10 Factors That Make Russian Women Beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Every person sees beauty differently but there’s no denying that Russian women are beautiful – inside and out! And it’s no wonder that men want to find their ideal Russian partner to spend their life with.

Russia is a big country, spanning 11 time zones, and the majority of the country’s population is female. There is definitely a Russian beauty out there for you! May the odds forever be in your favor.

But what exactly makes Russian ladies so pretty? Is it the vodka they drink? Genetics? Luck?

I’ve compiled a detailed guide on all the factors that – combined – contributes to the beauty you see in Russian women. 

Where Does Russia Rank with the Most Beautiful Women in the World?

There are various sources that rank countries with the most beautiful women. But does Russia rank in the top 10, top 5, or top 3? 

According to ScoopWhoop, Russia is number 6 on their list. (Brazil, Ukraine, and South Korea are the top 3 countries.) 

BScholarly ranks Russia 4th, with the top 3 places going to Turkey, Brazil, and France. 

Russia makes #2 on Missosology’s list of the most beautiful women in the world. (Brazil took first place and Slovakia third.) And ucityguides.com also ranks Russia second!

Famous Russian Women Who Are Stunning

If you can’t visualize how beautiful Russian women are, don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of the most gorgeous Russian beauties especially for you! 

Anna Kournikova

General Factors That Contribute to the Beauty of Russian Women

I kindly want to note here that all these features about Russian women and beauty are generalizations. Never judge a book by its cover – physical beauty fades or changes, and you should love the Russian girl of your dreams for who she is (on the inside and outside). 

There are two general “facts” about Russia that contribute to the beauty of the woman.

1. Ethnic Diversity

Russia is a big country, and Russian women come from various ethnicities. As such, people in Russia are kind of a mixed-race. One study found that people generally find those of a mixed race more attractive, so that is one explanation why Russian women are so gorgeous.

You’ll find features from Europeans and those from Asia in Russian ladies. In the western part of Russia, it’s more common for the ladies to have blonde hair and blue eyes, while in eastern Russia, they tend to have darker hair and brown eyes.

2. Intelligence

Being smart or intelligent is also beautiful. If you can have physical beauty and brains in the lady of your dreams, you’ll have an attractive package.

Russia was one of the first countries to introduce women’s education. For example, in 1764, the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens was established, and in 1765, a department for ladies from burgher (or wealthy) families. Between 1850 and 1870, the country introduced higher education for Russian women.

Additionally, 98% of Russians are literate (this is one of the highest literacy rates in the world). 

In 2017, Olga Golodets, the then Russian Deputy Prime Minister, stated that 37% of women in Russia have a higher education degree compared to only 29% of Russian men. And more than 40% of Russian women work in scientific research jobs (29% of women do this worldwide).

Outside Beauty: Physical Features of a Russian Lady

One of the first things that draws us to a person is their physical features. We notice their hair, eye color, smoothness of their skin, the pout of their lips, or their body shape.

russian beauty factors

So what physical features do Russian beauties have that continues to steal our gaze? 

3. Facial Features

When you see a Russian lady for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll notice her facial features first. 

Russian women are known to have cat-like eyes, flawless and smooth skin, and high cheekbones. 

4. Body Shape

In general, Russian women are tall, and they have slender bodies. 

These ladies invest in their physical beauty. They buy good quality cosmetics and skin care products to look after their skin and highlight their best features with makeup. They also prioritize eating healthily and exercising. 

5. Sense of Fashion

It seems that Russian women just have that X factor when it comes to fashion and dressing with style. 

They like to follow fashion trends, and instinctively know how to dress according to their body shape. Russian ladies know what pair of jeans and shirt complement each other, and then it’s just a matter of accessorizing her look. 

Beauty Found on the Inside: Russian Women Personality Traits

The concept of beauty also extends to who a person is, not just what they look like or where they are from. 

Your Russian soulmate may be unique to these generalized personality traits, and that’s perfectly okay. You should love her for who she is. 

But in general, here are the personality traits of Russian women that men find irresistible: 

6. Family Values

Most Russian women are raised in traditional families where they see the man as the head of the family; however, the woman is respected for the value she brings. 

Ladies in Russia are quite independent, but they may also adhere to the traditional man-woman roles in a household.  

7. Happiness

According to a study by Ipsos on global attitudes toward beauty, Russians consider happiness to be an important factor when determining how beautiful a woman is. Unfortunately, Russia is generally not ranked as a “happy country” and a 2001 study found that Russians are as unhappy as they say they are.  

However, just because a person is unhappy with the state of their country, doesn’t mean there aren’t moments of joy in their life that do bring happiness. And your Russian soulmate will be happy if you are dependable and loyal, and you’ll find her even more attractive.  

8. Generous and Kind

Russian ladies were raised to be hospitable. You’ll find that your Russian dream girl is kind to you when you meet on an online dating site, and when you meet her in person, you’ll see her generous nature in action.  

9. Nurturing and Loving

Because of how they are raised, and combining that with the strong family values instilled in them, Russian women are loving and nurturing. So when you are dating or married to a Russian, you’ll be looked after well.  

10. Communicative

While a Russian woman may not make the first move, they are easy-going and communicative. Their friendliness and great sense of humor helps keep the conversation going, and you’ll love chatting to your Russian soulmate over text, during a video call, or face to face. 

Why Date a Russian Woman?

There are various great reasons you should find and date a Russian woman. They are: 

Russian ladies are faithful to their partners, they care deeply about their love matches, and they make for stimulating conversations as these ladies are highly intelligent and beautiful. A Russian woman will be a challenge to woo if you aren’t up to the criteria the lady in question may be looking for. Yet, if you can stand up to her scrutiny, you will have one of the most beautiful women on your arm.

Tips on Dating Beautiful Women from Russia

When you have found your Russian love interest, follow these 21 tips to ensure you keep her: 

Where Can You Find Your Russian Beauty?

Aside from scouring your local city looking for women who are descended from Russia or booking a flight to Moscow or St Petersburg (or any other city or town in Russia), there are easier options to finding your Russian love: 

Final Thoughts on the Beauty of a Russian Woman

There’s no other way to say it except that Russian women are beautiful. They are intentional with their appearance, from how they dress to how they look after their skin and health. 

If you find the Russian woman of your dreams, you are one lucky man! 

Are you interested in meeting the Russian beauty of your dreams after reading this guide? I know exactly where you can meet her.

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But take care on any online dating site you visit, but if you remain alert and don’t lose your heart on the first e-meet, you can have fun dating a beautiful Russian woman. 

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