Are Girls On Ukrainian Dating Sites Real Or A Scam?

Dear friends,

Although most Ukrainian dating sites are fake, you can connect with Ukrainian ladies through legitimate agencies online. While finding the real websites can take some time, the effort is worth it. I met my wife through a website.

Ukrainian dating sites Experience

I always figured that I would have no problems finding a wife when I decided to settle down. I never had problems getting dates or attracting women. I spent several years focusing on my career, and when I was ready to start dating again I was shocked to find that most of the women in my area were either married or dating somebody seriously. None of the single women I met appealed to me at all.

I thought that I was either going to have to be single for the rest of my life or settle for a woman I did not really like. I started looking on Ukrainian dating sites, and I was frustrated that most of them seemed like scams. I almost gave up, but then I started getting smarter about the whole process.

Ukrainian Woman

I read reviews of these websites online, and tried to determine which ones were legit. I also started calling the Ukrainian and Russian marriage companies. The real dating websites were much more likely to have actual customer service representatives.

Once I found a site that was real, I started browsing the profiles of the Ukrainian ladies. Although not every woman on the website appealed to me, most of the women were attractive and sounded like interesting people based on their profile. I started exchanging emails with one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen.

We clicked from the start. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach when I saw that I had a new message in my inbox from her. She agreed to come to America and meet me. The second I saw her at the airport I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this Ukrainian woman.

It did not take her very long to convince her to marry me, because she liked me back. Take a chance of Ukrainian dating sites and you might just find the love of your life. 😉

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  1. hello!This was a really admirable theme!
    I come from milan, I was luck to look for your topic in digg
    Also I learn a lot in your Topics really thank your very much i will come again

  2. Great article, thanks a lot, just one question though, I an fiend myself in just the same situation you were on and I do realise that there are lots of stupid scamers, anyways, my question is, whta dating site did you use, please please please let us know, thaks a ton byy and congratulations 🙂

      1. Hi Kystyna, I have used two sites, (American) which are money making PPM ones and useless. If one comes to Kiev for work and research and wants to meet genuine ladies, they cannot run away from you (hopefully) but where can one actually find a genuine agency which is not a scam one in Kiev, Kharkov , Lviv and Odessa? Thanks….May is my hopeful destination month to travel…and yes I have been to Kiev and Kharkov before and am learning Russian

    1. Hi,

      I have expressed my opinion on generalization several times already. If you have a concrete example of a scam on a Russian or Ukrainian dating site, so please tell us. I hate to hear such comments like “all Russian and Ukrainian women registered on International dating sites are scam”. Have you had a contact with all the Russian and Ukrainian women there? Have they all scammed you?

      I have another question, namely: all Western men are honest? All Western men have serious intentions to build a healthy marriage with a woman from Ukraine and Russia? I have heard about sex tourism: Western men communicate with Ukrainian/Russian ladies online and promise a lot of nice things, come to Ukraine and use the women, then go away. I call such men spam, as well.

      And I believe there are a lot of Western men with serious intentions and tolerance to other cultures. And I am sure you will never have success with such a negative attitude!

      I wish you good luck! My advice is be tolerant and forget generalization! It isn’t cool….


      1. Hi, Krystyna, I am a guy and I agree with you. These men that do that should stay with the feminist influenced women in America. I have been hoping to meet a Ukrainian girl but I believe the site I was on is a scam. Cannot get the woman’s address. She wants me to visit her, but I can’t have her address??? It should not be that way. Good women in Ukraine and good men in US should be able to meet! Am I to believe that someone cannot come up with a way to make that convenient and able to happen? It does not cost you anything to be on Facebook, Twitter (Twitter, really??), Hotmail. They all make mega dollars and free to people using it. I know there are a trainload of men tired of American women. Perhaps there are many girls in Ukraine who want a nice man. Instead we have all this fake stuff. Their government should put a stop to it. If you respond as if you are a person on your website and you are not, there should be jail time. Again, good men here should meet good women there.

  3. i am a 41 years cool man having a good biz in new delhi ,well settled financialy..i am athelatic , reasonabley tall and good looking fair in complexion. i am keen to get friendly with a tall volumptious lady frm ukrain for starters and work towards a life long marriage if compatable. i am preparied to come to ukrain and meet the lady or ladies for her or them to apreciate me in person and likewise from my side.
    coud u please send me few contacts to start cominicate. the lady or ladies may be fun loving,intelegent, fair , sexy and tall. the age bracket cud be 28 to 30 years

  4. hi Krystyna
    remember this sad old man lol
    well the lady concerned refused to talk to me so how much imformation would you like on here?
    it seems I have to report to local police who then contact interpol !
    as you are in the USA what about the FBI aswell?
    a lot of American men use the site where I found her !

  5. Привіт Krystyna, Як ви?

    In the past 3 years I have been on several dating sites. Russian Brides, City of Brides, Cherry Blossoms, Elena’s Models to name a few.
    I have corresponded with 100’s of them from Ukraine and Russia. So far, 100% percent of them are scammers. One site swears they do not pay the ladies to write. This is an expensive site which charges for everything (listed above) finally I was able to get several ladies to admit they were benefiting in some way from the “Agency” they went to to read my letters. I bought addresses and emails from the site after the ladies agreed. out of 4 ladies only one wrote. None of them answered their phone. The one lady wrote to “break up” with me.
    The rest of them from site where you can exchange contact information without paying extra (listed above) are scammers that write to you and then once they feel there is a connection or write long enough (most of them don’t pay any attention to what you actually write, it is a vague ambiguous response to make you feel they like you more and more with every letter. They eventually ask for a large amount to translate letters or for some family emergency. If your write in Russian, they will tell you they can’t understand you, they refuse to write in Russian.
    Bottom line: You may be right. Not all Ukrainian women are scammers, but for the thousands on these sites, it is a large cross section of the women folk in that country who are morally bankrupt and are willing to lie for money (fraud).
    The one site I believe has legit women, are interested in younger men, just like in the States and is expensive (Elena’s models) If you are over 45, it will be difficult to find a lady there that is interested in you. While you are finding out if they are real, you will spend some big bucks.
    Even the Filipino women scam for money after a few letters.
    If you are over 45 or even 50 and you are not rich, you better give up on the idea of marrying a hot young Slavik lady. If you are rich, you don’t need to go to Europe.
    These ladies are educated and clever and they are disenchanted with the local men. The ladies here say the same thing, but there are good guys in both places.

    This has been my experience and I often give the benefit of the doubt. Even the author of this article mentions a “Website” that had a legit lady on it and he married her. But he didn’t say what the website was.

    I would LOVE to know where these guys are finding these Slavik women who are not scammers.

    Кращий долі до вас всіх

    I was just going to go and visit Ukraine (I still may) for the purpose of touring and not looking for a relationship. I want to see Crimea and Odessa. I speak Russian and it is getting better all the time.

    What do you suggest Krstyna?

  6. Yes , just a total ripoff and nothing more . The women obviously get paid to squeeze and massage your credit card and l must say l did get slightly addicted .

    An example was that l was pestered and pestered and pestered by one young lady to chat with her so l gave in and sent a chat request , a half credit for 5 minutes . However she never spoke to me once me during that 5 minutes so l disconnected and would you belive that almost as soon as l had disconnected , then there was a loooooong email in my mailbox from her saying that she had a bad internet connection blah , blah , blah ,etc , etc , etc and she couldn’t talk to me .

    So in other words it cost me one and a half credits for nothing …….just a blatant ripofff and nothing else but it has finally made me see this crooked site for just what itreally is and my own stupidity as well . 🙂

  7. Hi my name is Daniel, I got tired of the way I was being sucked dry of my money from most (and I DO mean most) of the Ukrainian and Russian dating sites. I took a course in Russian (300$) and it was well worth it. I have since been to Ukraine 3 times and love it.

    Anyone who has any questions regarding internet dating can reach me at [email protected]. Each trip was for about a month and was under $5k. Most of the women I actually met there were not on any dating sites, just chance meetings. Anyone interested in “sex tours” dont bother contacting me, I was looking for love and found it!

    If you want a sex tour I suggest going to your local club and trying your luck there.



  8. Hello Krystyna,

    I am single 55 & would like to meet a woman from the Ukraine. Like most men I have been on a few sites & found them to be scams. What is your advice in this area to find that special Ukrainian woman. I am South African, living in America, but may be moving to another country soon. Also what age group should I be looking at.

    Thank you,

  9. Hi Krystyna and Daniel,
    Your info and comments are really nice. Thank you. I am a young Indian guy (age 29) and a merchant navy officer who has been sailing for the last 10 years and toured around the world about 5 times. Seen the oceans, many lands and different kinds of people. I am well settled and now wish to find a nice simple girl to fall in love with and get married and have a family. I have the choice to leave active sea-life and take a job in Dubai and settle there or I can continue sailing and continue the tough life at sea, but, with a decent salary (about USD 5000 per month).
    I’ve registered with a few marriage websites like find-bride, bride-forever, ukrainebridesagency, etc. and found that they all simply get you to buy credits and keep emailing girls endlessly with the girls giving vague responses, even on live video chat they are being prompted and controlled and hence its a complete and well-orchestrated set-up !! Rather unfortunate for serious people looking for a genuine relationship. I must have spent over USD 2000 till now with having found a real girl !! so quite depressing despite the fact that I’ve told the some girls and the website administrators that I am willing to travel to Ukraine and meet the girls. Indian girls come with a lot of baggage and you not only marry the girl but her entire family and all the crap that comes with it. Indian girls also tend to grow fat as soon as they have one child, which is such a downer. Since I am looking to settle down in Dubai, I thought it may be a good idea to find a girl from Ukraine. I was impressed by my father’s friend Natalia a Ukrainian lady living in Dubai in the property business. Absolutely beautiful and so lovely at heart and married happily for over 15 years to an Indian guy with 2 lovely children. I would love to have an English speaking/writing wife like her.
    so any help from you guys will be welcome. sorry for the long post. Cheers. Varun

    1. Hey Varun!

      I know your feelings. Ukrainian and Russian online dating world is not easy. Really hard sometimes. Finding the right Ukrainian or Russian bride for you online will not happen overnight and will not be easy but it will be certainly be worth the effort you put into it.

      There are a few ways to find a wife from Ukraine or Russia.

      You can use professional matchmaking agencies like Mordinson,KievConnections or It is recommended to use small matchmaking agencies that offer more personal service like advice and consulting. I know that they do an interview with each woman who wants to use their services. Therefore, you have really a very little chance to be scammed by fake women with serious intentions (but there is still a possibility of getting scammed). But these services are pretty expensive. Men who take advantage of matchmaking services are usually more satisfied with their choice of girls or women to meet.

      Or you can use free alternatives, like the dating social networks. I would like to recommend my readers to use free dating sites:


      How to use these sites, please read my articles here:


      Or check my video on this issue: “Are there any FREE Russian and Ukrainian dating sites?

      These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can loose only your time (but not your money).
      Moreover, you can use social networks

      I would like to note that on free portals and social networks, you can meet professional pro-daters and scammers. So be careful and follow simple rules (do not sent your money to the persons you have never met in person, etc.). Learn how to avoid becoming a scam victim in my ebook (it is for free ):

      I hope I could help you!


  10. With all the negativity and stigma surrounding the whole scene of international dating/marriage websites particularly in Eastern Europe I thought I might ask some advice. How does one go about finding the genuine ladies? How does one face the uphill battle of winning.the heart of a true beauty?

  11. I have been chatting with several girls in Ukraine, this girls are from online dating ukraine. I have come to Ukraine to meet them. They agreed to meet, I had to pay translator from agency because they did not want to use my translator (half price), they take me to really expensive restaurants ($500 each lunch) and then they say good by asking me to pay for their taxi. Never seen or heard from them again. Is that scam or what!!! In emails (ppl) they seemed sweet, sent me kisses and hugs, told me they wanted to be with me forever, but in person they were cold fishes. My advise is not to come to try to find a wife here. Its all about your money!

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