Do You Need a Dating Coach – Does It Actually Work?

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Most singles who yearn for love and serious relationship in today’s world may get bored by the dating process because it’s exhausting. Smart, successful and modern Western men often find it hard to find the love of their lives on the International online dating sites.

Due to this, you may need to hire a dating coach to have an easy and successful dating process. You perhaps searched the word ‘Dating Coach,’ and that’s why Google directed you to this post. Well, who is a dating coach? What do they do, and how will they help you? Well, read on to find out everything you may need to know about a dating coach.

What Do Dating Coaches Exactly Do?

Before getting to know what dating coaches do, it would be wise to let you know who they are. Merely put, a dating coach is a person that gives training in the form of sessions, programs, products or services to boost an individual’s dating lives, and in the end, helps them have a fruitful relationship.

Professional dating coaches consider several factors to improve their businesses and become effective in what they do. They typically assess the customers’ problems and needs and use role-playing tactics to give advice.

Dating Coach Duties

Some people allege that dating coaches train seduction, but this is a fallacy. Professional dating coaches emphasises the topics which apply to dating. Some topics they can train you on include communication skills, personality development, and developing a charming persona. You may also get training on dressing well on a date and being romantic without being shady.

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These people will encourage you to be yourself and bring out your best version. What’s more, a dating coach will help you introduce a piece of enthusiasm into your personality.

Does Dating Coaching Actually Work?

A precise answer is: YES.

The main reason why dating coaching works is that it will recognise the flaws you cannot. When it comes to your dating life, an outsider can have the ability to assess the situation from another angle.

When you are trying to date someone, and the process hits the rocks, it’s always advisable to seek a third-party opinion before ending it. You cannot get results by repeating the same things, and that’s why you need a change by engaging a dating coach.

The best thing about dating coaches is that they have encountered several situations. They are not only evaluating your relationship to find out the faults. Instead, they are looking at several past relationships of different customers.

Talking to a dating coach may help you discover your opinion. You may come to learn that what you believed in previously was fallacious, and that is why everything failed to go as planned. Talk therapy is essential as it helps you develop your answers.

In the end, you need to develop your opinions, but a dating coach will simplify the process of finding the right path. You may get lost and stagger into the land of the unknown if you do it alone.

Is Dating Coach the Same Like Matchmaker?

Well, they are not the same. In order to define the main difference between the two, it’s essential if you contemplate the famous phrase, ‘Giving a man a fish means you’ll feed him for a day, but teaching him how to fish means you will have fed him for the rest of his life.’

A matchmaker fishes for you by baiting the hook, whirl them in and finally give you the rod. On the other hand, a dating coach will train you to fish alone and what to do with the caught fish. While the two are beneficial, one is crucial to the singles.

Over and over again, singles have been complaining about hiring the services of a matchmaker and end up with the wrong people. Probably, matchmakers aren’t approaching the dating process in the right manner.

Matchmakers are not Magicians

You may believe that a matchmaker has a magic pill, and that is not always the case. Some believe that a matchmaker has to do all the dating work for them. As a single, you only need to use a matchmaker as an addition to your existing dating tools and resources.

Dating coaches focus on sharpening your dating skills to ensure you are ready and well prepared for the process by giving you a stable, strategic and strong technique you need to follow. Besides being skilled to find and attract someone, you need to have the skills to approach them.

Dating Coach is a Life Coach

There are a couple of reasons why most people are single worldwide. Individuals have their problems and barriers, which may be making it hard to hit their target. Some singles recognise their issues while others don’t. Here’s where a dating coach can help you overcome these barriers.

Dating coaches undertake plenty of life coaching with their customers by working on personal skills. These skills include building confidence, overcoming low self-esteem, implementing balance, overcoming the fear of rejecting, weight loss, overcoming shyness, career shifts, mending hearts, solving financial issues, etc.

Why Should You Get A Dating Coach?

Dating is a tricky situation for most singles but even more challenging for those with low self-esteem and confidence. Several studies indicate the rise of online dating platforms contributes to this low self-esteem. As a result, you may need to get a dating coach who will help you with the following:

Keep You Focused and on Track

A dating coach will keep all your objectives in order and make it easy for you to track them. With this, you’ll achieve your desired goals quickly.

Attain Your Aims Quickly

A dating coach can help you attain your dating objectives rapidly. Yes, you will take advantage of outsourcing an independent opinion from an experienced person. The person will evaluate your scenario, help you design goals, and work with you to quickly develop a plan to reach the goals.

Holds You Accountable

When it comes to dating, you don’t need to depend on your determination only. Instead, a dating coach can hold you accountable to determine your success. As with everything else, being accountable in dating is beneficial as it helps you attain your goals.

Gives You Support

Dating is similar to a chore or interview. So, the process can become burdensome. For most, this whole process is full of frustration and anxiety. A dating coach will assist you to see the dating world differently. With years of examining various dating life experiences, you rest assured you can’t go wrong with a dating coach.

Put Confidence in You

Lack of confidence is one of the main reasons why people have a rough dating experience. A dating coach will make you get self-confidence and coach you on how to love and accept yourself.

What Questions Should I Ask A Dating Coach?

  1. Why should I pick you over your competitors?
  2. Who are your typical clients?
  3. How many years have you been in the dating industry?
  4. How will your experience help me find my companion?
  5. Is our program together private?
  6. How can I attract the best soulmate?
  7. I am not good at flirting; can you really help me learn how to be good at it?
  8. I am old. Do you think I have a good chance of finding love?
  9. I think I am an introvert. Does this lower my chances of having a successful dating life?
  10. What type of dating problems can you assist me with?
  11. How much does it cost to work with you?
  12. Can I get any discount from you?

How Much Does Online Dating Coaching Cost?

Well, you are perhaps wondering the exact amount you will pay an online dating coach. According to Entrepreneur, professional and experienced online dating coaches in the united states charge anything between $100 and $10,000 or more for the whole training program. Usually, the success level, credibility and experience determine the amount you will pay.

On the other hand, the situation is the same in the United Kingdom, and you pay for the services you need. For instance, James Preece, one of the best online dating coaches in the UK, charges £170 per hour or £700 for a package that consists of five coaching sessions.

Why Did I Become An International Dating Coach?


Ever wonder what made me want to become an International dating coach?

It all started in 2010, when I found this Ukrainian dating blog (it’s hard for me to believe that this blog is already 11 years old!). I just started describing my experiences with dating and relationships with Western men. Almost immediately after I published my first 10 articles, the readers started writing to me and asking  for advice.

Some readers even asked to navigate them through the entire dating process including evaluating dating profiles, analysing the brides’s messages and answering questions about dating culture, etiquette and traditions. It was a great learning process also for me. It is so crucial to make a difference in somebody’s dating and love life. I have really enjoyed coaching and helping men out to become more successful in Russian and Ukrainian online dating adventure and fall in love. I was always the go-to person for helping people figure out their problems and troubles.

Now I love to do Skype or Zoom sessions with men, listen to them and  give them strong dating directions forward. I am more than happy to see that my advice helps and motivates my readers. As an International dating coach, I am passionate about helping with every aspect of foreign dating success both online and offline. I believe it’s never too late to find the love of your life and a life you love.

Any questions or clarifications regarding my dating coaching? Please ask below or send me a private message.

You can also check my official coaching site:

Putting It Together

For some singles, dating is all about paddling through a group of other singles to find a suitable mate. For others, finding a date is a tall order. Regardless of your situation, remember you are not alone. You can always hire a dating coach if you don’t believe in your dating game.

You should never wait for love to find you. Instead, take action by booking an appointment with a dating coach. The coach will impart you the much-needed skills that you can use to get your dream girl.

You need to discover superb overseas girls and feature an thrilling global courting adventure, however you do not know in which to start. Don’t worry, we can help you! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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