TOP3 Most Famous Ukrainian Women

Dear Friends,

yes, Ukrainian women are beautiful!  This is what most people who come visiting in Ukraine tell their friends. What better observation can you make when there are so many great models, supermodels and actresses to prove their point?

Many of them made it to the cover of Vogue and many of them came to be known worldwide. Advertising agencies swoop down looking for their next fresh new face and believe it or not, they are going to get it here.

Many of my friends have already started grooming themselves to look their most excellent self when opportunities come knocking for them. 

Here are some of the famous Ukrainian women that made it to the top. We are certainly proud of them.

1. Yulia Tymoshenko

She is known not just for her beautiful face but also for her very active political life. She was born on 27th November 1960 and is a candidate of economic science. She started her career as an economy engineer and later became the head of United Energy Systems of Ukraine” corporation. 

She became the Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2007, but lost in the presidential election in 2010. She is the leader of the political party All-Ukrainian Union.

Ukraine women

2. Oksana Baiul

Oksana, the only child of Sergei and Marina Baiul had a very unhappy childhood. Her father abandoned the family when she was just two and her mother died while she was very young, 13.

She took up skating when she was only four and when she became alone in the world she moved in with her coach to concentrate on her skating.

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She became well-known in the figure skating world and won the Gold Medal in 1994. She was only 16 when she became the world champion and resided in the hearts of her fans. She visited several countries and proved that there is no one like her when it comes to skating.

She took to drinking and was even arrested for drunken driving once. But now she is back in full form and trying her level best to make a crashing comeback.

3. Milla Jovovich

If you watched the movie, Resident Evil and its sequels, then you know who Milla Jovovich is.

She is known not just for acting talents, but for her other creative skills as well. She is a singer, fashion designer, supermodel, singer and a public figure. She is also known by the name Milica Natasha Jovovich. She is an expert ballet dancer and loves music.

She was featured in so many well-known magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and The Face.

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4 thoughts on “TOP3 Most Famous Ukrainian Women”

  1. Krystyna,

    Good article. I must admit that I knew something was different about Milla Jovovich. I have seen ALL of her Resident Evil films and simply knew that she wasn’t a regular ‘white’ american. There was just something different about her. Her aura and the way she acted. Something was different but I could not tell. Now I know!! Wow, so she’s from Ukraine. I forgot the name of that one movie she starred in but she was acting with Bruce Willis and I loved that movie as well.

    Me and all of my friends, here in hawaii, normally only go see movies like ‘Blade’ and it’s Trilogies, starring Wesley Snipes. But, Milla is the exception to the rule 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii,


    1. Hey Hilton,

      thank you very much for your comment.
      “The fifth element” – that is the movie where Milla was acting with Bruce Willis. The movie is just fantastic. I love it! As for me, Milla is one of the most beautiful (& erotic) Ukrainian women.

  2. I’m Ukrainian and know that Ukrainian ladies are very beautiful. Of course the most popular Ukrainian lady is Mila Jovovich, but believe me that she is not the only one. I know what I say.

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