How Much Will Your Internet Bride Cost?

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If you are a male or woman that lives in a Western country or even an Eastern country, then you may have found that you are struggling to find your soul mate, the love o your life, the person you want to date and fall madly in love with and walk down the aisle hearing wedding bells.

One of the reasons you may be having difficulty finding someone that peaks your interest relationship-wise is because you are not dating someone from a culture that fascinates you, or you have not found a woman that is so beautiful you cannot deny your interest for her. This is where going onto the top dating websites for Russian or Ukrainian mail order brides comes into play.

Men and women around the globe find that they love dating Ukrainian and Russian women because of all they have to offer, but what they don’t always love is the cost that it takes to do so.

Dating a woman from Ukraine or from Russia will typically add up to costing the interested party an estimated $10,000-$15,000 dollars.

That may seem like a lot, but once you know exactly how that money is being spent, it may seem more reasonable. Below is a total cost analysis and breakdown of what it costs to date a Ukrainian or Russian woman.

Cost of getting the address of the mail order bride

If you are a true romantic, then chances are you want to be able to send gifts or tokens of your admiration to the woman or women that have wrapped your heart around her finger.

Ukraine mail order brides

In order to be able to send her something from where you live in another country or have something from her country get delivered to her, you will need to know her address. These addresses are not just given out to anybody, once the dating agencies know you are serious, they will talk to the woman in question and get permission to give her address to you.

Once permission is granted, you can buy her address for a price that is typically in the $10-$15 dollar range and start sending her all the tokens of affection that your heart desires.

It costs money to send letters to her

Granted, letter writing is a bit old fashioned, but it is nonetheless romantic and a beautiful gesture that any woman would love to get.

However, letters are not like emails or instant messages that can be sent and received instantly at no cost, it will actually cost you about $5 for each letter that you send, so choose what you say carefully and try not to leave anything out!

Having your phone calls translated to your language

Unless you have spent a lot of time studying and speaking the Russian language, and unless the woman you are dating has done the same in studying your language, then chances are that your phone calls to one another will need to be translated.

It will cost you an average of $6 a minute for your phone calls to be translated, which adds up very quickly as the conversations get deeper and deeper the more you and your new lady get to know one another.

Getting the catalog of Internet brides to choose from

In order to start dating a Ukrainian or Russian woman, you are first going to need to meet one and to do that you need to know where to find the woman of your dreams.

The reputable online dating sites have a catalog of the Ukrainian and Russian female users for you to meet, but you have to buy access to those women.

Membership to the online dating website

Dating site membership fees to an online dating website include the price for things like being able to message women, the cost for how many women you can talk too at one time, price of getting their phone numbers, etc.

There are typically different levels of membership ranging from some sort of basic membership to a more premium membership. The costs for this can range from anywhere between $80-$650 and depends fully on what you are looking to get out of the dating website and what your dating budget is.

Buying airplane tickets back and forth

After talking through emails, messages, and letters, there is going to come a time where you decide that you want to meet the person you have been talking to face to face. When that time comes you will have to plan on purchasing a plane ticket.

Whether you are buying a plane ticket for yourself to go to Ukraine or Russia, or if you are flying your new girlfriend to where you live, the cost of plane tickets round trip are going to add up. They are typically going to cost an average of $1,000 one-way.

The more you travel to see one another, the more expensive it is going to get, until the day that one of you decides to move to the other person's country.
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Cost of a VISA for your foreign wife

In order to get your new lady to come to the states and be able to marry you and stay with you here, she will need a marriage VISA.

The cost of this VISA is going to run you approximately $450 dollar which is reasonable considering it is a long-term investment that will allow her to stay with you as your wife.

Conclusion: Internet brides are worth it

These cost can add up quickly, but the opportunity to find your true love is well worth it. There are several different sites on-line like (A Foreign Affair),, or BeHappy2Day that offer International dating services. They offer an opportunity to select and to get to know your Slavic, Latin, Asian or Baltic mail order bride of interest. Which can help you make that final decision of meeting her or not.

Ukraine Mail Order Brides

The cost of dating and falling in love with a Asian, Latin or Slavic mail order bride as a person that lives in the west can be pretty high and can add up very quickly, especially since there will always be unexpected things you will have to pay for which makes the costs go up even more.

However, if dating a woman from one of these countries means that you are able to find true love and be happy in life, then the price tag is well worth it. Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian brides are beautiful, kind, and just as eager to fall in love as you are.

Once you talk to a few women and find the one that your heart zings with, then you won’t care about the cost that comes to your wallet. In the end, there should never be a price tag on real happiness, and you will for sure find it if you meet the woman of your dreams in Ukraine or Russia.

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