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If you’re struggling to find a girlfriend and you think there is something seriously wrong with you, this may not necessarily be the case. In fact, it is almost never the case. 

Finding and cultivating meaningful relationships is hard these days because it’s hard getting to know someone in the first place. Today, we’re looking at a kaleidoscope of possible reasons why you may be struggling to find a girlfriend. 

And, if you’ve never tried online dating before or had only bad experiences, you may find just the help you need to start a new flame burning in the discussion below.

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Why Can't I Find a Girlfriend? Possible Reasons

If you’re asking why you can’t find a girlfriend, your mindset may be contributing to the issue. However, to make sure, let’s look at the most common reasons women may not be attracted to you in some scenarios.

find a girlfriend


It’s most likely that you feel the same about a woman’s hygiene as they feel about yours. Most women don’t expect a man to be waxed and shaven everywhere with a spray tan, and a splash of aftershave that can be picked up from miles away, but following a regular hygiene routine is essential for both you and your potential partner.


Even though women like to feel empowered, there is still a place for chivalry in the relationship between the sexes. It can be tough when you try to be a gentleman and open a door for a woman with no patronizing intentions at all.

She takes it the wrong way, but going all the way to the opposite pole and treating women with what they would see as disrespect is also not going to help your cause. In this case, it can be anything from not acknowledging a woman’s presence,


Do you like to belch loudly after a meal? Well, I definitely don’t rule out that there may be some women who do the same thing, but somehow, when it comes to dating, this is seen as off-putting when looking for a potential partner.

Additionally, having a tidy home that you regularly clean instead of dishes piling up to the ceiling is what women look at when selecting a potential partner. So, along with general hygiene, keeping your work and living spaces clean and tidy is a plus.

Life & Dating Hacks: How to Get a Girlfriend

The question “how do I get a girlfriend?” may seem deceivingly simple if you just ask it outright, but there’s a lot of thought and, most likely, action that’s going to need to go into this thought.

That goes for whether you’re planning to use an online dating site or look for someone to date in person.

However, as we’re looking at some of the best online dating sites, let’s also take a look at how you can make them work for you by knowing what’s important before you start:

Some Proven Sites & Apps to Find a Girlfriend Online

If you thought that there is no way you could use an online dating site to help you find a partner or friend, you might have been looking in the wrong places.

In fact, there are so many different types of dating sites out there that specialize in niche areas of dating, including international dating, interracial dating, finding your dream wife, or finding a fling, and if you’re not really looking for something serious.

It’s all there, and all you need to know is which of these sites are legit and trustworthy and how to choose the one that fits your dating needs. Let’s dig in and look at some of the best options for online dating sites that will meet your needs. — To Find a Girlfriend From Any Corner of The World

The BeHappy2Day dating site is a stalwart when it comes to online and international dating. The site has existed since 2002, and their growth in the international dating business is evident in the level of service and security they provide clients (BeHappy2Day Review 2023: Scam or legit?).

Some of the services BeHappy2Day offers include:

Joining the website BeHappy2day is free, and it allows you to get to know the site and browse around a bit. However, you’re going to need some credits if you want to start interacting with women on the site.

Here are your options of credit bundles available. The bigger you buy, the more value you get for your money:

The site is well designed and very functional. In short, it’s made for everyone, whether you know your way around a computer or not, which is fantastic. has the perfect options for you if you’re looking for a secure environment to browse the women of the world. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find her on

eHarmony — To Find a Girlfriend For a Serious Relationship

eHarmony is designed to be a dating platform for individuals looking for a serious relationship, exclusive dating, and searching for their life partner.

eHarmony has its own way of reviewing and streamlining the dating process on the site, which makes it easier for you because you don’t have to do so much yourself.

The dating site has developed sophisticated and tested AI match-making tools based on the psychological principles of attraction.

You will find these tools in the form of a highly comprehensive personality test offered by eHarmony to probe your compatibility with others on the site as well as identify potential matches.

Few people know that eHarmony’s match-making software is responsible for over 2 million relationships in the U.S.

With this dating site, you don’t work with credits. Instead, you pay a subscription fee. You can join for one month and pay 56.95 USD per month. Alternatively, you can join for three months and pay 29.95 USD per month or save by choosing a six-month membership and paying only 17.95 USD per month.

The site does a lot of the hard work for you, and all you need to do is make sure you have a stunning profile. Using the site itself is super-easy. eHarmony is a personalized online dating experience that assists members every step of their dating journey.

AdultFriendFinder —To Find a Girlfriend With Benefits

Adult Friend Finder is your one-stop shop to all types of non-traditional relationship arrangements, from couple share, polygamy, swinging, casual sex, and more. Whatever your fetish, kink, or sexuality, you’re welcome at AdultFriendFinder.

This is what you can expect to find at

You can:

Costs – Gold Membership

Pros — To Find an Attractive Girlfriend has been online since 2002 and was one of the first to deliver the concept of matching wealthy men with attractive women. The men using this site are looking for someone good-looking who can appreciate what they have to offer.

The following SugarDaddie services are offered:

There are two extra SugarDaddie options for 9.99 USD per month each: one is “stealth” mode, where you can make your profile appear offline, and the other is “private” mode, which makes you invisible.

The SugarDaddie costs are as follows:

Pros - to find an Asian girlfriend connects singles from all over the world with singles from Thailand, and more. We are highly confident that you will meet at least one woman from Asia on ThaiFriendly. You can be sure to meet real Thai women and ladyboys looking for friendship, fun, or a date.

Not all services are free, but they include the following:

Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect payment-wise:

Fee-based services at include:

The signup process at is really simple. Alternatively, you can register through Facebook. 

Facebook Dating - to find a girlfriend next door

Yes, Facebook did the unthinkable and created a dating app. It’s not really that unthinkable, and it’s actually pretty cool because everybody in the whole world is already on Facebook. Here’s how it works:

facebook dating

Facebook Dating is completely free. All you need to pay for is your internet connection or mobile data. If you are a regular Facebook user and don’t have any qualms about their security, Facebook Dating is worth a try. Facebook Dating works a bit more like Tinder, but it’s popular.

If you’re used to Tinder or Bumble, then the site’s functionality may work better for you.

Additionally, if you’re a Facebook fan, you may just fall in love with this extension of the social media site. It’s got added customer support and quirky functions that make it unique.

Putting it together: Get started!

Just looking at the sheer number of types there are for online dating sites, imagine how many there must be of each by now.

If you’re into international dating, casual dating, or any other type of online dating, or if you just want to give online dating a try, it’s crucial to make sure you have good manners to start with and then use our expert guidelines to find quality sites that can give you what you want without you having to break the bank.

There is something for everyone in this discussion, and you’re bound to find an online dating site you like and likely meet your future partner on.

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