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Dream-Singles.com Review 2019

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Published on the 22nd of March, 2012 /  Last content check on the 21st of June, 2019

Dream-Singles.com (Dream-Marriage.com) is a premier online international dating website that brings together men and women from around the world. Dream-Singles.com was founded in 2003, with the aspiration to bring people together to find love, happiness and long-term relationships.

They provide a safe, secure and user-friendly environment for their member to flirt, talk, chat. Dream-Singles.com uses ground-breaking technology to help their members communicate with one another. Some the venues include live video, video chat, chat and email. The women who are available on Dream-Singles.com are diverse, beautiful and looking for long term relationships. So if you are looking to date online internationally, Dream-Singles.com is the site you need for security, variety and affordability.

Success Rate 89%
User Friendliness 91%
Customer Support 88%
Security & Safety 92%




10.000 profiles


Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.


4 Options available


1000 women online daily

Dream-Singles.com at a glance – The pros and cons


  • Anti-Scam Policy
  • Ground-breaking technology
  • Four types of memberships plans available


  • Do not offer a matchmaking service
  • Do not do background checks.
  • Do not have a mobile App.

Introduction to Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com)

Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) is a safe and user-friendly online international dating site. Their goal is to take the complexity out of dating. They present a platform that is hassle-free so that singles can connect to their ideal partners. Dream-Singles.com understands that dating and relationships are more complicated than they were years ago. Today, singles are finding less time to mingle, socialize and date. Their busy lives have left them with little focus on themselves.

Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) know that finding the right person can be challenging in our fast pace world of distractions. They also understand that financial commitment can be challenging as well. Their goal is to create a channel of communication that is easy and fun. Singles can meet, chat and mingle with thousands of other singles around the world. Dream-Singles.com has a dedicated team of employees that are devoted and hardworking in more than 350 offices in Europe and USA and 500 offices in Ukraine and Russia. They have successfully brought together a plethora of marriages and long term relationships.

On Dream-Singles.com, you will discover thousands of Russian women (s. also Siberian brides) searching for men to establish a long term relationship. The women are beautiful, and they are looking for men to marry. Most of the women speak English. For the ones who do not a translator is provided. There are seven women to every man on Dream Singles, which is impressive. There are approximately 10,000 women individual verified and 1000 women online at one time during the day.

The Dream Singles website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and it is simple to use. If you have an image of a partner you prefer, there are filters on the site so that you can narrow your search to the features you find attractive. There is no searching for this or that. It allows members to preview potential partners with ease.

Dream-Singles.com take the protection of their members very seriously. They use their advanced technology to protect the integrity of their website as well as convenient for its members. Their Anti-Scam policies are efficient and thorough. This enables members to concentrate on finding and establishing relationships instead of worrying about scammers and fraud.

If the stories of successful foreign marriages inspire you and you are open to dating European, Russian and Belarussian brides, Dream-Singles.com is prepared to help you in search for your ideal partner. So register on this International dating site, and you will see how it will change your life. Sign up is easy, and you can take advantage of the free trial membership. There are several membership packages available, and they are affordable, starting at $9.99 per month.

Signup and Registration Process

Registration takes minutes. Follow the below step to a new way of dating and start to the rest of your life.

  • Log onto Dream-Singles.com
  • Select the tab Join Now
  • Select the type of membership
  • Enter your personal information and select Join.

If you want to sign up for a three-day free trial membership, follow the below steps.

  • Login to Dream-Singles.com
  • Select Upgrade
  • Select Trial Silver link
  • Enter your personal information and choose Join

Once you sign up, you will need to fill out your profile. Your profile will help introduce you to other singles. Below are the guidelines for filling out your profile.

  • Enter the first name and the last name. Only sensible names are acceptable. Pseudonyms are acceptable.
  • Upload a recent photo of yourself. Any photos deem unacceptable will be rejected.
  • The language is your profile must be professional. Any word in poor taste, such as vulgarity will be rejected.
  • Contact information, such as a phone number or email address, should be placed in specified areas. If they are placed in inappropriate areas, they will be deleted.

Is Dream-Singles.com free?

Four types of memberships are available on Dream Singles. They include Bronze, Silver, Gold and platinum membership.

1. The Bronze membership is FREE.

2. The Silver Membership is $9.99 per month, and it includes the below benefits:

  • Unlimited email (Open/Read)
  • Ten introductions per month
  • Ten Flirts per month
  • 50 percent off Intro Video and Live Chat
  • Includes trial membership

3. The Platinum Membership is $49.99 per month, and it includes the below benefits:

  • Unlimited email (Open/Read)
  • 50 introductions per month
  • Ten Flirts per month
  • 30 Follow-up email per month
  • 50 percent off Intro Video and Live Chat
  • 50 free credits. (1st-time signup only)

4. The Diamond Membership is $99.99 per month, and it includes the below benefits:

  • Unlimited email (Open/Read)
  • 100 introductions per month
  • Ten Flirts per month
  • 30 Follow-up email per month
  • 50 percent off Intro Video and Live Chat
  • 100 free credits. (1st-time signup only)

What services does the company offer?

Dream-Singles clientele includes Ukrainian and other Slavic brides as well as Baltic brides (Estonian mail order brides, Latvian mail order brides and Lithuanian mail order brides) who are known to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) has made it easier to talk, flirt and chat with them by utilizing their state of the art communication technology such as live video, chat, live chat and email.

Video chat does not require special tools or software and live video provides an added dimension to dating. When you combine live streaming and live chat together, some say it is similar to going on a date. It allows you to see the person face to face, observe body language and to get a feel for the person. These are important cues that can help you decide if the partner is right for you.

Is Dream-Singles.com a Scam or Trusted Site?

Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) is one of the reputable international online dating sites. It has been around for 16 years and counting. The International dating site has thousands of online testimonials of the success of connecting men and women in marriages and successful partnerships. The service is the model for success in the online international dating community. Since their inception, many other international sites have sprung up to rival them. Many have failed because of the deceptive methods, which has discourage potential users.

Is Dream-Singles.com legit?

Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) is a legitimate online international dating site. The site provides its members with a secure environment to chat, talk and flirt. They have thousands of active members who are verified and thousands more who have found successful partnerships and long-term relationships. Furthermore, the online dating site is successful in helping couples find love. However, Dream-Singles.com is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but according to their stats, the company has had only 12 complaints in the last three years, which is impressive.

Dream-Singles.com legit

Dream-Singles.com App reviewed

Dream-Singles.com currently does not have a dating App. However, the website is user-friendly, and you can comfortably chat, flirt and talk on your phone via your browser. DreamMarriage.com had an app for the IPad or iPhone. The app can help you keep in touch by sending messages, receiving messages, viewing messages and receiving notifications.

Slavic Women's Profiles Quality

The Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides‘ profiles include a detailed questionnaire that describes their physical features such as weight, height and eye color. It also describes their religious preference and hobbies. This information is put in their database, and with their matchmaking capabilities, you can easily find someone who shares the same interest as you. 

 Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) staff put their potential members and clients through a rigorous process to confirm their profiles. The method includes the following:

  • Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) make random calls to verify their member identities.
  • Potential members must validate all information provided via passport or other forms of ID.
  • Members must show that they have knowledge of shared correspondence of members they are communicating with.
  • Members are contacted on multiple of occasion and randomly to confirm and verify their accounts. The process is done to protect new members and for current members to maintain their account.
  • Members must be available for Live Video chat on an ongoing basis to ensure that only verified member are communicating on the site.

Conclusion: Why choose Dream-Singles.com?

Dream-Singles.com is a simple, user-friendly international online dating site. They provide their members with a secure online environment so that they can talk, flirt and engage in meaningful relationships by utilizing ground-breaking technology such as Live chat, email, chat and live streaming. Dream-Singles staff is dedicated, hardworking and available to help members find their ideal partner. 

The Dream-Singles staff is located in over 350 offices in Europe and the USA and 500 offices in Russia and Ukraine. Their staff is available around the clock to respond to concerns or questions and to ensure that the site is running effectively. Studies have shown that many Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides are interested in relationships with men in the west and western men are interested in foreign women with traditional values such as integrity, loyalty and respect. 

Dream-Singles Review



The thousands of online testimonials prove that Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) is successful in its goal to connect men and women nationally and internationally. Dream-Singles.com (DreamMarriage.com) have four types of monthly memberships for your convenience. The bronze membership is free to use at your convenience. There are also three paid memberships that offer top-notch services.

Dream-Singles is different from their competitors in their core set of beliefs and qualities. They include:

  • Quality: Dream-Single makes every step of the way their personal responsibility.
  • Variety: Dream-Single offers an array of services that are not available with other online sites.
  • Personal Approach: Each member gets one-on-one attention.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The best prices are available to every member.

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