Dating Scammer Miss Margarita is looking for love & passion…

Dear friends,

The topic of today’s article is spam in the Ukrainian dating industry. Some of my readers have become or are victims of Ukrainian dating scammers.

And that’s a sad fact that there are still thousands of scammers who take advantage of lonely men and shatter their dream of finding a soul mate for life.

Therefore, gentlemen, I would like to bring an example of a Ukrainian dating scam. The story starts with an online dating profile on a dating site which is like thousands of other profiles, namely: a beautiful Ukrainian woman is looking for love abroad:

Ukraine women tx

And beautiful and romantic Margarita writes to you first (oh, lucky you!):

Ukraine women tx2

The communication develops and it seems perfect to you. Margarita is an open woman who really wants to start a genuine relationship and tells a lot of things about her life and experience in relationships without a happy ending:

Ukraine women tx3

The communication with Margarita goes very well when you, suddenly, get a strange mail like this:

Ukraine women tx4

And here is more:

Ukraine women tx5

Translation dating scam

These two messages is a typical example of a Ukrainian dating scam. The so called “translation agency” from Ukraine answers to the mail on Margarita’s request. Why has this Margarita asked the agency to reply to the man? Cannot she answer by herself?

I’ve googled the agency and found no information about them. They have no reviews, no articles and no official homepage. It is very strange, isn’t it?

The man cannot write to Margarita directly. The “translation agency” has blocked the access to the mail box of Margarita. Why?

Here is the answer from the “agency”:

Ukraine women tx6


So if you communicate with Miss Margarita (<[email protected]>), you have to know that she is a scam and she uses a fake profile (I am sure that the real name of the woman is not Margarita either. I have no idea who she can be though).

Guys, have you gained experience with online dating scam? Please share your experience below.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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6 thoughts on “Dating Scammer Miss Margarita is looking for love & passion…”

  1. Krystyna,

    Oh boy..where do I start 🙁

    I know lots of guys that get scammed through different agencies. Heck, I know of a few who got scammed, right here in hawaii, by joining a local dating club. So, you know it’s going to happen with a so called International Dating facility.

    The bottom line is this, the very nature of ALL woman are the same everywhere you go and the nature of ALL men are the same everywhere you go. Simple!

    I remember my friend telling me that he loves Japanese women because they are so tiny and love to stay healthy. So, based on my observations from both the past and the present, I told him to sit back and observe his so call stereotype. I told him that from personal experience and observations that there are alot of plump, fat, smoking and overweight japanese women that would make him realize that if this is the case with japanese women, then it will be the same case for all women all over the world regardless of where you look. Habits are habits no matter what race, creed or country. Simply because the culture is different don’t mean that the nature of those women will differ from the nature of american women, russian women, or korean woman.

    Now, anytime a man get’s scam it’s a sad situation. His lack of observation, lack of vision, and lack of common sense is what caused the scam to succeed to begin with. So, I say that 100% of the blame are on men who lack the very things that would have prevented the scam to begin with. Nonetheless, in order to not be too hard on men in general, I will say that if a woman knows that she can take you for a fool her respect for you will be no higher than a mans knee caps.

    I personally know that just because I choose Ukranian women, as my vehicle of relationship choice, it doesn’t mean that I will stop using common sense in pursuit of my own happiness.

    Thanks for the article Krystyna. Very good eye opener for those who lack the vision to see what a real scam looks like in the real world of international dating.

    Mahalo from Hawaii,

  2. Hello Kystyna,

    Many men have this happen for many reasons. From my personal experiences, this is common for Western Men. We want real love, we would do many things for it, the real thing I mean, real love.

    In America, women compete with men. I have told you this before Krystyna.

    In any event, my experience has been tremendous. You know of my story with Valentina and you know it is fate and true love. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She completes me, she is my soul mate. We will marry in a short time. I will let you know if you are interested.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on this.

    All my best,

  3. James,

    I’m happy that you found the one for you. I would love to learn how you and your other half met, where you met, and how things clicked for you two.

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


    1. Hi HIlton,

      I know James well – he is a great and special man. He writes a book about his love story and the most wonderful woman in the world, namely: Valentina.

      @James: If you have time, please write a short story about your adventure “Ukrainian dating” and maybe your secrets to a happy relationship with a Ukrainian lady. It would be really great! 🙂

      Warm Regards,


  4. Krystyna,

    I hope that James can write a short story about what he went through to find his Ukrainian lady and some real world dating tips, from his perspective, that he would do all over again if he absolutely had to, in order to make sure that his dating transition went smoother or had less friction while dating.

    I need to learn as much as possible before making that trip…


  5. I wish all the success in your Ukrainian Dating experience and I just hope that you will able to find a true love in them.

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