Four Reasons why a Ukrainian girl is ignoring you and how to fix it

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believe me, Ukrainian and Russian ladies are a particular type of Homo sapiens. If you ignore a Ukrainian or Russian bride, she will push up to the limits to see how far you can ignore her.

If you get attracted to her, she will still ignore you with the assumption that you are drawn to every other Ukrainian / Russian girl you see. She starts detesting you. So guys, here are some simple four reasons why a Ukrainian or Russian lady is ignoring you and how to fix it. Let’s go!

Signs of the Russian or Ukrainian woman ignoring You

The first sign of ignorance is the lack of response to your communication. If you text a Ukrainian or Russian bride and she does not reply only know that she is not interested. Whenever someone is busy within their schedules, they always find time to get back through text when they are a bit free. One may simply ignore texts since they are not interested.

Modern dating sites and social media have simplified communication. Once one is on the online platform or online dating site, they can easily chat with everybody. If you talk a Ukrainian or Russian lady online through email, dating sites or chatting platforms such as Whatsapp and she is not responding to your messages; signs are she is ignoring you. In the digital world, people open their social media accounts or create a profile on a dating site frequently and cannot miss giving responses even if it is late.

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Sometimes your calls might go unanswered or worse still; she might hang up on you. She is just communicating her ignorance to you. Men due to their persistent nature may give repeated messages in the hope that she missed out on the first ones. If she still does not bother to communicate back, it is since you are being ignored by her.

You may have asked about your future together or how about the next meeting, this might be a reason for ignorance. If a lady from Ukraine or Russia does not want to share her contacts with you, she might show it through simply ignoring you through the avoidance techniques.

Possible Reasons for her to avoiding You

A bride from Russia or Ukraine does things on purpose. She cannot blindly ignore you. She might assume you due to the following reasons:

Lack of attraction

Russian and Ukrainian women are a beauty to behold. Likewise, they want men who are equally attractive and handsome. However, at times the chemistry between you and her might have just failed to take place. She is not attracted to you.

Maybe because you are unattractive to her or she simply does not like you. The physical chemistry is important for any relationship to take place. If it fails, a Russian bride may avoid you because she does not want to flirt around with you.

She has already found a man

As much as you, guys, like playing around with girls, (Ukrainian and Russian) women may also do the same. A girl may flirt around with more than one man before deciding on whom to settle on. As she does this, she may be available for dates and spend quite a few hours with you.

However, once a lady settles on a man and commits herself to her, signs are that she might not be committed to the rest of people in her circle. Find out whether the girl you are aiming at is single before venturing into any relationship. If she does have a man in her life, signs are that she will avoid any contacts with you. You could be used as a backup in case her man fails she can pick up with you.

General compatibility

A Russian or Ukrainian woman might be attracted to you, and she is still single but fail to avail herself for you. Russian and Ukrainian girls are like compatibility and disconnectedness not only in emotions, but all aspects of life. As the way people communicate, they share in their personal life. You may tell her about your family. The unspoken family rules and how you relate to each other.

You might have several pets and cannot carry a complete conversation without mentioning your fondness to them. Still, your belief might be important to you. Every time you meet up your share of your faith. Children are an important aspect of any futuristic relationship. You may mention of the desire you have every time. Also, your political belief may be the turn off for her every time.

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Any of the reasons mentioned; family, pets, religion and children may cause incompatibility between the two of you. Do not take the rejection personally. Just move on since you cannot figure exactly why she does not want you.

The Russian or Ukrainian bride is ignoring you because she likes you

It is hard to understand women (especially those from Ukraine and Russia). You may find that she is ignoring you because she likes you. A woman from Ukraine or Russia may ignore you because she wants to be pursued. As a man take the lead in initiating a relationship, continue her through all the odds.

After making the first move and feeling like you have failed, do not give up. You should keep up repeating the steps until your Ukrainian bride yields herself to you. A Russian girl takes repeated moves to get self-assurance and sees the goodness and worth in them. You might win their heart through proving over and over that they are treasured.

Some advice how to fix it

If all the above reasons are happening, you should not give up on the lady. There are many ways in which you can stop her from ignoring you. Firstly, confront her. Ask her simply why she is ignoring you. Some women might feel like they got your attention and told you why they are ignoring you.

After confronting the girl and getting the response, the next wise thing to do might just be moving on with life. You have to convince yourself that maybe she was not the woman meant for you. It takes a lot of mental work to accept that she cannot be yours. It is much easier to get a girl to pay attention to you down the road than to keep on pursuing her. Russian and Ukrainian girls are like confident men. It is of the essence to mentally prepare you for any rejection.

She may delay in giving a response. Still, be patient with her eventually she might give a response onto why she avoids you. As you wait for the reasons being ignored, be ready for any response. What you may receive from her might hurt you in the long run. Honest answers might be emotional for you.
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A stable relationship comes from having moved on from the past where you dealt with other women. Therefore, once you are rejected, just pick up your pieces and brace yourself for another relationship. It is important to remember that all of us are not fit for each other. At times you may be perfectly disconnected from a particular girl.

You attractiveness and compatibility may be far -fetched ideas. Still, you should not give up on finding a good Russian or Ukrainian girl. Rejection may be paving the way for new opportunities to meet new people and make friends. It might be hurting to be rejected severally, but it is not an end in itself. You can keep on pursuing different girls. Eventually, you will get your perfect fit and enjoy romance.

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  1. Interested in meeting a Ukrainian woman in the age of 40 years plus I live in the United States and open to a relationship not determining how far it will go even up to marriage

  2. Interested in meeting a Ukrainian woman in the age of 40 years plus I live in the United States and open to a relationship not determining how far it will go even up to marriage

  3. Interested in a single woman to start a relationship on chat live in USA and looking to meet a Ukrainian woman over the age of 40 I enjoy doing outside activities I enjoy just kicking back in front of a fire with someone special

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