Getting married a Ukrainian & Russian wife: Pros & Cons

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Today I would like to discuss asking for a Russian / Ukrainian woman’s hand in marriage, namely: the pros and cons of this very hot topic. The idea of dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman sounds intriguing to many Western men, doesn’t it? Some of you get a hard-no just by thinking about it. Russian or Ukrainian women really do make some of you guys go crazy.

The idea of the exquisite appeal and exotic beauty. The idea of black fishnet stockings, vodka and really great sex. It all sounds perfect. It’s not though. There is an equal mix of reality and fantasy mixed in, with the emphasis on the reality.

I selected a list with the pros and cons to help you to decide if you want to date and get married a lady from Russia or Ukraine or not. 

The main cons of marrying a Russian / Ukrainian woman

Women like gifts

Some of you might see this as a con, some of you might not. Dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman does involve some gift-giving. We are not talking about buying her a box of chocolates and calling it a day. There’s more to it than this.

This practice comes from the West. Traditionally, women from Russia or Ukraine like to be lured in with expensive gifts and romance. We are talking about major romance. Sorry guys. It’s true. If you want to get the girl, you will have to pour on the charm, but in a genuine way. Russian and Ukrainian women can spot fake romance tactics a mile away.

Ukraine brides

They are beautiful 24/7

They have to look incredibly beautiful at all times. This even goes for a trip to get the mail or to the store. Most Russian and Ukrainian brides have to look like a model 24/7. This can be seen as scary, even downright intimidating at times. It’s the way they are.

Her family is on the 1st place

This one is going to be difficult for some of you. When you marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman you marry into her whole family. The family tends to be big on food.

Food is a big thing for the family. You will be overfeed to the point of throwing up. It’s also customary to finish everything. It’s seen as impolite to walk away from your plate without finishing your meal.

They wanna be loved

To say most Russian and Ukrainian women are high-maintenance is an understatement. They are very demanding, to the point of being sort of unreasonable.

They expect to be loved so madly, that they can’t even see straight. They expect good manners at all times. Things like buying flowers and opening up doors is a must.

The main pros for dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

They are honest and straight

This first one might vary from culture to culture, but most of the are pretty straight-forward. They don’t enjoy playing games, unlike the American girls over here. Your girl is going to be honest about everything.

She will be honest as to whether or not she wants kids. She will be honest as to whether she wants to get married right away or wait. If you are tired of the garbage and long for honesty, these girls have got it in spades. It’s a two-way street.

They expect you to be honest with them too. If you can’t, they will consider it a waste of time.

They are great cookers

These girls cook everything from scratch. Most of them do not know what a t.v. dinner is. These girls know how to cook. They cook a great deal, as we discussed above (take a look on a picture below – Ukrainian food cooked by Krystyna).

Ukrainian Food

Everything is made from scratch, this includes the basics. If you are into old-fashioned, home-cooked meals, than you have hit the jackpot with these girls.

Loyalty is very important for women

Loyalty is everything to a Ukrainian / Russian woman. They are incredibly nurturing. If they decide to marry you and settle down, it’s going to take a very serious situation to change their minds. We are being serious here.

They will take care of their man in a big way. Russian girls have some of the best loyalty traits in the world. As we mentioned, some of these characteristics will vary from region to region.

They will dote on their husband

To say that a Russian or Ukrainian woman is protective, attentive and confident is an understatement. If you are dating a Russian girl, she will make you feel like you are 10 feet tall or more.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies are notorious for fighting for the one they love. She will not look to kindly on those who try to take you away from her. Once you begin dating, you are considered her property. She expects you be respectful of this too. Otherwise, she will look for some guy who is.
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She will make you feel like you are the only man in the world, even if you are just average-looking. You don’t have to be a perfect ten for a Russian girl to be interested.

Once she has her eye on you, it’s pretty much over. Her protectiveness and confidence will more than make up for what you feel you lack inside.

She will put her arms around you at all times. She will slink around you, making you feel like you are center stage. This might seem a bit over-protective to some of you guys, but don’t fight them on this.

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2 thoughts on “Getting married a Ukrainian & Russian wife: Pros & Cons”

  1. Bear in mind that these 3rd world hottie has many options at her disposal, regardless of where she is from (i.e., Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine). This doll will manage herself a higher-end leopard-print mini-skirt, matching 5″ pumped heels, hair job attracting plenty of trophy seekers, local and abroad. In short, true hotties regardless of locale, will never do without, considering how the internet has shrunk the world while simultaneously expanding the outreach to potential well-heeled mates.

    I believe there is a very important variable which was left unaddressed however. The focus was on the quality of the lady (scale” 1 – 10). However, no emphasis or barometer placed on the western lad. The assumption is that this opus is directed at the rapidly aging, balding, belly-enlarged, peaked in High School gent making trips abroad (lets focus on Eastern Europe). The reality is, the information age has placed a more globally stamped standard on what women across the world are seeking in a lifelong mate.

    I was in the Ukraine for nearly two years (off and on) as the Senior Design and Executive Architect during the development of the Ocean Plaza Mall in Kiev. To sum it up, I and several of my team quickly noticed the qualities of the Ukrainian woman – beautiful! I can attest that we had no issues or problems finding female company during my entire tour.

    I will additionally attest that many of our team were young, educated, athletic driven western men. It was often times difficult to burn the midnight oil working on the project, knowing that the “SKY BAR” Club was just down the road. Yuri (the doorman) became a personal friend of ours, and would allow us in, no matter the capacity or circumstances.

    The lady I spent most of my time with while in Kiev, worked in the dry cleaners where I took my apparel to have it pressed. She was unbelievably attractive, demure and lived with her mother and sister. She was demure, however can unequivocally state that I have never been shaken from heel to top with passion like this сексуальные женщины was able to do.

    This is turning into a memoir, so want to just say this most important fact – there is no way I would have been naive enough to marry a Ukrainian (or Russian woman for that matter), as I have everything to lose and nothing to gain. I will never forget my time there however, it was like an “adult Disneyland”. The members of my team were in full agreement. One of our team (who I will let remain nameless), romanced a beautiful girl by the name of Olga for almost a year and a half. he was seriously smitten.

    I knew Olga, and she would be everything you fantasize in a Ukrainian woman (tall, athletic, domestic, cultured), and I mean everything. However, at the end, my staffer realized that when he returned to the States, everything would change, and could possibly affect his life in an adverse manner from that day forward. Once the Ocean Plaza Mall project was completed, we all returned to America unattached.

    In closing, please bear in mind that the author is directing his article to American men whose better days are long behind them. You may have been the High School quarterback back in the day, and dated the Homecoming Queen. You may even have a wow house, Benz and a boat. Feel free to trave to Eastern Europe and enjoy the “Club Bed” experience.

    The more unattractive you are, the more loot you are going to have to throw around to attract a getter looking gal. Whatever you do, DO NOT, and I stress DO NOT get into a fiancée nightmare and bring one of these ladies over to marry. I assure you, you will regret it – take it from someone very familiar with the culture.

  2. @Hamish. What are you talking about? They are good to date in Ukraine but you can’t bring back someone you love to America? You didn’t say why. You’re talking gibberish.

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