Height issue in a Ukrainian-Western relationship

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Some readers are wondering how important is height to Ukrainian ladies in (Western) men. I can understand why why there are so many Western guys looking for a Ukrainian woman worrying about their height.

Most of them do not know the Ukrainian culture of dating, relationship and marriage well and are not sure if the height issue plays any role in choosing the husband for life. I know that height is a sensitive issue in the Western society.

Studies show that the Western men and women are very conscious of height. And what about the height issue in the Ukrainian society?

Do women care about their man's height?

From my experience, I can say you when many Ukrainian women describe their dream man, they go with the traditional features of tall and handsome. Of course, not all men are vertically gifted, and rather often the man is closer in size to the woman than anything else.

This may be enough to make a man think he is not able to attract a specific Ukrainian woman, but although there are some that are superficial and wouldn’t want a man of short stature, if this is the case, the woman isn’t worth the time anyways. 

When two people fall in love with one another, they aren’t going to be turned off simply because the man is not a few inches taller. People fall in love because they like what is found on the inside of the individual.

Does height matter in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman?

Yes, they generally find the other person attractive, but there isn’t much one can do about height, so it shouldn’t be worried about.

There is no use dwelling on something that can’t be changed. You can’t change your genes, so you might as well embrace it.

Sure, being tall may have its advantage, but do you really want to have to crawl down to your knees just to kiss the person you love? Chances are you don’t, so avoid thinking about height as an issue, because it isn’t. 

Besides, plenty of Ukrainian women enjoy having someone they can see eye to eye with, as it puts you both on an even level.

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