How To Date a Smart and Powerful Ukrainian Woman

Dear friends,

Do you still believe that all Ukrainian and Russian women want to be housewives and mothers? Do you still think that all Ukrainian and Russian women do not have any personality and ambitions?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you that modern Ukrainian and Russian ladies have other plans than being just mothers and housewives. Meet modern Ukrainian and Russian ladies – they are smart, ambitious and powerful. Are you ready for dating these women? Do you know how to build a relationship with modern Ukrainian and Russian women?

No? Then read carefully my article and learn how to date clever and powerful women from Ukraine and Russia.

It’s pretty obvious that smart and savvy women from Ukraine and Russia date much differently from the rest of the crowd, but it’s important to know exactly how they generally approach dating.

A bit of clarity goes a long way in crafting a better International dating experience, and this is beneficial to both you and a modern Ukrainian woman.

Here are 5 things that you should definitely consider if you are looking for a strong and ambitious bride from Ukraine or Ukraine.

She’s looking for a partner

If you’re the prodigal manchild who sits at the computer all day inciting arguments on Twitter, there’s a pretty good chance that any Ukrainian smart and savvy woman would probably want nothing to do with you.

Believe me, a successful and driven woman simply doesn’t have any time for your nonsense, and it’s pretty delusional to think that she owes it to you in any way to “fix” you.

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It’s perfectly okay to not have everything completely together and to be working on it, which itself shouldn’t drive away any intelligent woman with sincere interest, but expecting her to replace your mom or your psychiatrist is completely absurd.

There are plenty of highly intelligent Western men out there looking for a strong and independent woman to share their life or at least their intimacy with, and so it’s not as if the situation is completely bleak.

If you’re desirable in whatever way and you respect her, an intelligent woman won’t disregard you. Smart and savvy women don’t want to be the only adult in the relationship, so if you can respect this then it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you cannot respect it, she might just dump you for her best friend.

She’s not your maid either

Just because an intelligent Ukrainian or Russian woman doesn’t want a Western man freeloading off of her, you cannot assume that she’d appreciate having to clean up after you.

Yes, you might have had a hard day at work, but then so has she.

It’s not “nice” of a man to cook sometimes or do the dishes or clean the house, it’s a basic tenant of respect when you’re in a relationship with a woman who’s quite possibly more career-driven than you are.

She’s independent

She doesn’t need you, period. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that a smart woman in Ukraine might desire you and love you, but she doesn’t have much interest in a man being her sole provider and becoming completely dependent on him (except maybe in her erotic fantasies, if she’s so inclined).

If you cannot deal with Ukrainian and Russian women who think for themselves, make their own decisions, and stand up for themselves, then you probably shouldn’t be dating any woman who’s the least bit intelligent or motivated.

Maybe don’t date women at all if you have such retrograde idea about what she should be.

She’s honest about what she wants

Not every smart, savvy woman from Ukraine or Russia wants the same thing and this is not a point to forget. It’s perfectly reasonable to look for a life partner whom she can fall madly in love with, but not every woman wants that. Some women aren’t that interested in having kids and that’s okay.

Some Ukrainian and Russian women are none of the aforementioned, but don’t project your image of the ideal woman upon her and expect that to work.

The important point here is not to necessarily adhere to all of the norms of how society views relationships, rather that it’s important for any savvy and intelligent woman to be honest with both herself and those she dates about what it is that she wants.
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There are smart women who wish for lifelong monogamy, and there are smart women who maybe just want to be friends with benefits.

Listening to what she has to say is the only way to know what she’s after, because she’s almost certainly telling you.

Honesty and clarity mean less confusion and less drama – everyone comes with some baggage and is only human to do so, but any highly intelligent woman carries an awareness of that with her and will try her best to look beyond that.

A lot of smart and powerful Ukrainian and Russian women are sick of dating failures, and ultimately this can result in her being crystal clear about what she needs in a partner.

She expresses her feelings

Any Ukrainian and Russian woman who is driven and also demands respect will tell you that she loves you if she genuinely feels that, and in any case shouldn’t turn it into a guessing game.

If she’s not expressing affection or attachment, then she probably doesn’t really love you to begin with and could be totally playing you or could also just feel really awkward about telling the truth.

If a woman is smart and has everything together, it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll be transparent and that whatever emotions she conveys will be an accurate reflection of how she feels about you.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never argue in a relationship though, because this is only natural.

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What she won’t probably won’t do in such a case is launching personal attacks or displaying passive-aggressive tendencies – emotions are only natural, after all.

It also means that she’ll take the time to show how much she appreciates you if you’re important, and if she does that it will be in ways that register in your mind because she also knows you. There shouldn’t be a lot of drama here though.

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