suggested ‘looking in a mirror’ to truly assess yourself. Because the women on this site are real and legitimate, they will not be enamoured and attracted to everyone, only spammers behave like that. Thus, except more attention if you are reasonably attractive. If you aren’t, however, that it okay too. Plenty of women will still respond to genuine messages that are kind and intelligent. In short, don’t expect women to come flocking to you, as that is completely unrealistic online and off. Rather, be willing to work for legitimate women and experiences, and this site will be a perfect place for you.

Russian Women’s Profiles Quality at Top or Flop?

The female profiles on CuteOnly are fantastic! A large reason for this is because of the lengthy verification process that women must go through before entering the site. This is not only a protection against dishonesty, it also helps find motivated women. These women are invested in making connections with the men on the site, thus, the profiles are generally great. Obviously, there are some that are worse than others, but the majority are fantastic and informative.

Safety and Anti-Scam Policy

The staff and customer support team at CuteOnly works tirelessly to prevent scammers from entering the site. There is a serious vetting that every female applicant to the site must go through. Some scammers can slip through, however, and while they are rare, CuteOnly offers some advice on safety. In general, scammers will pretend as though they are women in trouble to get money from unsuspecting or sympathetic men.

With common sense, you can avoid scammers easily, as they are few and far between on CuteOnly.
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This is not the case, as if they were in legitimate trouble, they wouldn’t be seeking help on a dating site. Members and staff at CuteOnly also advise that you be wary of women who become infatuated with you too quickly or want to know your personal contact information right away. Both in online dating and dating in person, people do not become crazy about one another this quickly – thus this is a tell-tale sign of a scammer. 

Conclusion: Why Choose‎? is a good dating site and much better than other Russian-centric sites. Women are vetted before making accounts on the site, which greatly reduces the number of scammers and dishonesty. Because the site contains profiles from real women, however, effort is required to make connections. This is not dissimilar from dating offline, but some users do not expect this.

CuteOnly is a lot cheaper than similar sites as well, plus it does not charge extra for every single message or contact. The site allows users to freely share contact information, so once you have found a friend or two, you can speak to them freely off the site. 

Competitors’ sites discourage this behaviour, as they will try to profit from every single interaction between members. CuteOnly has an attentive customer support staff that works hard to stop scammers and ensure that all members are getting the most out of their experience on the site. Thus, if you are willing to put in a bit of work, this site can be a great place to meet Slavic women.

CuteOnly test at a glance – The pros and cons

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