Dating Ukrainian Brides over 50: Our Practical Guide

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Ukrainian women over 50 years of age can still find love online and get a partner. There are a few dating platforms that provide features that help people find older ladies. On the other hand, if you are looking for a lady over the age of 50, your approach might be a little different from that of younger ladies. 

The older ladies are more reserved, more serious and quite picky about the characteristics of their partners. In this article, I will provide a platform and tips to help find and date a Ukrainian bride over the age of 50.

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What Do 50-Year-Old Women in Ukraine Want in a Western Man?

50-year-old women have probably been in relationships in the past, been hurt or lost a loved one. Therefore, they are seeking to enter into a new relationship from a point of knowledge. Therefore, they are less likely to be swept away by easy promises and just their looks. Here are a few things that 50-year-old women in Ukraine would want in a western man.


One thing that does not change in women as they age is the need for romance. They want men that will sweep them off their feet with romantic words, great gifts, energy and great connection.


Women over 50 years of age are not thrilled by a few white lies that they are sure won’t come to fruition. Instead, they want men who are open and honest about what they can or cannot do. They are likely to go with a white man who is honest about their life, goals and capabilities rather than one who brags about having ‘too good to be true’ abilities.

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They Need Masculine Men

Ukrainian women generally value men who look and act strong, are at the top of their game, and know how to play their roles with great efficiency. The 50-year-olds are wiser and would look for these qualities in any white man who wanted to date them.


Like all women, Ukrainian women over the age of 50 are looking for men who communicate regularly and appropriately. They are less into drama and more into mature, mutually beneficial communication with their lovers. The western men that love them must find topics that excite these ladies, as cheap talk will not carry the day.

They Value Intelligence and Men Who are Themselves

Ukrainian women over the age of 50 want men who show brilliance in handling different matters in their relationship. Many of them are attracted to mentally sharp western boys who understand their culture, the world and various areas that affect their society.

How Is It to Date a Ukrainian Woman in Her 50s?

Dating a Ukrainian woman in her 50s is a lot different from dating a lady in her 30s or younger. The older ladies have already matured and demand a higher level of attachment care and mental maturity. This has several repercussions on the relationship.

First, there is no time for mediocrity in the relationship. The lover must be committed, find time and keep true to their promises. Otherwise, you are likely to lose that lady as soon as you find her. 

Second, relationships with women in their 50s are not for people looking for a casual time with the ladies or just for enjoyment. However, anybody looking for a satisfactory relationship could consider going for the older ladies.

Overall, dating a Ukrainian woman is a satisfying experience, especially for younger men. These women tend to be motherly, more loving and more themselves than their younger counterparts. If the relationship clicks, it is more likely to last longer, have fewer fights and be less expensive for the gentleman.

On the other hand, these ladies are less willing to move to the country where the gentleman is located, as they are more attached to their ancestral land and their country’s values.

Interesting to know, if you are able to convince them to move over, they can make great life-long partners. This may take time, but it’s well worth it.

What Is the Best Dating Site for Ukrainian Women Over 50?

BeHappy2Day is the ultimate dating website for western men that would like to date Ukrainian women over the age of 50.

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The company is primarily based in Russia, the Ukraine and America. It claims to be the home of many diverse singles in these countries who are looking for love. It generally accepts women from these areas, but allows men from around the world to sign up and find love on its platform.

Some of the services on offer include matchmaking, facilitating communication between users in different countries and providing tools that enable users to find the women they want. It has a simple website that is easy to navigate. You can also download its mobile app for Android and Apple to date women in their 50s in Ukraine. Among the search features available on the platform is an age filter to help you find the right woman.

Female members use the platform for free. However, male members have to pay credits to use the platform. There is no premium membership available.

Here is a breakdown of prices for credits:
Credits Price per credit / Totals
Here are the free services.
These are the fee-based services.

Our Tips: How Can You Impress an Older Woman in Ukraine?

Here are a few tips for impressing ladies over 50 years old in Ukraine.

Get to Know Their Personality

Most women over 50 years old in Ukraine have met most of their life goals, such as taking children to school or building their careers. Therefore, they are not thrilled with getting to know what you have as material possessions. You should also focus on the same. Instead, look at their personality, their view of life, their experiences and what they want in life. With time, they will share other mundane issues.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Them Know Your Needs

Do not be afraid to speak your mind and let them know what you are looking for in a relationship. Is it fun, a lifelong partner, someone to offer a shoulder or a casual friendship? Let them know. It is better to lose a friend before starting a serious relationship than to lose it once you are deep into each other.

Don’t Bring Up Age Differences in Your Talk

Do not keep showing that you are different because of the age difference. They will not take it kindly. Steer away from age-related talk beyond your introduction. Instead, look at the shared values, ambition and future. This way, anything that does not work for both of you will not be interpreted as an age difference.

Learn a Little About Their Culture

Ukrainian culture puts emphasis on masculine men who value family and are out to make the world better for women. The Ukrainian ladies are less open-minded than their Western counterparts. Therefore, it is good to take time and learn a thing or two about their culture. It helps avoid things that might offend her and enables you to get closer as you share an outlook towards life.

Sex Should Not Take Centerstage

If you are looking for casual sex, you may not get it with women over 50 years old in Ukraine. Most of them are very choosy and self-controlled. They will only take the friendship to the next level if they feel that you are the one. This might take time and you might be put to the test. Therefore, work towards growing the friendship and the rest will follow.

Showcase Your Talents and Capabilities

Showcasing your capabilities and talents is not similar to bragging. Let them know about your education, social beliefs, what you have accomplished and what you intend to do with your life. They value intelligent, focused men more than the ‘spoilt’ young men looking for fun and a thrill.

Final Word

It is possible to find and date Ukrainian women over the age of 50!

However, you need to know where to look for one, as a few platforms have features that encourage many older women to look for love. Dating an older lady is also a little different from dating younger ladies, as the former tends to be more focused, choosy and serious about relationships. 

They are more likely to stick together and take charge of different matters in a relationship than younger women. Use the tips above to grow your friendship and love in such a relationship.

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